Part II – Use the immediate inferences found on the square of opposition to determine if the following statements are true, false or undetermined. (10 points)

IF True                                              IF False

Some pickles are not dill

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1. Some pickles are dill                                                            1. Some P are S.                         1. Some S are P.

2. No pickles are dill                                                 2. No P are S.                                              2. All S are non-P

Some fire engines are red

1. Some fire engines are not red                        1. Some S are not non-P    1. Some P are S.

2. All fire engines are red                                     2. No S are non-P.                                 2. All non-P are non-S.

3. No fire engines are red                                      3. No P are S.                                             3. All S are not non-P.

All murder is a sin

1. Some murder is not a sin                                     1.  Some S are non-P             1. Some non-P are not non-S

2. No murder is a sin                                                   2. Undetermined                  2. Undetermined

No root beer is orange

1. Some root beer is orange                                    1. Some P are S                                         1. Some S are not non-P

2. All root beer is orange                                       2. No S are non-P                   2. All non-P are non-S

3. Some root beer is not orange                        3. Some S are non-P            3. Some non-P are not non-S

Part III– Complete the matrix by rewriting the statement (10 points)

Categorical Statements

All rice is brown

No rice is brown.

No brown are rice.

Some rice are not brown.

No dogs are cats

All dogs are not cats.

No cats are dogs.

Some cats are not dogs.

Some foxes are sly

Some that are sly are not foxes.

No foxes are sly.

All that are sly are foxes.

Part IV – Define the parts of a syllogism (6 points)

All dogs are pets

      All pets are domesticated

       Therefore, all dogs are domesticated

Major Term: ______dogs_____________

Minor Term: ______pets_____________

Middle Term: ______domesticated____________

Major Premise: __All dogs are pets.___

Minor Premise: __All pets are domesticated.___

Conclusion: __Therefore, all dogs are domesticated.___

Part V – Identify the mood and figure (4 points)

All humans are mammals

All Mammals are intelligent

Therefore, all humans are intelligent

Mood and Figure: __All Mammals are intelligent – A proposition

Part VI – Writing syllogisms  (10 points)

1. EAE-4

                No cows are chickens

                All chickens are birds

                Therefore, no cows are chickens.

2. AIE-2

                All grass are green

                Some flowers are red

                Therefore, no grass are red.

3. OEO-3

                Some ducks are not felines

                No felines are birds

                Therefore, some felines are not ducks.

4. AAI-1

                All princesses have castles

                All princesses have partners

                Some princesses have castles.

5. AEI-3

                All women are intelligent

                Not all men are sensitive

                Therefore, some women are sensitive.

Part VII – Reduce these arguments to standard form (10 points)

1. (Eliminating synonyms)              No dogs are cats

                                                                              All labs are K-9’s

                                                                       Therefore no Labrador retrievers are felines

        No dogs are cats

        Therefore, no Labrador retrievers are felines.

2. (Eliminating complements)   All glass is transparent

                                                                              No plastics are transparent

                                                                              Therefore, all plastic are non-glass

                All glass is transparent

                Therefore, all plastic are non-glass.

Part VII– Test for validity using truth tables (10 points)

1.               p É q



2.          If a man is infected with aids, then his lover is also infected

The man is not infected

Therefore his lover is not infected

Part VIII – Test for validity using Venn Diagrams (20 points)

1.               OAO-4

2.          EIO-2

3.         AAA-1

4.          OEO-3



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