Electricity is one of the basic necessities for every
individual. But unfortunately K.Electric provides every individual of Karachi a
treat of summer i.e. electricity load shedding. Load shedding is now a
daily routine program. Every individual of Karachi reads in newspaper about the
schedule of load shedding and now, K.Electric also sends text messages to their
consumers that they will do load shedding in that particular time. This brings
frustration, stress and tension to their consumers because in hot summers
without electricity people are unable to complete their work, students can’t
complete their homework on time, the old ones suffers a lot and get sick. K.Electric the company, enjoying full monopoly over generation and
distribution of electricity in Karachi load shedding of approximately 8 to 10
hours in different areas of Karachi. The time period of load shedding increases
most in summers as compared to winters. K.Electric does load shedding most in
the areas where recovery is very low.



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billing issue is one of the main problem for the people of Karachi. The
electricity theft

kunda (hook) connection and then the innocent ones have to pay the price.
Actually, every month  K.Electric check
the transformer meter that how many units were used in whole area during the
month and then they check consumers meter that how many units they used in
their homes. After that if there units of transformer did not match to the
electricity consumption did by consumers,they send over bill to the whole area
whether they did kunda (hook) connection or not means the innocent consumers
have to pay the price as well which is not a good thing by K.Electric. For
example, transformer meter shows consumption of 100,000 units and consumer meter
shows consumption of 90,000 units so, how the remaining 10,000 units adjust?
K.Electric does recovery by dividing 10,000 units to the total no. of homes in
that particular area. In this way, they send over bill to all consumersto that
particular area without verifying who is responsible for illegal kunda (hook)
connection. K.Electric should charge over bill only to those who are involved
in such illegal activities because now, the innocent consumers are losing their
faith on k.Electric and for this almost every month consumers do protest for overbilling
but unfortunately K.Electric is failed to find any solution.



people in Karachi are now switching towards solar alternative means people are
shifting towards wind and solar energy. Solar energy is a good electricity
producer and cheaper as well. People in Karachi are now using solar panels at
their homes and even bigger restaurants are using solar panels. People are
using their own electricity. The positive impact on K.Electric is that the
burden of producing electricity will slightly reduce and load shedding will
also decreases. The negative impact on K.Electric is that they will generate
less revenue means revenues will decrease



Corruption, K.Electric own employees are involved. In Karachi there are many
fries hawkers who use kunda (hook) connection and who help them in doing of
illegal work? The answer is  K.Electric
own employees are involved in helping them to do illegal connections in only
Rs.500. Fries machine consumes electricity of around Rs.5000 per month but K.Electric
employees do corruption andgive them kunda connection. In Karachi almost on
every street there are fries hawkers and thus in this way they consume heavy
electricity. It is same in the case of Karachi’s villages where K.Electric
employees also give them kunda connectionand it is a big hurdle to reduce load


centers are made by K.Electric on every area in Karachi where they send bills to
their consumers. In many IBC centers the behavior of K.Electric employees are
very bad. Talking to many consumers they said that for example, they bring an
application for changing meter in their home. Instead of helping consumers they
harass their consumers by saying that first you need to pay Rs.200, 000 then we
will do something. This is the most bad thing in K.Electric.



month NEPRA issues notification regarding previous month fuel adjustments like
to refund on some rupees per unit to their consumers on their bills or to
charge some rupees per unit but in K.Electric the scenario is totally
different. The NEPRA policy is that they charge some rupees per unit in fuel
adjustment but don’t give refund which happens on certain months.

government is charging extra money from consumers for PTV (Pakistan
Television), for commercial they are receiving Rs.60 and from residential they
are receiving Rs.35.



is a policy of K.Electric which implies on consumers is that in residential
category they charge low tariff on low consumption and charge high on high consumption
but in the case of commercial it is totally opposite. K.Electric charges high
tariff on low consumption and low tariff on high consumption.



After getting privatized it has started performing better and providing
with many facilities for the ease of customer. It is working on many energy
saving campaigns and also providing free electricity to some institutions which
is a very positive initiative taken by KE. The contract with shanghai electric
power will lead to very less load shedding and so its performance will further
increase and will be able to serve the citizens at their best & it will be
a turn around story like CPEC for Karachi.

          While there are many
positive initiatives taken by K electric there are many negative things which k
electric should try to overcome. They should overcome the issue of over pricing
bills due to theft of electricity in that area. Serious steps must be taken to
resolve this issue so that innocent one do not suffer. Training should be given
to the employees at IBC centers about how to serve your customer instead of
harassing and demanding illegal money for submission of applications.


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