About everyone in the universe experiences an event which can be considered as a loss. It is the disappearing of something or person of import to an person. heartache is the natural response to the loss. people feel a scope of emotions when they suffer a loss such as daze. terror. denial. choler and guilt. Death is one of the major events associated with loss but there are many others that occur which can besides hold a negative consequence on someone’s life by impacting in assorted ways.

A description of a scope of losingss which may trip heartache

Any important loss in our life can do heartache. and persons can hold a assorted scope of feelings with respects to their loss. These losingss include Infertility where the person will see emotions common to the decease of a loved 1. this type of loss can trip many reactions such as depression. choler towards life in general or towards others that have kids. shame. they feel they are less of a individual as they are unable to hold kids. defeat. it can besides ensue in the turning away of societal interactions ( World Wide Web. sterility. about. com ) . Divorce where the single feels they have lost all hope and dreams for the hereafter. fright of now holding to get by entirely. bitterness towards the other individual. guilt. they may besides fight with a life style alteration which may besides hold a negative impact on societal facets of their life due to fiscal alterations ( World Wide Web. divorcesupport. about. com ) . The loss of a occupation where the single feels choler. green-eyed monster of others who have a occupation. they may experience they have lost their individuality and are useless. This can besides do the person to endure societal exclusion ( World Wide Web. helpguide. org ) . There are many more that can trip grief such as loss of a organic structure map. colza. loss of a friendly relationship. homelessness. role-redefinition.

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A description of two theoretical theoretical accounts of heartache

One theoretical account of heartache I looked at was Kubler-Ross ( 1969 ) who ab initio developed the five phase theoretical account of heartache. Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. and Acceptance and subsequently added to more. Shock and Testing. The phases are set up
in the undermentioned manner – Shock Stage – The first response in hearing the unpleasant intelligence. the individual may stop dead and be unable to take in what is being said. Denial Stage – This is a defense mechanism mechanism it is the refusal to accept what has happened. Anger Stage – This is when the individual will endure feelings of fury and may look for person to fault ‘Why me. It’s non fair’ . Bargaining Stage – This sis the phase where a individual will seek to negociate or compromise. ‘can we still be friends? ’ . they may besides pray attempt and deal with a God they believe in. Depression Stage – Person might retreat at this phase. they will experience sadness. sorrow. fright. when at this phase it shows the individual is get downing to accept the state of affairs. Testing Phase – This is where the single expressions for realistic solutions to the job. Acceptance Stage – This is when the individual begins to come to footings with the event and can eventually see a manner frontward.

Another theoretical account that is similar to Kubler-Ross is Psychodynamic or ‘Griefwork’ theoretical account by Colin Murray Parkes. This theoretical account besides breaks the heartache procedure down into five phases:

1 Alarm
2 Searching
3 Extenuation
4 Anger and Guilt
5 Deriving a new individuality

Parkes thought was that when a loss occurs the person affected will inevitable travel through passages in their lives. These passages can be really ambitious as people have a feeling of security from their ain every twenty-four hours modus operandis in their lives. Parkes described this as a person’s ‘assumptive world’ and this is created on how it has ever been. An individual’s construct is that this is how it will ever be. to believe otherwise from this would make feelings of insecurity. A individuals ideas would hold to alter from what they usually take for granted in order to get by with what has changed.

Parks explains that most life altering events ‘ psychosocial transitions’ are those that:

Entail people to change their belief about the universe.
Are enduring in their deductions instead than impermanent.
Take topographic point within a short clip giving small chance for readying.

If these three factors are present during a altering event so Parks explains that the individuals ‘assumptive world’ endures major alteration. ( Hnc Social Care Open Learning Pack )

A description of a scope of bureaus which can offer support to people sing loss and heartache A scope of bureaus who can offer support to people sing loss and heartache include the followers:

Statutory Agencies – The local lodging section. Nhs. G. P. section of societal security who can assist cover with any fiscal issues originating from the state of affairs and the societal work section who can assist by supplying services such as homecare. occupational therapy and community attention.

There is besides a big figure of voluntary administrations available to back up people sing loss or heartache such as Age concern who help to come to footings with old age and better later life for everyone. they offer advice and information sing wellness and lodging and chances for preparation. ( Age Concern. org. United Kingdom ) Cancer Link offers reding and support programmes to assist malignant neoplastic disease patients cope with their unwellness and intervention ( World Wide Web. cancerlink. co. uk ) . Victim Support gives free confidential aid to victims of offense. They offer emotional and practical support such as guidance. aid to make full out signifier. acquiring medical intervention and rehousing ( World Wide Web. victimsupport. co. uk ) . Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland offers support after mourning and besides offers information. support and preparation services to those who are assisting person who has suffered a bereavmenet ( World Wide Web. crusebereavment. org. United Kingdom ) . and Ardgowan Hospice who offer support. reprieve attention and terminal of life attention to people enduring malignant neoplastic disease or other life restricting unwellness. They offer a broad scope of services from reding. religious and bereavement support for patients and their household to yoga. hypnotherapy and relaxation categories.

A description of how you supported an single experiencing loss and heartache non associated with decease

I have supported a individual in my work topographic point that experienced loss and heartache by utilizing effectual communicating including being a good hearer. The service user had been the victim of a sexual assault. When the incident ab initio happened the service user was in denial and told no 1. but it was clear from their behavior that something was incorrect with them. they were frightened of being alone and wanted changeless reassurance that I would non travel from outside their room door. I sat with the service user reassuring them that I was here for them and seeking to promote them to open up to me. Finally the service user made the revelation and we discussed how it would be dealt with i. e. reaching constabularies and relevant bureaus. Throughout this ordeal the service user has encountered a scope of emotions from shame. guilt. feeling of being soiled. scared. they felt they had lost control of their lives and lost trust in people. I helped the service user work through these issues by sitting with them and listening carefully and being able to sympathize with them. They were able to research all their ideas and feelings without experiencing they were being judged. I besides encouraged them to compose about what they were experiencing and believing at times when they found it hard to speak about. Through clip and patients they grew stronger and were able to confront what had happened to them and happen a manner to look to the hereafter.

A description of the legal and other processs to be followed in the event of a decease in two attention scenes Procedures following decease in a attention place for the aged

At the clip of decease the individual who discovers the asleep demands to enter the clip of decease. who was present and any relevant inside informations of devices used or if cardiopulmonary resuscitation was given along with their inside informations on the relevant paper work. The following measure would be to inform the medical practician responsible for that person’s attention. as confirmation demands to be completed by them or an appropriate qualified nurse before the organic structure can be removed. The individual verifying they decease must be cognizant of local counsel sing verifying decease. Which will be in line with national counsel. Confirmation should take topographic point every bit shortly as possible. The confirmation inside informations should be recorded on the appropriate paperwork. The individual verifying the decease is responsible for corroborating individuality of deceased. A name set with the asleep person’s name. D. O. B. reference and nhs figure should be attached to the asleep individual. The decease so needs to be reported to the medical examiner and the relations of the deceased informed. if the decease is unexpected the constabulary must be informed and the organic structure can non be moved.

Procedures following decease in a infirmary

When decease occurs within a infirmary if the deceased was a patient the charge nurse will reach the deceased’s household to inform them. if the deceased was non a patient the household will be informed and asked to place the organic structure. If clinicians are diffident about the cause of decease a station mortem must take topographic point by legal demands to find the cause of decease. The asleep person’s relations must supply cogent evidence to let them to roll up the person’s personal ownerships. Staff must be made cognizant if the asleep individual was an organ giver. The infirmary will so intercede with the households chosen mortician. obtain the decease certification and do agreements for the following of family to roll up the certification. The undermentioned processs for both including legal are taken from the Scottish Executive Website – World Wide Web. Scotland. gov. uk/library5/social/waad-pp. asp

A description of how attitudes and patterns environing decease have changed in Britain Attitudes and patterns have changed well in Britain today. In the past decease was an event that was witnessed by all who lived in the house. including kids. Once the individual had died they remained in the house where household members would fix the organic structure for burial. they body would stay at that place until it was taken for burial. During this clip normal day-to-day life continued for the other members of the household. However this is now no longer the instance as more people are now deceasing in infirmary. this has hence moved to the medical professions duty instead that the households. Funeral managers now remove and prepare the organic structure and set up all facets of the funeral agreements for the deceased’s household. Today’s attitudes to decease are really different. Britain’s attitude to decease is described by Katz and Siddell ( 1994 ) as a ‘death denying society’ . Due to people now populating longer and epidemics no longer killing 1000s because of the of all time increasing advancement of the public wellness service decease is frequently seen as a failure of the medical profession to maintain person alive. ( unfastened larning battalion )

A description of the rites and patterns of two major faiths Christianity – Christian belief is one of Resurrection and the ageless life of the asleep person’s psyche. A spiritual service takes topographic point to observe that person’s life on Earth and the new journey they have taken through decease. These services normally include particular readings. anthem and supplications merely used for funerals. After the service the deceased is either inhumed or cremated. during this portion of the tradition particular supplications for the deceased are said. Mourners traditionally wear black vesture on this twenty-four hours and after the entombment or cremation they gather together for nutrient and drink.

Hinduism – Following the decease of an single the household come together to fix the organic structure and will execute supplications. Hindus largely cremate their dead as they believe this releases their spirit. The fires during the cremation are an of import symbol as they represent the presence of the holy God Brahma the Godhead. White is considered the appropriate coloring material to have on and traditionally they will have on Indian garments. Prayers are said at the entryway to the crematory. there may besides be offerings of flowers and sweetmeats passed around. The main griever normally the eldest male represents the household and they will force the button to do the casket disappear every bit good as illuming the funeral pyre. After the cremation the household will garner for supplications and nutrient so get down a 13 twenty-four hours mourning period. ( World Wide Web. ifishoulddie. co. United Kingdom )

A description of the rites and patterns of one new spiritual motion Jehovah’s Witness – Jehovah’s witness have no particular rites for those who are deceasing but will normally appreciate a visit from one of the seniors of the religion. There are peculiar beliefs environing blood transfusions. Jehovah Witness’s respect blood transfusion as morally incorrect and are therefor prohibited. Organ grafts are by and large non permitted and they are non likelt to be willing or permitted to donate or have an organ through which blood flows. They besides do non observe events such as birthdays and Christmas. ( funeralwise ) ( unfastened larning battalion )

A description of two non-religious responses to decease

Humanist Funeral – This type of funeral is for people who are non-religious. The British Human Association formed in 1967. Their rules are non based on faith but on the rules of ground and regard of others. Humanist ceremonials acknowledge loss and observe the deceased’s life without any spiritual rites. This type of service Centres more on the individual who has passed off. where the household will take such things as music. poesy or compose a personal testimonial that is read out by household or friend. This type of funeral gives more chance for personal input from the deceased’s loved 1s. The funeral can take topographic point at a graveyard. crematory and woodland burial land. Normally a printed transcript of the ceremonial is given to grievers on reaching at the service. which can be kept as keep interest. ( World Wide Web. ifishoulddie. co. United Kingdom )

New Age – This is a not spiritual belief which formed its foundations in Britain in the 1960’s. This was a reaction against what some people thought that Christianity had and Secular Humanism had failed in such as to supply them with counsel both spiritually and ethically. Unlike most formal faiths it has no holy texts. cardinal administration. rank. formal clergy. tenet or credo. It is a web of trusters and practicians who portion similar beliefs and patterns which they can add to whichever faith they follow. New age rites focus on mending the head. organic structure. spirit or Earth utilizing methods such as reiki or rolfing. they believe these techniques help to mend the organic structure complaints and convey religious consciousness. Influenced by Asiatic tradition they frequently hold retreats or workshops with a religious instructor or guru. With respects to the New Age response to decease for many followings. ecological funerals. normally known as ‘green burials’ . may be their preferable pick as a more environmentally friendly signifier of forest entombments. nature modesty entombments or entombments at place. ( World Wide Web. patheos. com ) . ( unfastened larning battalion )


In decision some people associate grief and loss with lone decease but as can be seen from the beginning of this essay heartache and loss are non sole to those who have experienced a decease. There are many other signifiers of heartache and loss that are every bit intense for those sing other types of loss such as terminal of a relationship. colza and sterility to call a few. Although there are some common symptoms in response to loss and heartache there is no cosmopolitan predictable emotional way that every person follows and the heartache procedure is really personal and alone to every person. There are many theories with respects to the heartache procedure one of which is Kubler-Ross who believes that no affair what the loss. every person goes through a certain procedure in order to cover with the loss. Persons may experience they are entirely when it comes to covering with their heartache but there are a broad scope of statutory abd voluntary bureaus available to assist with the procedure and any fiscal issues persons might confront.

When I had the chance to supply support to a service user who suffered a loss it gave me a closer penetration in to how the single feels and headers when supported in a positive manner and the procedure they had to travel through to get the better of what happened to them. With respects to decease we see that although attention scenes can hold different processs when covering with a decease the right legal processs are the same throughout and must be adhered to. We see that attitudes towards decease have besides changed. people are no longer accepting all the duty for covering with the decease of a loved 1. preferring to let morticians to organize the agreements and presents there is a bereaved period. We besides see that faiths take different attacks when it comes to a funeral service Christianity and Hinduisim each have their ain tradittions with respects to the service and garb but the service is centered around the individuals faith. whereas with a Humanist Funeral focuses on the asleep individual and the life that they had. The heartache procedure no affair what the loss is non pleasant it is merely by covering with the heartache through aid or mourning that we can travel on.

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