LITERATURE WEEK 12. Analytical written response 1. Macbeth was a victim of both Lady Macbeth and the three weird sisters. Lady Macbeth and the witches were the ones responsible for Macbeths destruction. Lady macbeth is a cold and manipulative person. She stops at nothing when she wants something accomplished even if it means Macbeths destruction. She will do anything to become queen even if it means to corrupt Macbeth into killing the king. It is Macbeths believe that his future is already written and that only he can change what the future holds for him.

But in order to do so he has to take matter into his own hands. He feels that the witches have placed a course on him. WRITING YOUR OWN TEXT RESPOSE Macbeth achieves the power he has longed for, but it comes at a terrible price Macbeth’s anxiety to be king as well as his hunger for power are the whole reasons behind his horrible ideas. Unfortunately macbeth rises to power in a false manner which will in time lead to his downfall. Magbeth is a great example of a tragic hero Once Macbeth becames king his character begins to change.

Macbeth is once known as a noble person but with the manipulations of his wife his desire to be king see’s him turn on his friend King Duncan. Macbeth then murders Duncan and becomes king. Macbeths good consicience and desire for power are what leads to his downfall . Something that continues to be pursued will only end up in destruction is what machiavelli said. Macbeth knew that he would not be considered to be a fit king. . Macbeth could be easily taken advantage of by any of his subjects threatening his loss of power. Macbeth’s ability to so cruelly murder his kin is also a sign of his lack of nobility.

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His preoccupation with his own problems would lead to poor ruling of his state, and eventually unhappiness of his people; the king must always aim to please his people. Machiavelli would find many strengths and weaknesses of Macbeth’s character when compared to a Machiavellian prince. His ambition may allow him to gain power, but his tragic flaws will ultimately lead to his ruin. Although Macbeth has many Machiavellian idea and qualities, Macbeth’s lack of true “fortune” or “virtue” prevents him from achieving greatness as a king.

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