How Important were Lloyd-George’s own mistakes In explaining his fall from office In 1922 (24) Lloyd-George held a massive majority and popularity in 1918 as he seemed Irremovable from office, this was however starkly contrasted by the 1922 election where his popularity drastically dropped and he managed only to scrap the bottom of the barrel for votes leaving him with only a small amount of seats. There were many reasons for this one of the most important ones was his own mistakes; such as how he faced a lot of problems on the Issue of Germany, and how he should deal with it.

He required a strong Germany for trade, however the populace of Britain was out for blood on Germany for in their eyes causing World War 1 . In the end he led a middle of the ground stance between Roosevelt and Clemencies. This was met with opposition who believe that he was too soft on Germany. This effected people’s opinions of him quite a bit, as he promised to “bleed Germany dry’ and TLD deliver, furthermore a lot of people’s relatives had died during WWW leading to them seeing revenge as not being delivered. Another key Issue he faced was the Irish crisis, which ad been plaguing Britain for the early half of the 20th century.

Even after he passed the Home Rule Bill which gave limited self-government to Ireland Sin Vein the independence movement was still popular, this was partly due to during the war the self-government was revoked, and after the Easter rising their opinion In Ireland had spike to an all-time high. This was also pollarded by the Ulster nationalist who believed that all the nationalists were “Traitors and deserved to be shot. ” This then escalated and led to an all-out civil war in Ireland between the Ulster Nationalists/ British and the AIR.

LEG decided to form the Black and Tans a counter terrorist movement to try and stop the AIR, however most of them were Ulster nationalists and ruthless towards the southerners even those who were innocent. This gained the support of the Conservative backbenchers however It turned away the Liberals who saw this as more escalation. LEG was blamed for the violence and tried to enact some reforms and allow a Northern Ireland and a Southern Island, this was accepted by the Ulster nationalists however the Irish Nationalists refused as they wanted full Independence for Ireland.

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They finally agreed upon the Anglo-Irish treaty which would release Ireland and keep the North in Britain. This was also agreed upon by the Conservative Backbenchers. However this was seen by the British people as an embarrassment due to losing to “a few backwards peasants” and they did not condone the Black and Tans. It totally disgusted the Liberals and looked like they were going back on the self-determination policy of the TOP. Furthermore some Die-hard unionists saw this as giving In to terrorists.

Another thing that led to Lag’s fall was the Chance Affair which was on how o deal with the Greek-Turkish war caused by harsh peace treaties. He sent troops to help the Greeks, but this was seen as being aggressive by the Tories as well as the Liberals. He was also acting without consulting the rest of the coalition and Lord Cursor, the foreign secretary. Especially upset the Conservatives who were mostly pro-Turk. Another mistake was from the “Lloyd-George fund” which was where he 1 OFF the titles almost instantaneously, which went against tradition.

He faced allegations of being corrupt as he was selling them to help fund himself, and the tortes. However many Tories saw this as tainting their party. He was further categorizes as corrupt when his private life was revealed to the public and his affair was made visible. The poor economy also made it difficult for LEG though, as he promised a “home fit for heroes” after the war, and instead got high interest rates and high unemployment across the country, and the class conflict had intensified with strikes being rife. As well as the Snakes diagrams showing the shocking state of the nation.

He also lost further support from rural areas after the price of wheat dropped. Finally his dependency on the Conservatives led to his downfall as well as, as soon they dropped their support his small base of Liberal supporters was not large enough to keep him in power, especially as the Tories shifted the blame of the problems of the Coalition all on LEG, saying that he was a vicious dictator instead of him being firmly in their grasp. He had essentially became a scapegoat. Furthermore as soon as he lost Bona-Laws support who had been negotiating between him and the backbenchers he was pretty much in the dog house.

In conclusion Lag’s mistakes were indeed a heavy reason behind his fall, however the dependency on the Conservatives and their use of him as a scapegoat holds a heavy hold on it. But one could argue that his dependency was caused due to his mistakes. He could though have possibly Just have been a victim of the wrong place at the wrong time, as any PM trying to take up the mantle of post Britain was bound to have trouble, dealing with the loss of a strong trade partner in Russia as well as Germany and Austria would have led to financial troubles, as well as all the markets leaving Britain.


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