On the last twenty-four hours of this class ( twenty-four hours 35 ) . you will subject the “summative” research paper in which you will reason which love ( motive ) has shaped history and still determine our universe today. This is a really ambitious paper. and it counts for 26 % of your class in this class. Because it is such a important rational attempt. you will be asked to turn in four lineations of the “sub-parts” of the concluding paper. Each “sub-part outline” is deserving 25 points. and they are submitted in four out of the five hebdomads in this class. Writing these four “sub-part outlines” will assist you get down believing about which love ( motive ) truly does determine the universe. and they will do you to gait your research and composing so that that the “Summative Term Paper” does non mouse up on you and compromise the class you have worked so difficult to accomplish. Subject: “An Analysis of Human Motivation”

Which one of the three earthly loves ( Eros. Storge. or Phileo ) has shaped and continues to determine human behaviour? Title Page:
Make a rubric page harmonizing to the APA manner. ( See APA Style press release ) The Abstraction:
An “Abstract” is a brief ( normally one page ) “mini-paper. ” An “Abstract” contains:
The word “Abstract” centered 2 inches from the top border. The “thesis statement. ” which is the reply to the inquiry:

“Which one of the three earthly loves ( Eros. Storge. or Phileo ) has shaped and continues to determine human behaviour? ” Briefly introduce the scholarly footing of your statement. which this paper intends to turn out. Briefly introduce the rubrics of the class literature you intend to mention. Briefly province which two earthly loves are non dominant human incentives. Briefly province some of the properties of Agape love that can deliver the “dark side” of your chosen love by continuing it and directing its power. Briefly province what the church can make to educate the universe about the power of this love and the danger of its dark side.

The Formal Outline:
Submit the complete. scholarly lineation of your concluding paper. The “sub-part outlines” you write will assist you form your ideas and make your research. but after you have written these lineations. you will happen that your information will turn from your original lineations as you write your concluding paper. ENG 2210 File # 1. 18 “Term Paper Requirements” 2 An Outline of the “Summative Term Paper”

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I. Introduction: “The Premise of the Argument”
Open your essay with a quotation mark. a tricky narrative. or a inquiry about love. Answer to the inquiry: “Which one of the three earthly loves ( Eros. Storge. or Phileo ) has shaped and continues to determine human behaviour? ” ( This is your “thesis statement. ” ) In a few introductory sentences. briefly present how you intend to turn out your statement. Passage into a description of the love you have chosen.

II. The Expanded Premise
What are both the strengths and failings of the motive ( love ) you have chosen to be the dominant “world-shaper” ? How do the “light” and “dark” qualities ( strengths and failings ) of this love turn out your premiss.

III. Scholarly Proof of the Argument:
Quote illustrations from scholarly research ( psychological. sociological. and historical beginnings ) to support the sort of love you have chosen as being the “world-shaping motive. ” Include current statistics and social mentions to turn out your statement. Research “human greed. ” the power of “family. ” “peer-pressure. ” etc. Prove your statement with quotation marks and commentary from: Expert scholarly beginnings from databases. diaries. books ( at least three scholarly resources. Include popular beginnings ( web sites. magazines. movies. etc. ) . Include statics as cogent evidence.

Include scriptural mentions which prove your thesis/premise? Carefully examine history every bit good as the current age. Has man’s primary motive changed with the passing of clip? Note: 1/3 of your paper may be quotation marks.

The staying 2/3 must be your commentary and penetrations.
Caution: YOU WILL Fail THIS 200-POINT ASSIGNMENT IF YOU PLAGERIZE ( STEAL ) THE WORK OF OTHERS AND CALL IT YOUR OWN. You must give recognition to all beginning stuff. When you quote the work of others. you MUST mention your beginnings in parenthetical commendations ; for illustration: About 30 old ages after the publication of Otranto. the literary market experienced a monolithic inflow of narratives that belonged to what was so called “the terrorist system of fresh writing” ( Miles. 2002. p. 41 ) . IV. Proof of the Argument From Course Literature:

Analyze the relationships from at least three of the literary plants read in this category. Quote the words of the characters to turn out your thesis. Be certain to mention the literary work in your parenthetical commendations. Select from: Till We Have Faces

ENG 2210 File # 1. 18 “Term Paper Requirements” 3

A Doll’s House
“The Blood of the Martyrs”
“A Pair of Tickets”
“A Rose For Emily”
Poetry ( This class can merely number as one literary work ; you can non merely cite three verse forms. and run into this requirement. )

Note: The quotation marks from class literature are expected ; they do non number as portion of your five required scholarly resources. V. The Refutation Argument:
Why are the other two earthly loves non the primary incentives of human behaviour? Explain your reply with specific illustrations from relationships

in class literature.
Use scholarly resources if you like. non required.

VI. The Agape Difference:
What are the qualities of God’s Godhead Agape love that will forestall the earthly love you have chosen from botching? How can Agape love prevent this love from botching?
How can Agape love provide “light” ( way ) for this love when it loses its manner? Explain how the add-on of “Agape” love could hold improved history. and the accordingly. the current status of the universe.

VII. “The Persuasive Position”
What is the function of the Church. the ground forces of God. in being “light” ( way ) and “salt” ( preservative/enhancer ) to maximise the love you have chosen to the be the “world maker. ” Suggest five things the Church can make to forestall the “dark” side of this “world-shaping” motive from destructing its positive impact. Offer practical suggestions that the church can transport out to educate and warn the universe about this love’s “dark sides. ” every bit good as. Teach people how to shoot “Agape” love into this dominant love.

VIII. “Conclusion”
Write a concise sum-up for this term paper. Include:
A re-statement of your thesis.
A drumhead listing of several of your cardinal cogent evidence beginnings.
A call to action for the church in educating the universe about this love. A shutting statement that urges your reader to mind the power of this love guard against its abuse.

1. Title: Make a alone rubric that reflects the angle of your paper 3. Lenth: 7-10 pgs.
3. Format = APA Style including ( See APA Style press release ) ENG 2210 File # 1. 18 “Term Paper Requirements” 4

“Title Page” w/unique rubric reflecting “slant” of the thesis. “Abstract” = 1-page sum-up of the statement.
“Formal Outline”
“Running Header” w/abbreviated rubric & A ; page # .
“Introduction” of the paper w/preview of the statement.
“Interior Heading” reflecting the “level one” headers of the lineation merely: I. II. etc. ( See APA for example. ) “Parenthetical citations” w/ writer. day of the month of publication. page. “References Page” w/hanging indent.

“Annotated Bibliography”

w/explanatory paragraph per beginning. ( See APA for example. )

Rating of the concluding paper will be subjective based on the
“Summative Term Paper Grading Rubric”
( An extra 100 points are earned by composing the “sub-part lineations. ” ) 160-144 = A ; 143-128 = B ; 127-112 = C ; 111-95 = D ; 94 = F
If utilizing scholarly resources is new for you. here are a links to three trusted. scholarly literary sites made available to you from Hope International University’s Library: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. jstor. org/action/showBasicSearch

hypertext transfer protocol: //go. galegroup. com/ps/start. make? prodId=MLA & amp ; userGroupName=ful46392 & A ; authCount=1 hypertext transfer protocol: //go. galegroup. com/ps/ ? & A ; u=ful46392 & A ; p=LitRG & A ; v=2. 1 & A ; authCount=1 For more research sites or if you have any jobs accessing these or other research sites. delight reach a Terri Bogan. research bibliothec at Hope International University: hypertext transfer protocol: //library. hiu. edu/

If composing about literature is new to you. see your textbook’s comrade site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. wwnorton. com/college/english/literature/welcomefull. htm If you do non have automatic entree. travel to the dorsum of your Norton Introduction to Literature text for this class. On the left side of the back page you will happen your enrollment codification. Type that in one time you arrive at Norton Literature online. You will hold entree for 12 months from the clip of your first enrollment. Here is a direct nexus to “Writing About Literature” at the Norton site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. wwnorton. com/college/english/literature/general-resources/writing-about-lit/welcome. htm ENG 2210 File # 1. 18 “Term Paper Requirements” 5


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