What is a policy?

The OSH policy is the first logical measure in OSH direction system, is the best starting point for workplace get downing their safety and healthy responsibilities. In fact policy should be indicated following a complete analysis of an organization`s present state of affairs with respect to occupational safety and wellness. Besides OSH policy is a study of direction ‘s committedness and purpose in respect to OHS. So, the OSH develops to day of the month should be considered to set up how acceptable the organisation is executing.

The best produced with the aid of the safety and wellness commission is a policy. It assists direction to explicate the chief issues, program appropriately, make up one’s mind and delegate resources and responsibilities and incorporate OSH into the normal modus operandi of the workplace.

The OSH Act 1994 put a duty on every employer to supply a written statement of his general policy with value to the safety and wellness at work of his forces and the organisation and agreements for the clip being in force for implementing that policy, and to convey the statement to the notice of all of his forces.

The chief phrases are `written statement ‘ , `general policy ‘ , `organization ‘ , `arrangements ‘ , and `bring to the notice of all forces. These indicate the cardinal format of a safety and wellness policy statement.

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Allotment and Assigning of Line Management responsibilities:

This portion of the policy papers should depict the organisation for safety and wellness responsibilities. This will be largely about “ who is to make what ” .

Basically it should:

Spell out the list of safety and wellness responsibilities of all degrees of direction i.e. from top direction down to supervisors and safety and wellness forces.

Explain worker`s function in the execution of the policy. Each forces have a responsibility non to guess themselves or others by their actions or mistakes, and to co-operate in all steps prepared for his safety and wellness.

Spell out the construction and intent of safety and wellness commissions and other safety and wellness organisations.


Where there are occupation descriptions, safety and wellness aims should be included in them. Evaluation of individual`s safety and wellness public presentation against set aims should besides be contained in one-year personal appraisals and occupation advancement. Use the OSH Act responsibilities as the foundation of the allotment of duties.

Overall Duty

The pull offing director/senior executive must accept overall duty for all affairs, including those sing wellness, safety and public assistance. The senior individual responsible for OSH policy should besides be identified.

Who is responsible for OSH?

The chief responsibility for OSH lies with the individual who is eventually responsible for the employees, for case a CEO. Although all the forces have duty in the OSH system, top directors have more authorization in this subdivision, in other word ; the degree of authorization delegated must be the sum of responsibility given for holding efficient safety system.

Top Management Duty:

Top direction responsibilities include as follow:

Making certain that the OSH policy is implemented in their ain workplace.

Monitor workplace to maintain safe conditions.

Making certain that worker, contractors and visitants know about safety processs.

Deciding which safety programs is to have most of import consideration.

Checking the result of organization`s OSH programs.

Making certain about obeisance with jurisprudence and criterions.

Supporting the preparation of suited ordinances, processs and ways for workplace.

Ongoing and efficient distribution of OSH informations and increase wellness and safety cognition in the workplace.

Supplying, equal preparation, information, direction and supervising to guarantee that work is conducted safety.

Taking immediate and appropriate stairss to look into and rectify any hazards to safety and wellness arising, from the work activity.

Bringing to the speedy attending of senior direction any safety and wellness issue that requires their attending.

Making certain that all `near-misses ‘ and accidents are right recorded and reported and an probe is carried out for finding cardinal grounds.

Duties of Line director and Supervisor:

Line director and supervisor responsibilities include the followers:

Overall supervising of employees to do certain about the wellness and safety of employees, the populace and the client.

Identify jeopardy and rating and control of hazards.

public presentation of specific safety plan

On-the-job readying and counsel

Try to actuate workers follow with safe work act, affecting elaborate direction when delegating orders

Accident or incident probe, proper describing consistent with lawful demands

Make certain about right usage of, suited workers protective vesture and equipment

Suggestion of studies and recommendation for jeopardy control, workstation processs to more senior direction, when these topics are outside their range of power

Where they have this authorization, determination doing about occupation design, workplace layout employment.

Duties of human resources section:

The duty of human resources section is one of the advisory, services, strategic map, it`s non a line direction occupation. Normally the wellness and safety map is control by this section, where it is often one of the aa‚¬A“extra dutiesaa‚¬A? added to that occupation.

Human resources workers take portion in a workstation wellness and safety squad. It is besides suited for this section to cognize about the map of OSH staff and of developing accessible in this part. The section possibly needs to form preparation for staff.

Duties of a wellness and safety manager/officer:

Advice the workers to be taken in the involvements of the safety and wellness of the individuals employed in the workplace ;

Study any accident, incident, near-miss accident, jeopardy incidence, which has happened in the work topographic point ;

Check the topographic point of work to make up one’s mind whether any machinery, equipment, contraptions, procedure cause hurt to any individual working in the workplace ;

Help the OSH commission in any review of the workplace for the purpose of supervising the efficiency and efficaciousness of any events taken in conformity with the Act or any policy made under the Act ;

Gather, analyze and maintain statistics on any accident, jeopardy happening, occupational disease which have happened at the of work topographic point ;

Reviews, cheques and updates wellness and safety guidebook, regulations, events.

Health and Safety Assistance

Knowing individuals have been selected to assist safety and wellness group in run intoing them safety and wellness duty. These people have adequate cognition and information to do certain that, statutory demands are met and that the safety policy is being stick to.

Name callings, occupation rubrics and maps of these people are listed below:

First Aider

Fire Marshal

Welfare Officer

Committee Members

First Aid:

The company will maintain appropriate Numberss of first assistance forces to pull off minor accidents and exigencies at the workstation. These forces will hold sufficient readying and experience in conformity with legal demands.

Emergency Procedures:

Emergency processs are designed to give warning about to go on danger and to allow forces to travel to a safe topographic point. The director of each section is responsible for doing certain that all workers and visitants within the country are informed of, and are to the full familiar with, exigency processs.

Fire Marshals:

Fire United States Marshals Services will be selected for each country to assist with an emptying. They will be given sufficient preparation and readying to guarantee efficaciousness.

Health surveillance:

Health surveillance of persons is supplied where indispensable under legal demands or where this would be of advantage to maintaining safety and wellness.

Information and Communication:

Appropriate and important information associating to safety and wellness at the workplace is distributed to staff and non-employees.

Safety commission meetings will be held often, during which clip affairs originating in relation with safety and wellness will be discussed.


A process is a logical concatenation of stairss associating to a elaborate workplace activity. It set up what action is needed, who is needed to execute and when the action is to take topographic point.

In the safety and wellness policy the organisation has confirmed its purpose to fix for safe and healthy workstation conditions. The schemes and processs outline in better item the manner in which this is to be accomplished. The general ( systems ) processs would include the undermentioned:

Workplace scrutiny

Risk/accident coverage

Hazard rating and control

First assistance

Accident, incident probe

Emergency consciousness and emptying

OSH preparation

Procedures for visitants and contractors

OSH publicity

Record maintaining

Safe and wellness systems of work

There are three most of import stairss for planing of any topographic point of work OSH process:

Designation of the hazards.

Evaluation of the jeopardies

A control scheme to take or diminish the jeopardies.

Quality criterions in direction:

There is lifting cognizing that a developed attack to quality is an necessary characteristic of a good organisation, it`s non an optional supernumerary. The importance is on `managing quality in ‘ instead than `inspecting defects out ‘ .

Success in choice direction needs the growing of helpful organisational civilizations. Organizations which are successful in the OSH direction spell to great lengths to increase a positive safety civilization on the same foundation.


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