Macbeth Essay, Research Paper

The Weird Sisters had an influence on Macbeth. The first phantoms made Macbeth greedy. After Macbeth

became male monarch, they influenced him into believing that he was unbeatable. This let him do for himself a safe

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security which would come back to stalk him, and at the terminal destroy him. The Eldritch Sisters shaped the drama into

what it is through act uponing Macbeth.

The Weird Sisters start the drama away. The first thing they do is state Macbeth that he is traveling to go

male monarch. This plays a major function in Macbeth s greed. This is besides a prefiguration of things to come. Denton Snider

provinces: Obviously the destiny of the two heroes is cryptically wrapped up in these prophets, which in portion foreshadow,

and in portion cause what they foreshadow ( Snider 215 ) . What Denton Snider means is that the enchantresss foreshadow

the drama, but besides through that the physique up the greed to hold Macbeth do what they foreshadow. This supports

my thesis. Since Macbeth knows he is traveling to go male monarch, he thinks why should he non go male monarch now,

alternatively of holding to wait. Hazlitt stated that the ground for all of Macbeth s offenses were the enchantresss, who surprised

him, and he was impatient to verify their anticipations, doing Duncan s slaying ( Hazlitt 11 ) . Hazlitt noted that in

this statement: & # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; and from the superstitious awe and breathless suspense into which the communications of the

Eldritch Sisters throw him, is hurried on with make bolding restlessness to verify their anticipations ( Hazlitt 11 ) . This quotation mark

shows that the enchantresss have control over Macbeth, since he is thrown into their universe and pushed on to verify their


Before heading to the really known country, allow us research a different point of position. Make the Weird Sisters

truly cognize that he was traveling to go male monarch, or were they merely playing with his head? Now that is a really strong

conversation to take up. Most people, if they merely took it from the tops of their caputs would state yes, they knew

because they were devils or enchantresss. But so, some professors that survey Shakespeare say that possibly the enchantresss

did non cognize, but made accurate anticipations. Walter Curry believes that enchantresss can non read person s head, but

by looking at Macbeth s actions they make the phantoms that they believe will work ( Curry 63 ) . This quotation mark

explains his thoughts: Recognizing that he desires the land, they prophesy that he shall be king, therefore eliciting his

passions and act uponing his imaginativeness to the extent that nil is but what is non ( Curry 63 ) . This quotation mark

precisely explains what I am seeking to province: that the enchantresss can non read heads, but they make accurate anticipations

of Macbeth s phantasies. Their anticipations were right since they influenced Macbeth.

Macbeth in the beginning was a inculpable character. He would non hold even thought about going

king if the Weird Sisters did non come to him. It was difficult for him to believe that he was Thane of Cawdor, and

they said he is traveling to go male monarch. As Steevens put it: Macbeth deceived by the semblances of witchery was a

spiritual, temperate, and inculpable character ( Steevens 464 ) . This quotation mark means that Macbeth was a blameless

character, but he was deceived by the Weird Sisters whom made him a liquidator.

It is believed that if it were non for the enchantresss Macbeth would non even think of going Thane of

Cawdor, and even more male monarch. This shows how the thesis is accurate, demoing how the enchantresss shaped the drama by

act uponing Macbeth. Bradley believes that the enchantress s phantoms were phantoms entirely, and that they were non

the lone influence on Macbeth, but alternatively they were more of a flicker. ( Bradley 368 ) This shows that the enchantresss

were non the lone influence, but they started everything. How this happened was that after Macbeth found out, he

told his married woman, Lady Macbeth, through a missive about the phantoms. When Lady Macbeth found out, she right

off started back uping her hubby. Brooks supports this by saying Tempted by the Weird Sisters and urged on

by his married woman, Macbeth is caught between the rational and irrational ( Brooks 31 ) . This quote states that Macbeth was

tempted by the enchantresss and urged on by his married woman, and during all this he felt surrounded non cognizing what to make.

Schlegel besides supports the theory that Macbeth needed support to kill Duncan: Natural motivations entirely seem

inadequate ( Schlegel 408 ) . The 3rd influence was from Macbeth himself. Although his support is non that strong,

the truth is he could non truly be made to kill Duncan, unless he had something to carry through excessively. What he had to

accomplish was a much higher soci

Al position. That is why Schlegel states that He has, hence, given a thriefold

division to the guilt of that offense ( Schlegel 403 ) . Schlegel is mentioning to Shakespeare, and he is saying that

Shakspere when composing the drama, had in head three guilty characters: Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, and the enchantresss.

During the clip Macbeth was on the throne, his head kept coming back to the enchantresss. This shows how

much they influenced him so much that he could non halt believing about them. During this clip in the drama he

became a complete monster, seeking to kill anyone who might be a menace.

Toward the terminal of the drama, he became scared that person will seek to take everything off. Therefore, he

went to the enchantresss and received his last phantoms. The first phantom was: Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth!

Beware Macduff! ( Shakespeare IV.i.81 ) . This phantom scared Macbeth merely somewhat. Just to do certain the

phantom will non come true, he decides that he will kill him subsequently.

The 2nd and 3rd phantoms did non frighten him at all. The 2nd phantom: Be bloody, bold, and

resolute. Laugh to contemn the power of adult male, for none of adult female born shall harm Macbeth ( Shakespeare IV.i.90-93 ) .

The 3rd phantom: Be lion-mettled, proud, and take no attention who chafes, who frets, or where conspirers are.

Macbeth shall ne’er vanquished be until Great Birnam Wood of High Dunsinane Hill shall come against him

( Shakespeare IV.i.103-107 ) . These two phantoms do non frighten Macbeth. For who is non woman-born, or how can

a wood of trees walk? He even states this out loud: That will ne’er be. Who can affect the forest, bid the tree

unfix his earthbound root? Sweet bodements, good! Rebellious dead, lift ne’er till the wood of Birnam rise, and

our high-placed Macbeth shall populate till the rental of nature, pay his breath to clip and mortal usage ( Shakespeare

IV.i.108-114 ) . You can state from this quotation mark, that Macbeth is non scared. He is about mocking the enchantresss. How

can they state him, that woods will walk and that people are non born through their female parents?

Watson believes that the prophesies sent him into suicide, by doing him believe he was

self-preserving himself ( Watson 20 ) . He besides believes that the prognostication that confronted him was an Oedipal

prophecy- a warning about filial rebellion and the emasculation that avenges it ( Watson 20 ) . His statement explains

everything: prognostication that confronts Macbeth is an Oedipal prognostication Such a riddle tempts adult male toward the fatal

misdemeanor it describes, sends him in chase of suicide through a despairing and deluded effort at

self-preservation ( Watson 20 ) . Another writer, Wills Gary, believes that Hecate is taking Macbeth into a false

sense of security, which will subsequently be his worst enemy ( Wills 47 ) .

T.W. thinks that the prognostication that Macbeth will non be killed by anyone of adult female born and until the

forest walk make Macbeth feel unbeatable which is a good thing in his sentiment since it makes a flooring stoping

( T.W. 290 ) . His statement states this precisely: The prognostication of the enchantresss, That none of adult female born should be

able to ache Macbeth, and that he need fear nil boulder clay Birnam wood should come to Dunsinane, have when

fulfilled in a sense different from what the words seemed to import, an first-class consequence in reading the autumn of the

bloody tyrant dreadful and shocking ( T.W. 290 ) .

As you have seen, the enchantresss influenced Macbeth, and in making so shaped the drama. If they had non told

him that he would go male monarch, he would non even conceive of that. But since they did state him, he received new

aspiration and greed to eventually kill the male monarch and go male monarch himself. After he was steadfastly on the throne, he began to

acquire scared that person was after him and the throne. He went to the enchantresss and received influence once more. He

received three phantoms, but of two types: 1 that stated that he was traveling to be killed by Macduff, and two that

stated that he should non be scared, because he is traveling to be killed by person that is non adult female born, and before

that happens a wood of trees has to walk.

In kernel, Macbeth was influenced by the enchantresss. It is non certain if they knew how to read person s

head, but they at least made educated conjectures. They caused him to slay Duncan and go male monarch. When

Macbeth was on the throne, he became scared that person is seeking to set him down. That is when Macbeth went

to the enchantresss once more. There he received the other phantoms, which made him experience unbeatable. This false security

eventually destroyed him. This shows how the enchantresss influence on Macbeth shaped the drama


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