Malagasy republic: The Exotic Island Essay, Research Paper

Malagasy republic: The Exotic Island

Looking at a map of the southern hemisphere, one wouldn? T expect

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such a apparently & # 8220 ; little & # 8221 ; island to be so alien and big, but the

island of Madagascar is merely that. A 226,658 square stat mi ( 587,041

square kilometres ) piece of land, with a a coastline of about 2,480

stat mis ( 3,990 kilometres ) , it? s a beautiful and different position of its big

neighbour, Africa.

The island itself is made up of ridges, rivers, vales, and tropical

woods segmenting off the different parts of the landscape,

scattered trees and tall grasses to one side, narrow coastal fields,

and low plataeus and plains off to another. To the North is Mt.

Maromokotro, the highest extremum on the island at 9,436 pess ( 2,876

metres ) . Coral beaches line the E seashore, adding to the natural

beauty of the already lovely landscape.

The tropical clime provides changing sums of rainfall? from 83

inches ( 211 centimetres ) in the Northwest to 14 inches ( 36

centimetres ) in the sou’-west. The drought-infested South is

highly hot and dry, and the West is hot and wet. Indian Ocean

cyclones bring periodic heavy rains and destructive inundations. Once

covered by woods, most of the island now has a savannah-steppe

flora with a few woods in the West and evergreen woods on

the eastern border of the cardinal tableland. An interesting clime for

such a alone topographic point.

The animate beings there are besides different and the likes of which non f


anyplace else ; non even in Africa. 50 species of lemurs inhabit the

island, every bit good as 800 different types of butterflies. Though near the

once-dubbed & # 8220 ; Dark Continent & # 8221 ; , the species and vegitation seem to

have leftovers of Eastern India, cogent evidence possibly that the island is a

breaking away of the unquestionably larger continent of Asia.

The peoples of the big island are every bit diverse as the wildlife, runing

from the Malagasy to the Gallic, several native groups blending with

those of foreign beginnings. The population in itself has nigh doubled

since 1950, 80 per centum, largely rural. Malagasy and French are the

functionaries linguistic communications of the island, with Christians ( both Roman Catholic

and Protestent ) doing up the most of the spiritual groups.

One-half still follow traditional ways, nevertheless. Education is free to all

citizens of Madagascar runing in age from 6 to 14. However, some

tend to jump school and travel directly to work. This is particularly

common in the rural countries. Most infirmaries are concentrated in urban

countries, but they are really short-handed for the legion assortments of

tropical diseases that are abundant in the country, most normally

malaria. The life expectency for indigens is 51 old ages of age,

about 20 old ages less than our ain in the U.S.

As you could likely think, Madagascar? s land is a valuable plus

for farming. Agribusiness is a big portion of the economic system. 86 % of all

grownups in Madagascar are employed in an industry pertaining to

agriculture, including farming itself.



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