Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live everyday seeing only blackness Or how about never being able to hear music and the soft voice of your mother I cant imagine how my life would be without my sense of sight or sound. I definitely look up to people whom are blind or deaf because they are so strong and courageous. To me, they prove in so many ways that one can overcome any obstacle presented in life. The question of whether I would rather live my life blind or deaf is very tough. However, if I had to choose between loosing my ears or eyes, I think I would choose my ears.

I would rather not hear than not see. I was actually was talking to one of my friends a while ago about this question. My friend was arguing that hearing was more important than seeing. I had the opposite opinion though because I thought that seeing was more important that hearing. I think that the Deaf are more independent than the Blind because they can do a lot more. For example, they can do a lot more without as much assistance as the Blind. The Blind must have assistance all of their lives, whether it be a cane, dog, or even a person to help them along.

They also can’t drive, and they often need help in airports, people’s homes, etc. I think Blindness is a life-long handicap. Deafness is a problem too, yet not limiting in the same way as Blindness. Another reason for my decision is because of my experiences in high school. During my junior and senior year, I was a member of my local youth group that was involved a lot in helping the blind and deaf communities. We held many activities at our church and I met a lot of amazing people. Throughout these experiences, I came to learn a lot about the two different disabilities.

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I came to realize how important natural light was to me and my sense of well-being. Without my sense of sight, I wouldnt be able to do half the things that I do today. I wouldnt be able to see the faces and expressions of the ones I love or see all the wonders of the world. I also wouldnt be able to read, watch movies, or drive. I feel as though I would miss a lot more without sight than sound. My last reason for my choice of rather being deaf is because of the communication I prefer. I know that if I were to become blind now, I wouldnt have to learn how to speak because I already know how.

However, if I were to become deaf, I would have to learn sign language. I dont think this would be a big problem that I would be faced with. I love my friends and family so much and its hard to choose between the two disabilities. However, after thinking about it, I would rather loose the fact of hearing their voices than seeing their faces. A factor in this decision was my sister because she plays a big role in my life. If I were blind, I know I wouldnt be able to have my late night talks with her that I have always had and cherish.

Yet, I wouldnt miss it for the world to see the smile on her face when she graduates. People who are deaf or blind learn how to deal with their disabilities every day. I think there are disadvantages to both, however if I had to choose I would rather be deaf. To me, the Deaf culture is strong and proud, and I would be honored to belong to it. As for now, since I have both my sight and sound, I do not take those senses for granted like I used to before high school. I treasure every day that I wake up and am able to see birds flying and hear the sound of the wind blowing.

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