Macbeth: Destiny Or Free-will Essay, Research Paper

In Shakespeare? s Macbeth, there is a inquiry as to whether or non Macbeth is driven by destiny or free will. The three Wyrd sisters approach Macbeth with prognostications that will all come true in the terminal. It would look that Macbeth is merely following fate at first. However, Macbeth ever had a pick throughout the drama to take his ain destiny. Macbeth journeyed to his homicidal day of reckoning through his ain free pick.

In Act I, the three enchantresss visit Macbeth and Banquo on the heath. The enchantresss make three anticipations ; Macbeth will be the Thane of Cawdor, he will be King, and Banquo? s boies will be king but non Banquo. Even though the enchantresss did do these prognostications, Macbeth? s destiny was non sealed. Later in the same scene, Ross and Angus meet Macbeth. They tell Macbeth that he is now the Thane of Cawdor. Macbeth so reflects on the anticipations and says, ? Present frights are less than atrocious imaginings? ( Act I, seven, 139 ) . Macbeth is associating his fright that he may hold to make something violent in order to go male monarch but he hopes that it can come about by? opportunity? . Almost instantly after the enchantresss have visited him, Macbeth begins to take their prognostications as a world. He is about seeking to carry through the alluring anticipations, now that his head is lubricious for power, alternatively of staying loyal to the King.

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It is one time once more evident that Macbeth does command his ain fate when the enchantresss make their 2nd visual aspect to him. They show Macbeth three phantoms. These tell Macbeth that he will be king until Birnam Woods meet Dunsinane Hill, he can non be killed by an

yone Born of adult female, and he sees Banquo? s posterities that will go male monarchs. At this point in the fresh Macbeth is utilizing the enchantresss as a guideline to his life. The phantom that he can non be harmed by anyone Born of adult female creates a false sense of security within himself. Even at this point, Macbeth still has a pick of whether or non to believe the enchantresss. The eldritch sisters have non put any enchantment on him ; they have merely filled his greedy head with a sense of security and power for kingship.

From the beginning, Macbeth chose to follow the enchantresss alternatively of allowing things merely of course occur. Banquo serves to demo how the anticipations were non merely destiny and did non command his life. Even when he sees that many are going true, he states, ? may they ( enchantresss ) non be my prophets? ( Act III, sc.i, 9 ) . He is saying that he will merely allow events happen and non seek to carry through the prognostications. Macbeth besides had this same pick. If he had taken the same attack as Banquo, a claim could be made that it was destiny that Macbeth would slay Duncan. However, Macbeth lived on history of the prognostications, non the contrary.

Macbeth? s downward spiral of events was created through his ain free will. The enchantresss did announce his hereafter but they ne’er straight controlled his actions. The sisters did non project a enchantment to do Macbeth travel brainsick. He was engulfed in his lecherousness for power and his conflict with his scruples. This led to his insomnia and ultimate ruin. In the terminal his false sense of security created the ambiance for the conflict in which he was to be killed in. The enchantresss influenced Macbeth? s calamity but he condemned himself.


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