Great Expectations is a novel written by Charles Dickens and Lord of the Flies is a novel written by William Golding. In this assignment I will be comparing characters and situations that occur in both novels and how these cause the characters to change.

In the beginning of Great Expectations we meet a young orphan boy alone in a dim and lonely place, which is the local churchyard where his mother is buried. This is how Dickens has created a character you feel sympathetic for because of him being alone in a cold and bleak churchyard in which his mother is buried.

A man grabs Pip in the churchyard. The man is nervous because his legs are cast in irons, he learns that Pip lives with a blacksmith and threatens Pip to get him a file, food and drink, ‘whittles’.

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When Pip returns home his sister beats him with a hard stick, which she has given it the name of the Tickler. His sister far too often beats Pip. She is a character who almost always turns to violence. This makes you feel even more sympathetically for Pip as he has no one to stick up for him accept Joe who gets beat often himself.

Lord of the Flies begins very differently than Great Expectations because it is set on a hot exotic island far from a cold bleak churchyard that Pip was the subject too. This maybe that Golding is trying to have no emotion towards the characters or even for you to feel jealous of them.

Piggy and Ralph have a swim and spot a shell, the ‘conch’, Piggy shows Ralph how to blow down it to make a very loud noise so they can attract and draw any other living people around on the island.

The boys on the island start emerging and among the boys came a group of choir boys lead by a boy called Jack Merridew. Ralph was the one who blew the conch even though it was Piggy’s idea and instead of Piggy getting gratitude Ralph does and the boys look up to him as he appears to them as what could be a leader.

Jack Merridew asks if there is any adults on the island, if there were adults on the island jack would not be older and be a leader that he enjoys being. Jack suggests that the boys fend for themselves, Jack would find it very easy to fend for his self but would the younger boys and who will become the true leader will it be jack who thrives on control.

In Great Expectations Pip does as the convict had asked of him and steals a file, food and a drink. He bumps into another convict who attempts to hurt Pip but Pip manages to get away. Pip tells the other convict about the man and the convict finds it amusing.

Later Pip feels guilt due to stealing from Joe and his sister. This is because Pip has never before done much wrong and he has a good understanding of what is right and wrong. Pip wishes to confess to someone however does not.

Soldiers come to the house while Pip is eating the Christmas dinner scraps that Joe, his Sister and their guests do not want. The fact that his own Sister and her husband do not attempt to give Pip a delicious Christmas dinner they do have shows how they feel he does not deserve it and that he is not important and they never expect much from him because he has been stereotyped for his class and sex.

Pip is always reminded by his elders that he lacks gratitude for them that “brought him up by hand” and that the young are naturally trouble. This again shows how he is stereotyped. Pip thinks that it is injustice however knows he cannot dispute the fact due to being of no importance to them. This may also be another motive of why he would want to grow in class and importance so maybe people will listen to him and his views.

The soldiers are looking for two escaped convicts and ask Joe if he can make them some handcuffs. Thoughts of him stealing lead him to become nervous and even consider that the soldiers are there for him and his actions he was forced into. I think Golding uses this to show how Pip has a strong distinction from right and wrong and that stealing the file, food and drink for the convict is probably the first crime he has ever committed, which causes Pip’s guilty conscience to become active.

In Lord of the Flies the boys gather to decide who should be leader. They all have a vote and the obvious choices would be Jack, Ralph or Piggy. However Piggy is perceived as an outsider due to his appearance and Ralph was the one who blew the conch therefore seen by others as a leader.

The boy’s vote in Ralph, Jack is jealous but keeps his composure when Ralph tells jack that he can still be the leader of his choir and gives jack the idea that he and his choir could be hunters.

Ralph, Jack and Simon climb the mountain to try to discover if they are on an island or not. The find out they are and Ralph actually likes the thought of them being alone on the island,’ this belongs to us’, maybe Ralph has not thought of all that could happen when they are on the island.

On the way back down the mountain they find a piglet caught in a curtain of creepers. They need to eat so Jack pulls out his pocket-knife, then he freezes and the pig runs away, he swears he will kill a pig and the beginning to his obsession to kill. This may be the beginning of any evil on the island.

Jack could not kill the pig because he probably has never done it before and being an awful savage like thing to do froze. The boys chose there leader by using a democratic vote which was a civilised “mature” way of deciding who would be there leader however trying to kill the first pig they see is a silly, which shows that Jack is the first to make mistakes.

In Great Expectations Pip, Joe and Mr Wopsle are allowed to follow the soldiers into the marshes, who find the two convicts fighting each other. The convict tells Joe that it was him who stole the pork pie getting Pip off the hook. This is an unusual act of honesty that most criminals would not do. The convict may do this to show gratitude to Pip and tries to protect him. This may also show that Golding does not feel all criminals are bad people and that they may deserve a second chance or that injustice occurs.

On the way home Pip tells Joe the truth about the file and the pork pie, even though Pip is worried he will lose Joe for telling the truth, his only friend. This shows how he trusts Joe and knows that Joe is kind and loving towards him. This also shows that Pip is honest even as a low class, we will soon see if his honesty continues as he grows in class.

The boys in the Lord of the Flies make a big group achievement when they manage to build a fire on the island. This like the conch brings the boys together, united by what they have done. They use Piggy’s glasses to make the fire, this should make Piggy seem of some importance to the boys.

Ralph establishes some rules on the island like laws to keep everybody happy. Jack sees the rules as a way to keep control and apply punishment or violence where he sees fit. However Piggy the most intelligent of the boys and sees the rules as key tools for survival.

Piggy in the novel appears to be the common sense however because of him being fat, unfit and ugly looking is seen as an outsider and a joke. This is a reason why most common sense answers to problems are ignored however some are addressed as Ralph listens to Piggy’s advice.

In Great Expectations Joe and Pip are starting to bond better and their relationship is growing in respect and love. Pip admires Joe for being such a good and loving man. Pip feels nothing in the world will get in between him and Joe.

We discover that Pip has been invited to Miss Havishams house to play, Miss Havisham is an old but extremely wealthy person who belongs to a higher class of people.

Pip goes and before Pip is even in Satis House Dickens tries to portray a strong distinct image of this place being not all as expected, ‘The cold wind seemed to blow colder there than outside the gate’.

Pip’s first experience of the ‘higher society’ leaves him ashamed of being the class he is a thought that he has never before even considered. Pip is used by a toy by both Miss Havisham and Estella who flirts with him while constantly insulting him because of his class.

Even though Pip is so cruel to Pip he leaves feeling very much attracted to her. Now because of Pips embarrassment of being low class his relationship with Joe starts to decline even though his life seemed perfectly fine as it was.

Pip now starts to change for the worst. His thoughts become clouded with dreams and desires of a rise in society. He makes up lies to his sister and Mr Pumblechook, this is one of the first signs that Pip is now also suddenly becoming increasingly dishonest. Pip realises himself that being dishonest can get him where he wants to be, but Pip has not thought about this expense.

Pip goes into a pub to pick up Joe however Joe is sitting with a stranger, the man asks Joe lots of personal questions while staring at Pip stirring his drink with the file Pip had stole for the convict at the beginning of the novel. The man gives Pip some paper, which turns out to be a 2-pound note.

Pip is excited about prospects of becoming a gentleman however Pip is afraid that his past may haunt him in his struggle in climbing out of his low society. Pip is now obsessed and is willing to give up everything for a glimpse of becoming higher class.

Pip’s obsession is growing a lot like Jack’s of hunting. Even though Jack is naturally talented in hunting, his behaviour provides evidence to believe he is desperate for his skills to develop as the story unfolds.

Jack does not just hunt for food but also for self-satisfaction and personal enjoyment. He speaks about his desire to kill, he may not be prepared to do it now but what about when he can inflict major violence upon another whether it a pig or a person.

Jack’s obsession is now very dangerous for all the boys on the island, if they get caught up in it too then there hopes of being rescued are slim and having to fight, hunt, kill to survive may occur, due to Jack’s evil intensions. This means Ralph will soon be tested to see if he can show or even persuade Jack for some more time.

Ralph eventually shows some good leadership qualities when he tells jack they need to make shelter and also that Jack’s obsession is not helping anybody, maybe not even himself.

Simon finds an open space in the jungle, he views this as a place of beauty. This is where Simon shows his true colours of being a strange boy who is at touch with nature.

In Great Expectations Pip becomes clear that Miss Havisham has become decayed from her wedding day. The day when she had been stood up and heat broken. Pip goes to Miss Havishams and the house is full of her relatives who seem to be there only for their own greed in hope of receiving some in heritage in Miss Havishams will.

Pip is still extremely keen on the idea of becoming of higher society, however all his experiences of the relationships of higher society is based upon money and power, however his relationship with Joe is based on respect so surely his relationship with Joe should be worth more.

Pip has a fight with a boy and wins. Estella rewards Pip with a kiss this is a sign that violence is being encouraged and enjoyed by Estella like Jack from Lord of the Flies.

Pip stops visiting Miss Havisham and the last time he did he discovered that Estella had been brought up to break the hearts of men without any mercy or remorse. Estella has shown she can do this as she has with Pip already even after constant insults.

Pip is ashamed of his home and job. Here Dickens is contrasting Pips shame of being honest, hard working and trustworthy due to his ambition and obsession of becoming a gentleman.

Pip witnesses a fight between Joe and Orlick who is an employee of Joe. Joe wins and Mrs Joe is proud of Joe again giving the impression violence is the way to go, however in the novel the violence does very little to solve anything.

Mrs Joe is hit over the head and the result is brain damage. She was hit by the shackles of the convict on the first pages, Pip suspects Orlick or the man from the bar being the culprits. Pip now refers to Mrs Joe as his sister, which he has never done before, this is because Pips and his sisters attitudes have changed towards each other due to the incident. This may also be a sign of Pip maturing.

In Lord of the Flies Jack finally successfully kills a pig. This was Jacks aim since near on the start of the book and now he succumbs his blood lust. Jack’s thrill of what he has done rubs off and influences the other boys who sing and dance about the slaughter of the pig.

The other boys who sing and dance about the slaughter of the pig will now be portrayed a picture that a messy, bloody assault upon a pig which results in its death is a fun and exciting thing to do. However it surely is not fun unless you are sadistic or sick. The boys should hunt the pigs for food however they should not enjoy killing a pig they should feel bad about it due to there conscience and only enjoy eating it. This must mean the evil upon the island has just grown an extra level and looks obvious to be still growing.

The fact that the boys on the island enjoy doing something they should most definitely not is a lot like Pip’s desire to become a gentleman which is in most cases no better or worse than what he was, honest, trustworthy. We know this because Pip starts to lie to his friends and family but thinks it is right which is a lot like the boys thinking it is right to enjoy what they should not, so Jack and Pip are definitely both unguided.

Rumour of a ghost on the island scares almost all the boys. Even Ralph admits to the boys he is a little scared but ensures them there is no such thing as a ghosts. If he had not admitted to the others of being scared they too would not of had any worries but because he is they will most definitely be.

This shows Ralph’s poor leadership abilities as he is contradicting himself and will not help convince the boys that there is no ghost. So he is just helping the story and the evil on the island to grow inside the boys minds.

Jack says how he thinks there is no ghost and if there is he will kill it like he can now kill a pig. Jack thinks he can kill anything, if he can kill anything then what about the boys. Ralph feels that Jack does not help the group, he feels that all this excitement and focus on hunting will prevent them from being rescued.

In Great Expectations and 4 years into Pips apprenticeship with Joe Pip discovers that he is to be brought up as a gentleman and that he is to be brought up as a gentleman and that he will live with Matthew Pocket in London. Pip now has got some of his dreams come true however still feels unhappy and lonely.

London is the setting for Pips ‘Great Expectations’ but Pip finds the place ugly and unnatural. Pip does not like the look of his new surroundings and feels lonely, however still insists he wishes to be a gentleman.

Pip is changing into a gentleman however he feels lonely and is not sure why. This shows how Pip has not properly looked at the people he wants to join in high society. Miss Havisham was his first experience of the high society and he must of known she was extremely lonely to the extent she had a broken heart and sat in her wedding dress everyday. Also Estella who never made much effort to tolerate Pip and to become his friend but to bully him. This is evidence that Pip has overlooked what he loses to become his dream clearly due to his Great Expectations.

Joe and Pip meet up later on and Pip feels out of place when talking to Joe. Joe uses common language and reminds Pip of his past. Joe used to make Pip feel loved and cared for but now represents the life Pip would rather forget.

Pip rides home in a carriage shared by two convicts. One is the one eyed man who gave Pip the 2 pounds in the tavern years ago. Pip overhears him talking about the money he had been told to bring Pip. This is a sign to Pip that his past will always cling to him.

Pip now makes decisions based on how he thinks society wants him to act, by not going to visit Joe or Biddy. However Pip still feels guilt unlike any other character in the novel but his guilt is not to the extent of what it was when he stole a pork pie. This is because when he stole the pork pie he was well and truly common. However it shows how best judgements and temperament were when he was common and young.

Pip finally admits he is not happy with his gentleman lifestyle, his state of mind ‘ignoring Joe and Biddy’ as well as his day-to-day life as a young Gentleman.

Pip now a 21 year old man dreams that Miss Havisham is his benefactor and that she has planned for him and Estella to be together, but this we know is not true because Miss Havisham wants Estella to break men’s hearts.

On Pips 23rd birthday Pip finds out that the convict he helps at the start of the novel is his benefactor. Pips dreams of Miss Havisham being the benefactor are smashed. Pips Great Expectations are demolished and his already miserable life is looking even bleaker.

Pip now changes, he is for the first time angry at Miss Havisham because of making Pip and her relatives believe she was his benefactor. His anger is soon turned to himself and how he has looked down on Biddy and Joe as low class and now realises his money is from the lowest of the low.

The benefactor is not Miss Havisham but why should Pip mind, he discovered Miss Havisham wanted to break hearts and used Pip as practice so Pip should want no part of her money either. His benefactor is the convict from the start of the novel but if he thought about it, the convict stuck up for him and admitted stealing the food and drink from Joe which we know was really Pip, so should Pip be ashamed of being made a gentleman by someone who seems to be a good person however caught by the law.

In Lord of the Flies regular conflicts between Jack and Ralph appear. They mock each other and disagree. Jack now is very much one of the mentally strongest he now can kill anything without any remorse.

Ralph loses his control over the boys who all leave Ralph and follow Jack. Jack tells the boys to do the ‘kill the pig dance’, Simon pops out and the boys jump on him and strike him and kill him.

Ralph and Piggy are both part of the Simons death. They both try to justify what they have done but cannot, they both feel guilt unlike Jack who thinks it was just an accident.

This shows how even Ralph and Piggy have been influenced by the evil on the island and how it is still evermore growing. The boys who have stood by Ralph will now think it is all right to act like Jack because even Ralph has joined in. Ralph clearly feels guilt unlike Jack who shows no conscience, a lot like when Pip began lying to Joe and Biddy regularly, this is strange as both Jack and Ralph have been self governed by there obsessions.

Jack now has control over the boys and allows them to play games, hunt and have fun. Piggy, Ralph Sam and Eric all spend there time on keeping the fire going as they still have hope and want to be rescued.

Jack and his tribe attack Ralph and Piggy and steal Piggy’s glasses. This shows how Jacks answer to everything is violence. Piggy now is not needed and would not be missed if another ‘accident’ like Simons death occurred.

Pip in Great Expectations learns about Magwich’s life and about compayison who was the other convict and the man who broke Miss Havishams heart. Pip wants to protect Magwich because of the things he has done for Pip starting with the very first when he took the blame for the pork pie. Even though Pip now does not mind mixing with a lower class he still has his pride and asks the convict to give him no more money.

Pip now wants to speak to both Miss Havisham and Estella. He tells Miss Havisham how she has been deceitful and cruel. He then breaks down tells Estella how much he loves her.

Miss Havisham is touched by Pips break down, maybe because it reminds her of when she was in love or when she had her heart broken. Estella does not understand what the meaning of love is and cant understand what it means to love like Pip loves her.

Pip realises that he is being watched and tells Magwich to stay at Clara’s Herbert’s fianc�. Pip actually misses Magwich, which is strange as Pip is still ashamed of associating with a lower class.

This does not mean Pip knows he has been so foolish following his wrongful great expectations, but that he is prepared to help Magwich as Magwich has him by funding Pip’s dream of becoming a gentleman.

Pip discovers that Mr Jagger’s servant woman is Estella’s mum. Wemmick told Pip the story of the servant woman, this means Estella is is not of a higher class to him at all.

Pip visits Miss Havishams who now does not seem bitter and cruel but sympathetic and sorry for what she has put Pip through. Miss Havisham gives Pip 900 pounds to go towards Herbert like Pip had asked.

Magwich reveals his story and Pip puts it all together to realise that Magwich is the father of Estella the woman he loves.

Pip goes back to the village and is told his own story by an inn keeper. Pip then thinks about the great relationships he has had with Joe and Magwich and not his great Expectations.

Orlick tries to kill Pip but Herbert rescues him just in time. Pip did not want to die so he could straighten things out with Joe and help Magwich leave the country. Not so he can remain a gentleman and be miserable.

This shows how Pip is finally seeing sense, he has realised that your social position does not determine the respect you get from people, but it is your personality which Pip now knows he must work on to build gaps with Joe, Biddy and even Magwich who he now is beginning to admire and trying to protect. Pip must feel more guilt now than ever before, his chance to be forgiven by himself and others.

Magwich is caught trying to escape and cast back in shackles. Pip feels that he should be the one there because of the way he has treated people in his life. Magwich is commended to die and 10 days later dies due to being ill. Before he dies Pip tells Magwich he has a daughter and her name is Estella and that she is the woman Pip loves.

Pip fights with orlick and is ill after for nearly a month. Joe informs Pip that Miss Havisham died and orlick is in prison. He also tells him that Miss Havisham left Matthew Pocket a great deal in her will which was pleasing for Pip to know.

Pip walks to the forge to ask Biddy to marry him, however instead he finds Biddy’s and Joe’s wedding. Pip is happy for them both and wishes them a happy life together. Again even though Pip is straightening his wrong doings he shows how his assumptions and expectations of Biddy being single and still in love with him is wrong however he is clearly glad that Joe and Biddy have still been able to find happiness without the old Pip they once knew and that is in away being reborn.

Years later Pip visits Joe and Biddy and meets their little son also named Pip. Pip goes to Satis House to think of the one who got away, Estella. Estella was treated badly by Drummle and he died. Estella seems to have changed and grown emotions her and Pip finally get together and when Pip least expected it.

In Lord of the Flies the detached boys still agree they need fire and they decide to go visit Jack and ask him for Piggy’s glasses back. The boys decide to take spears except for Piggy who thinks that if they do take spears that a battle might happen which is the last thing he wants to happen.

They go and a fight does break out between Jack and Ralph. The hunters grab Sam and Eric and Roger levers the rock so it rolls down and crushes Piggy. This now shows that the boys have no remorse when killing a human and that they are now all acting like savages, this is what Ralph tried to protect the group from but Jack forced to happen.

Ralph runs away and Jack forces Sam and Eric to join his tribe or die. Sam and Eric know that Roger or Jack would kill them without mercy or remorse. So they join the tribe although they wish they did not have to due to the things they may become responsible for.

Jack and the hunters now hunt Ralph. Ralph is now an object to be pursued just like a Pig. This is strange as the boys first looked up to Ralph and chose him as their leader.

Just before they kill Ralph a naval officer appears on the island. He reinforces the meaning of order like Ralph and Piggy tried to do. He thinks that their painted faces and dress is just a game, however the boys are not just dressing as savages but have become them.

In both books disaster has struck mainly to do with the dreams and desires of one person Jack, Pip are the main culprits in this book. However it tells how just two boys can alter the future of many others, in Lord of the Flies it almost prevents survival and it is the reason for why the boys became savagery. Pip saved himself at the end of the novel by realising he was not happy by achieving his dream but by being honest, loving towards the people he cared about and that had cared about him even when he may not of been worthy.


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