Some Americans remember where they came from ; others don’t. That’s the instance in Daniel Chacon’s narrative “The Biggest City in the World” . It is a narrative about Harvey Gomez who is a Mexican American immature adult male whose grandparents migrated to the Unites States from Mexico. Harvey has merely been to Mexico one time in his full life and neither of his parents has of all time been there earlier. Therefore he doesn’t cognize anything about his native civilization or linguistic communication. In this narrative Harvey travels deep inside of Mexico for the first clip with his Mexican history Professor David P.

Rogstart and gets exposed to its civilization and linguistic communication. On the contrary. Carolina Hospital’s verse form “Finding Home” is about Mexicans who were born in Mexico and subsequently migrated to America. When Harvey arrives in Mexico he tries to distance himself from the country’s civilization. In fact. shortly after he comes out of his hotel room the first topographic point that he goes to is La Zona Rosa because “The expensive stores. Gucci. Polo. Yves St. Laurent. relaxed him because they reminded him of Beverly Hills” ( Chacon 58 ) .

Harvey is traveling to topographic points in Mexico that he is familiar with back in the United States and is non seeking to research his heritage. Possibly this is because he doesn’t feel like he is a Mexican and that he is merely an American. After all. he was born and raised in the United States by parents who have ne’er been to Mexico themselves. Harvey finally gets exposed to ancient Aztec memorials when he runs into Professor Rogstart who is sing stone carvings. As Harvey decides to take a closer expression at the rock carvings. he is seeing history of his heritage and begins to compare it. Gomez wondered how many Aztecs were scared into believing in their Gods. like his male parent tried to do him believe in Jesus and the Virgin Mary” ( Chacon 60 ) .

He starts believing how the Aztecs were raised up into idolizing their Gods in Mexico and how his male parent brought him up into believing in God in America. Harvey learns about the Spanish Conquest of Mexico and begins to inquire Professor Rogstart inquiries. He gives him honest replies “Rogstart. experiencing a professorial duty. explained to Gomez the significance of each panel. each symbol. giving such all right details” ( Chacon 61 ) .

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During the account. Harvey feels a sense of pride in his heritage. You can state that Harvey now wants to larn more about his yesteryear ; nevertheless. he is still fighting to accept his heritage. As Harvey continues his journey in Mexico. he repeatedly distances himself from the Mexicans. Harvey is responding this manner because he is attached to money. That will shortly come to an terminal as Harvey himself loses all of his money. “He slipped his manus into his pocket for his axial rotation of bills” ( Chacon 63 ) . After he realizes that he is broke. he starts to panic.

Harvey’s immediate reaction is to happen his money no affair what it takes. but when he does non happen it. Harvey starts to experience the same manner the Mexicans did when they begged him for money. This is the first clip that he feels this manner because he was raised in America where money is a major influence in life. When it looks like it will be the terminal of his journey in Mexico. he discovers it is get downing. Harvey enters a cab and tells the driver “Take me to the Zona Rosa” ( Chacon 65 ) . During the drive. Harvey is relaxed and begins to experience like a Mexican deep in his bosom.

When it seems that he is traveling to go on his denial. he tells the driver “Take me to Chapultepec Park” ( Chacon 66 ) . The cab driver is surprised and Harvey laughs stating him that he wants to research Mexico. Harvey eventually ends the denial of his Mexican heritage and goes on to research Mexico. The verse form “Finding Home” written by Carolina Hospital tells the narrative of how Mexicans who come to America attempt to happen their heritage in the United States. Like many who migrate to America. the immigrants miss their state and are concerned about losing their civilization.

In contrast to Harvey Gomez. this verse form shows that many Mexicans in America appreciate their heritage. “I have travelled north once more. /to these grey skies/and empty room accesss. ” ( Hospital 101 ) . This shows that they miss their native state and are concerned about burying their heritage. Possibly Harvey’s grandparents thought the same thing when they foremost came to America from Mexico. Regardless of their reaching in America. they want to return to Mexico someday. “I must go once more soon” ( Hospital 102 ) .

Despite go forthing their ative land they have regard for Mexico and will see once more. After the experience that Harvey had in detecting his heritage. I am certain that he will see Mexico once more. Daniel Chacon is clearly doing a statement that Mexican immigrants whose childs are born and raised in America forget their ain civilization. In the narrative Harvey Gomez is denying his heritage and was embarrassed at times to acknowledge that he is Mexican. This is because he hardly knows anything about Mexico and doesn’t even talk the linguistic communication. Finally Harvey accepts who he is and discovers his heritage throughout the narrative.

I believe that Chacon wants to show how of import it is for people to cognize where they come from and non to bury who they are. Carolina Hospital indicates that Mexican immigrants in America continue to appreciate their heritage. In her verse form the Mexicans are non embarrassed to acknowledge where they come from. The Mexicans embrace their heritage and program on sing Mexico. I believe that Hospital wants to show that Mexicans immigrants do appreciate their heritage. However the fact is that no affair where people come from they must appreciate their heritage.


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