Scene I A physician and dame are at the palace watching Lady MacBeth because she has been kiping walking. When Lady MacBeth enters the scene she washes her custodies stating there is blood on them and refers to the slayings: Duncan. Banquo. and Lady MacDuff. Once she leaves the physician looks stunned at such behaviour.

Scene II A group of Scots Godheads gather together to discourse the military state of affairs. It is decided that the Scots ground forces will run into the English ground forces led by Malcolm by Birnam Wood to fall in forces together. It is besides reported that MacBeth has fortified Dunsinane Castle.

Scene III MacBeth tells his attenders they have nil to fear of the ground forces nearing them because no 1 of adult female born can harm him. MacBeth besides refers to the 2nd phantom and says he will reign until Birnam Wood is moved to Dunsinane. Next. MacBeth orders Seyton to recover his armour so he can make what he does best. battle on the battleground. The physician studies to MacBeth about Lady MacBeth’s status. MacBeth demands that the physician rid her of the disease and remedy her.

Scene IV While processing toward Dunsinane. Malcolm orders his soldiers to interrupt a subdivision off of a tree in Birnam Wood hope to. “Thereby shall we shadow / The Numberss of our host. ” and do MacBeth’s undercover agents. “Err in study of us. ” ( 5. 4. 5-7 ) .

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Scene V Seyton comes to state MacBeth that the queen has died. Shocked by the disconnected terminal of his married woman. MacBeth makes a compelling patter. The courier enters stating MacBeth that the wood of Birnam Wood is traveling towards them. Dunsinane. MacBeth is overcame by incredulity and horror that the apparition’s prognostication may come true which said that he couldn’t dice until Birnam Wood moved towards Dunsinane.

Scene VI Malcolm orders his soldiers to throw down the subdivisions and reveal to MacBeth’s palace who they truly are.

Scene VII MacBeth kills the Young Siward and makes merriment of the soldiers who are born from a adult female because their blades can non kill him. Malcolm makes a remark about MacBeth’s soldiers stating. “We have met with enemies / That work stoppage beside us. ” because they aren’t even seeking to contend ( 5. 7. 31-2 ) .

Scene VIII The palace is surrounded by Malcolm and Siward’s work forces. MacDuff eventually finds MacBeth and the battle begins. While contending. MacBeth tells MacDuff he is blowing his clip because he can non be killed by a adult female born human. MacDuff dazes MacBeth by allowing him cognize he was non adult female born but cut out of his mother’s uterus. MacBeth still does non give up and they continue contending. As huntsman’s horns sound triumph of the Scottish and English forces. MacDuff enters transporting MacBeth’s caput and declared Malcolm King of Scotland.


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