Lotteries Cheat, Corrupt The People

In “Lotteries Cheat, Corrupt The People” George F. Will argues that lotteries have done nothing but corrupt and cheat the people of this country. Will compares gambling to a game of jai alai saying it is a “game for the entertainment of gamblers and the benefit of, among others, the state treasury.” However, I disagree completely and truly believe that lotteries do much than that. Lotteries give personal enjoyment to those who are gambling and hope to those who are hopeless. Along with the benefits it brings to the individuals who participate, the government also profits by gaining money that they can than spend on other valuable practices. The majority of gamblers do not gamble for the money; they do it for the enjoyment of the sport. To some people it is a stress reliever; to others it is a fun activity to do in their spare time. For example, when an adult scratches away at the selected spots on their ticket with their lucky penny they are finding pleasure in its activity. Some individuals, majority being elders, are incapable of participating in physical sports. Physical sports bring competition, thrill, and exhilaration to those who play them.

When an individual is unable to participate they commonly lose the feelings that come along with the activities. Lotteries have the ability to reestablish these feelings of excitement and enjoyment for those who are incapable of finding their enjoyment elsewhere. In addition to providing enjoyment, lotteries strengthen hope for hopeless individuals as well. Hope is the number one driving force that keeps people going in this world. Individuals get out of bed every morning because they have motivation. Motivation can stem from many things. Those who find little motivation in everyday activity may resort to lotteries for this hope and inspiration. If a low-income adult was struggling with money and bought a lottery ticket, they now possess a sense of hope that money is in reach. Winning the lottery or re5ceiving a vast amount of money from a scratch ticket can forever change ones’ lives. Will says “Gamblers are drawn disproportionately from minority and poor populations that can ill-afford to gamble, that are especially susceptible to the lure of gambling…” Minority’s and people with lower income see gambling as a chance of hope that could possibly turn their lives around; especially a person who unfortunately has to work a minimum or sub minimum wage job to support their family. From the moment the ticket is purchased to the date they announce the lucky numbers; hope of a life-changing event is instilled in the ticket holders mind. Along with the thought of hope that lotteries bring to the table; they also provide very important funding to their communities. People who are uneducated about the lottery look down upon it. Mainly people believe it is nothing but a scam along with an addictive way rush that can drain away all of the players money.

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Apart from personal enjoyment and hope, lotteries give back and support their communities. Nation wide states need the support of its people before creating a lottery. California’s State Lottery was erected due to the promises of giving back and supporting statewide education. California recently passed a bill stating that eighty seven percent of sales generated through the lottery will go back to the public through prizes and contributions to education – leaving the rest to government expenses. Lotteries are not brought to states for the purposes of cheating and corrupting the people; they are intact to help support the communities needs and supply entertainment and hope in the people playing and supporting the lottery system.

The most common misconception is that gambling ruins people’s lives. Gambling not only supply’s people with hope and enjoyment it helps cuts down on tax dollars by providing funds to education statewide. Lotteries do not cheat and do not corrupt the people. They provide entertainment and hope; while helping out the community as a whole. Although gambling in the wrong hands can be addicting – so are cheeseburgers.


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