Unlawful Killings in Sir Lank What does It mean to be a human being? It means you have needs that need to be met and a life to protect. There are certain rights that come with being a human, and by living In fear for your life those rights are violated. Sir Lank Is a small country in southern Asia. It Is ruled by a president. Their definition of a president differs from ours, however. Like us, the citizens of this country vote on who they want as their president, but not all is fair in politics. The elections are usually rigged by those who are considered higher authorities.

So election or not, the person that will better benefit the country, not its inhabitants, will win. This country has two main political parties. One of these is the Sir Lank Freedom Party. It consists of people who are dedicated to making their home a fair country. “Civilians are literally begging on their knees. ” (Unnamable Convoy unlawful killing Is a major Issue In Sir Lank. Soldiers have been known to kill Innocent civilians. Video tapes have been made by locals and sent to the United Nations. The Sir Lankan government says that the videos aren’t real.

This Incident Is a good example of the government covering up serious abuses by military officers. ” (Unnamable Convoy). Regardless of what their government says, Unnamable Convoy says that, “There is so much evidence of these human rights abuses. ” Sir Lankan Navy officers have been accused of killing civilians during the final stages of their civil war. They are also known to harass Indian fishermen. On one instance, a guy was shot dead just for straying into Sir Lankan waters. One specific story stands out through all of this. “The Sir Lankan Navy stopped an Indian fishing boat.

Twenty eight year old Kumara, his brother Synthesis and friend Regenerated were ordered to Jump onto the water. Sentinel and Arcadian Jumped to sea but Kumara remained on the boat. A navy officer tied a noose around Summary’s neck and dragged him Into the water. Kumara died Convoy).

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