The longest journey. is the journey of self find. To detect 1s self. a individual must face things they would instead non and be true to themselves. Both characters. Macbeth from William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth. and Holden from J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. embarked on a inward journey of self find. Through being emotionally unstable. holding beliing ethical motives. and detecting who they genuinely are. it is apparent that though two different results. they both had a journey of self find.

Unlike Holden. Macbeth was really emotionally stable at the beginning. He was respected. a devoted hubby and a loyal topic to his male monarch. Despite the fact he was so stable at the beginning. Macbeth rapidly lost control of his emotions when the three enchantresss confronted him with the three prognostications. which finally let the emotions of greed and guilt come over him from the immoral actions he committed

In comparing. Holden’s emotional stableness was really flakey during the beginning of the novel. but bit by bit improved during his journey. Holden was really down because of the solitariness and isolation he felt. which was finally is ain mistake. From his journey. he easy started to derive control of his emotions and accepted the truth of his mental unwellness. He transformed himself wholly. and finally gained control of himself by eventually making out for professional aid. Holden went from being really angry and disquieted to accepting his mistakes and altering his life about. Holden and Macbeth both had ethical motives. but where Holden’s stayed echt and true. Macbeth’s fell apart. At the beginning. Macbeth was repulsed by the idea of killing the King. but by the terminal. he was slaying everyone his manner. It was LM who foremost triggered Macbeth’s moral down autumn. but Macbeth was the one to wholly diregard them. Macbeth had control of his ethical motives but finally chose to travel against them to acquire what he wanted. power. His neglect is clear when he made the determination to kill Banquo because he didn’t want to lose his power to Banquo’s posterities and he was get downing to go leery.

Unlike MB Holden’s ethical motives were challenged multiple times but he over came the obstructions. Yet the drive force behind much of his determination devising is a sense of ethical motives that is at times distorted but is ever present. One of Holden’s chief concerns is the fact that the universe around him appears to be losing its morality and the people are all bogus. all incapable of following the moral codification that Holden insists on puting on those around him. He is worried about even the smallest things like the disgusting linguistic communication scrawled on the walls at the museum. The rubric of the book reflects his desire to be the backstop in the rye. to forestall kids from running over the border of the field and aching themselves. So despite his inability to acknowledge morality in others. like Mr. Antolini. someplace indoors Holden there is a deep sense of ethical motives and a strong desire non merely to follow them but to hold others follow them every bit good.

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Macbeth and Holden both embarked on a journey of self find. where they discovered who they truly were. Macbeth discovered the horror of the offenses he comitted and that the power he was one time thought was everything. really meant nil. Macbeth started off with an copiousness of friends. nevertheless. he ended with a whole clump of enemies. Though he merely came to recognize it at the terminal of the drama. his actions destroyed his regard and honor and led to his decease bed. Before he was killed. Macbeth had reflected on his life. and he started to understand the full extent of what he did and the effects his actions were traveling to hold. Unlike Macbeth. Holden’s journey lead to a positive stoping where he accepted himself and started on the route to recovery.

Throughout the full novel. it was apparent that Holden was really down. He had no hope for his hereafter. as he expressed to his history teaher Mr. Spencer. and he believed he was headed no where in life. Holden was kicked out of legion schools and it was non until after his New York escapade that he went on an unitentional route of self-discovery. Holden was clearly in hurting over his brothers decease. hurting that he was yet to cover with. As the book progressed. Holden bit by bit matured into a strong and indepent person. He developed stronger relationships with Phoebe. his brother DB and a few others like Jane. and he eventually allowed himself to accept his mistakes and accept the world that no 1 is perfect. His dislocation turned into a major discovery. which changed his life in a positive manner. Macbeth and Holden both discovered who they truly were. one greedy and power seeking. and the other a strong and indepent individual who had to cover with a great loss.

Both The Tradgey of Macbeth and The Catcher in the Rye tell a narrative of great self find. Macbeth from good to evil. and Holden bad to good. Through their emoitional stableness. beliing their moral values. and detecting who they genuinely are. shows the manner Holden and Macbeth changed through both the novels.


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