Bing in love is a batch like being on a roller coaster. it is chilling. thrilling. and can sometimes be painful. It’s the feeling of exhilaration traveling up the first hill ; learning things about each other. Learning what makes them smile. their frights. or what keeps them wake up at dark. It’s the hurting of your first battle. non cognizing if you’ll make it through. The same sort of hurting you get being whipped around a crisp bend. or the lap saloon delving into your intestine as you roll down a hill. There’s a distinguishable difference between the two though. on a roller coaster you can ever see what’s in front. Love is between two people. two encephalon moving ridges. and two wholly separate people.

There is no stating where you are traveling to stop. or if the drive will come to a complete halt before you jump. With love there is no set value. no admittance. or any right or incorrect bends. There is both fright and hazard. you may acquire hurt. and you may non bask it but you put yourself on the line for person else. You chose to set your bosom in the custodies of something. person else. In the terminal the drive was still deserving it. you learned something along the manner. Whether you feel joy. or trouble you learned something.

Riding a roller coaster over and over loses its exhilaration. but with being in love there is ever a new hill on the manner. There is ever something to be excited over. from merely seeing them once more. to run intoing their household and larning where they grew up. When you love person you experience a full scope of feelings such as choler. composure and irritation. green-eyed monster or felicity. You have troubles of commanding these feelings. because you understand that you are depending on the individual you love. You understand that you are non merely one individual. you are two as a whole.

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