Adding alternate fuel vehicles to the fleet is indispensable to our environment. beneficial for our consumers. and potentially extremely profitable for Lotus Rental Car. With the everlasting addition in fuel. the consumer is looking for alternate ways to salvage money on fuel and at the same clip be witting about the negative impact that fuel and Diesel have in our environment.

Alternate fuel vehicles have ne’er been more popular in the U. S. and are going a major beginning for public transit. Our community has become educated about the detrimental consequence in which gas and Diesel vehicles have been doing our environment. These vehicles are more environmentally friendly and are typically more cost-efficient to bring forth. Therefore. it has a great fiscal impact to the common household. Alternate fuel vehicles can assist our consumers save money on gas while at the same time impacting our environment in a positive and healthy manner.

If Lotus Rental Car is aggressive and proactive in the purchase of alternate fuel vehicles. it will go the first major lease auto company to take a successful way to the hereafter. Lotus Rental Car will go the exemplary company of the new rental auto epoch. We will diminish disbursals. spread out the assortment of a new client base. addition grosss through the new uninterrupted gross watercourse and patrons. As a consequence of your new and wise investing. our company’s market portions and net incomes will surge to a new company and industry records.

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A new division to our selling section will be established to assist advance the importance of leasing from Lotus Rental Car. The selling section will integrate the benefit to our environment along with the possible nest eggs to our consumers. The trade name new selling run and scheme will assist advance our new vision. The alternate fuel market has few rivals. hence. giving us the chance to add new clients to our company. We will be the first modern company to profit from this rare chance to dramatically increase our gross flow.


It does non take long to detect alternate fuel vehicles on the route everyplace you go. These type of vehicles are going the new tendency in today’s germinating automotive industry. As a community and consumer. we are more educated on how we straight impact our environment. both in a negative and positive manner.

Our federal authorities has developed bureaus and passed federal Acts of the Apostless to guarantee we limit the injury we do to our environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) was established in 1970 and viewed as a necessary portion of our federal authorities to assist cut down our nation’s lifting air pollution. Harmonizing to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. “Transportation beginning emit nursery gases that contribute to climate change…In 2011. transit represented about 27 per centum of entire U. S. GHG emissions” ( “Transportation” . 2011 ) . In other words. we will hold a important impact in cut downing the nursery gases being emitted into our ambiance.

The EPA has been credited with significantly bettering our air quality. In 1997. the Clean Air Act was passed to command and cut down ozone pollution. The Clean Air Act is basically a fuel control step to help our local provinces in assisting cut down our ozone pollution. Alternate fuel is significantly cleaner than conventional gasolene and provides important decreases of certain compounds that contribute to air pollution and ozone pollution. Harmonizing to Aaron Windecker and Adam Ruder ( 2013 ) . “Emissions were reduced by following alternate fuel vehicles” ( p. 40 ) . Their research concluded that alternate fuel vehicles that were added to vehicle fleets had reduced emanation that harm our environment.

In today’s new automotive industry. we can see how these steps have greatly impacted our communities and concerns. About all major ports are transitioning to alternative fuel vehicles. In the Long Beach and Los Angeles Ports. traditional diesel semi-trucks are no longer allowed entree. In 2008. the Los Angeles Port established the Clean Truck Program to help the Clean Air Act. This plan targeted major beginnings of air emanations and incorporated a prohibition on fouling trucks. All pre-1989 trucks were banned from come ining the port.

Research conducted by the Clean Air Act showed that “In its first twelvemonth. the plan reduced the rate of port truck emanations by an estimated 70 per centum. and when to the full implemented in 2012. the emanations were reduced by 80 percent” ( “Portoflosangeles. org” . 2014 ) . This is merely a little illustration of how one port can positively impact the environment. A comparable impact can be accomplished here at Lotus Rental Car. By changing our fleet to supply more alternate fuel vehicles to our consumers. we will be lending to our environment by bettering our current air quality. ozone bed and cut downing toxic air pollutants.

Transportation system bureaus are besides transitioning to alternative fuel vehicles. Buss being operated by Diesel and gas are being phased out and being replaced with environmentally friendly fueled vehicles. Our local metropoliss are buying alternate fuel vehicles and are integrating them into their general usage. such as for constabulary investigators and forensic units. There is non a negative impact to our environment if we change our fleet to be more diverse and environmentally friendly.


In today’s altering market. traditional fuel sourced vehicles such as gasolene and Diesel are no longer carry throughing the demands of every client. “Vehicles and the fuel it takes to power them. are an indispensable portion of our American substructure and economic system. traveling people and goods across the country” ( Department of Energy. p. 1. 2014. October ) . Expanding our market-share in the leasing of vehicles will necessitate a more diversified batting order.

We want our clients to understand that at Lotus. we are non believing merely about net income for our company ; Lotus is besides concerned with the moral values of each client. Once we introduce our new fleet of vehicles which will include an alternate fuel beginning vehicle. we will be in front of our rivals. and our growing will happen as projected. Making our best to supply a full choice of rental autos including alternate fuel beginning vehicles will fulfill and run into the demands of today’s consumer.

As the engineering improves. more people are going aware of how traditional fuels. such as gasolene and Diesel fuel injury the environment. Today’s consumers are concerned with these harmful effects. and wish to make something positive about it. “Alternative energy beginnings and engineerings can play a critical function in take downing or extinguishing our trust on fossil fuels” ( Kouroussis. D. . & A ; Karimi. S. 2006. August p 346 ) . By supplying alternate fuel vehicles. we are leting our environmentally witting consumers a agency of transit in which they save money in fuel costs and reduces the spread of air pollution. Those consumers will bring forth more concern for us by sharing their rental experiences with both their co-workers and household. Everyone wants a healthy environment for the future coevalss.

Traditionally fueled vehicles will no longer do up the bulk of all vehicles being presently rented and operated today. Yes. engineering is altering daily. and scientists that work for the U. S. authorities are still developing ways to both addition fuel expeditiously and cut down harmful emanations. However. we do non cognize when the following discovery in engineering will go available to the market ; Lotus needs to use the current engineering today. The hazard of integrating alternate fuel beginning vehicles is one which Lotus needs to see. Let us be the first rental company that offers a wider choice of vehicles by including the alternate fuel vehicles. This action will give our environmental witting consumers a better feeling of passing their money with a company that aligns with their ethical motives. Traditional fuel beginnings such as gasolene and Diesel fuel may be a thing of the yesteryear. allow us travel frontward into the hereafter today.


The initial cost of adding alternate fuel vehicles to the Lotus Rental Car fleet would be significant. Generating gross through selling extra portions on the stock market could hold a negative consequence if we do non demo a net income after the first one-fourth in which we introduce a new fleet. There is merely one other auto rental bureau that rents alternate fuel vehicles. which means we would hold minimum competition in the industry. The United States presently has approximately 250. 000 natural gas vehicles on the route today ( “Cngnow. com” . 2014 ) . Within the following 10 old ages. that figure is expected to increase by more than 200 per centum. Not merely do consumers want to purchase eco-friendly autos. but they besides want to lease them. Our proposed enlargement shows this is the best clip to put in the alternate fuel industry. Research tells us there is a big market. and we would anticipate to see a significant net income from our investings.

Adding new alternate fuel autos to our fleet will increase our client per centum. Our new client growing is expected to increase by 30 per centum. Traditionally. more than half of new clients become long-run loyal clients. There is already a demand to replace a big per centum of aging Lotus Rental Cars. This would be a great chance to retire some of the aging vehicles and implement the new alternate fuel vehicles to our new fleet. Replacing older vehicles as they phase out would cut cost while accommodating to a more eco-friendly consumer service. About three-fourthss of drivers would see an alternate fuel vehicle for their following auto ( “Consumersunion. org” . 2012 ) .

We believe leasing is no different than purchasing. A fleet of 12 new vehicles per batch would be Lotus Rental Car Company about $ 420. 000. After one twelvemonth. we would hold all the autos paid off. hence. a big part of the rental fees would be chiefly profitable gross. It genuinely is a great long term investing in the company where the possible growing could transcend old rental auto records. After the first one-fourth with our new fleet. there could be a potency of a 100 per centum growing rate by the terminal of the twelvemonth. By deriving a competitory border on the fact that we are the lone company in our part to offer this service. it appears the pros significantly outweigh the cons.

Harmonizing to Natural Gas Vehicles for America. Compressed Natural Gas ( CNG ) presently costs about $ 2. 13 per gallon compared with about $ 3. 90 for gasolene ( Keys. 2012. p. 1 ) . As being significantly more cost effectual per gallon. CNG vehicles besides go further distances per gallon. which is even more of an inducement to consumers that have to make full up their rental auto. Not merely are you salvaging the environment but you are besides salvaging the money in your consumer’s billfold. By non puting in natural gas vehicles. we would lose out on significant revenue enhancement credits in which the authorities is presently offering. If we switch over by December 31. we will salvage 25 per centum on the entire purchase monetary value per vehicle. By all of these pros outweighing the cons. there is no ground we should non already hold bought these natural gas vehicles.


If Lotus Rental Car transitioned towards buying a big figure of alternate fuel vehicles. it would take the rental auto industry in the largest passage of this industry’s history. Consumers and patrons would see Lotus Rental Car as environmentally friendly and the new leader in the industry. Our end is that Lotus Rental Car will go one of the most profitable concerns while being environmentally and consumer friendly. There are no glowering drawbacks to our valuable environment. and both the consumer and our company can profit from the nest eggs. Let Lotus Rental Car make the successful investing today to overhaul and take the automotive industry towards alternate fuel vehicles.


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