Come home to relax after a delightful bank holiday and turn on the TV. What better way to start off the evening than, Madeline McCann, one year on. Once the documentary started I knew it was going to turn my mood upside down.

This documentary is quite effective because it is extremely biased to the favour of the parents. Although there are some balances, which I think don’t really make any difference.

Before watching this documentary I thought Kate and Jerry McCann were involved in the kidnapping of Madeline. However my viewpoint has been changed after watching this documentary.

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There are many different types of camera angles used slyly. Like when they want the audience to see an emotion clearly they use extreme close up.

They also use mis en scene, a camera angle when everything in the shot is purposely placed where it is. They also show clips of the other two children playing on the swings and the third swing is empty, showing the emptiness of Madeline not being there.

They also bring in some clips of the news when Madeline went missing to make the audience remember how important it is, but honestly I think it just makes the documentary even longer than it already is.

Throughout the whole documentary they show photographs of Madeline.

This is to keep the image of Madeline in peoples mind, even though everyone’s seen it more than enough of her.

There is some very strong and violent language used in the beginning when Jerry reads an unpleasant letter from someone, if I’d have heard of this before watching this documentary I would have completely agreed with it.

Although no one deserves to be talked to in that manner.

Kate McCann says that “one minute seems like an hour”, this shows that she does care about Madeline and she feels like time doesn’t move. She also says that Madeline was like a best friend to her and that they would go shopping together and have a coffee and she says that she misses doing all this with her.

From G’s to Gents.

After the long boring wait of watching Kate ; Jerry McCann go on about them being innocent, finally my favourite reality show came on…

This show is hosted by the one and only Fonzworth Bentley, the show is different from the rest of the crowd. From G’s to Gents gathers up 14 undesirable young men from across the

USA, and aside from their baggy jeans, doo rags and metal grills they all have one thing in common. This is the desire to leave their gangster ways behind them and change their lives. They want to become better men and be successful by changing their walk, their talk, and their style. The wannabe gentlemen learn everything from style and grace to etiquette and chivalry. The G’s discover that with the right tools, they can become true gents.

Fonzworth dreams of the day when simple words like “please” ; “thank you” will be used in our everyday language.

The G’s will face many difficulties during the way but for those who are strong enough to survive till the end – the opportunity of a lifetime awaits them. But of course there was also $100,000 cash to be won.

The G’s are; Creepa , Cee, E6, The Truth, Kesan, T-Jones, Shotta, Mikey P, D-Boy, Zenel, Shaun, J boogie, Pretty Ricky and Stan but only one of these will last till the end.

In this episode the men are introduced to Mr. Bentley and are given the key to the gentlemen’s club to explore. Immediately they hit the bar and some of them like the alcohol a little too much, especially Pretty Ricky who without thinking what the evening has to hold for him gets completely smashed.

Fredrick (the butler) comes in to crash the party and take the G’s to the chapter room where

Mr. Bentley reveals two important traditions at the club. Each G must introduce themselves to Mr. Bentley before his assistant, (who Pretty Ricky seemed to have a thing for) hands them a navy blazer which represents their pledge to the club. After everyone has introduced themselves Mr. Bentley feels as if he just walked into

Thugs-r -us and is the most unimpressed by Pretty Ricky who seems Pretty Tipsy.

Next, Fonzworth teaches the guys about the black ball tradition: at the beginning of each elimination round, each member will get a chance to black ball the person they think is not suitable to represent the Club and should go home. So with enough cit chat for one day, Fonzworth leaves the G’s to chill with each other and get their own first impressions of each other.

Over food and drinks by the club pool the madness drink and will set off any argument, especially begins. Already in fear of being black balled, Cee starts building up alliances with the other G’s, but Kesan won’t give in to this con artist’s scheme. Pretty Ricky continues to drink until he has to go to the bathroom so badly, he takes a leak in the garden; and even these thugs aren’t impressed. The Truth likes to run his mouth just as much as Pretty Ricky likes to with E6. Kesan has made up his mind that, come elimination, he is going to black ball The Truth. E6 wants to take it one step further than Kesan and start up a group to get The Truth kicked out.

.ukhile the party continues outside, Fonzworth calls in a few G’s at a time so he can get an idea of their goals and intentions for coming to the Gentleman’s Club. Pretty Ricky can barely speak proper sentences, Zenel tells Fonzworth it’s all about becoming a millionaire by the age of 30, Stan talks about his stripping job for the past five years, and Creepa, creeps off to sleep. On the other hand, some G’s look like they are already heading the right way; Kesan and Shaun want the money to help their families. Shotta; who lives homeless in his Mercedes, and wants to be the father for his son that he never had. Fonzworth sees the potential in some of these G’s and is determined to drag it out of them.

The party is over, and all the G’s meet in the brandy room to do their black ball voting. Pretty Ricky knows he has been taking the fall from the start, but he is happy that at least now The Truth is going down with him. After voting, they go to the elimination room where they see how everyone weighed in. The Truth got 5 black balls, Pretty Ricky got 7, and both Creepa and E6 got 1. The Truth is still convinced he is the #1 G in the house no matter what happens, Pretty Ricky thinks people are just jealous and “hatin'” on him, and when Creepa wants the G who voted for him to reveal himself, Zenel, the true culprit, doesn’t man up. Ultimately, it is up to Fonzworth to make the final decision.

Creepa is the first to stay because Fonzworth believes he is really here to make a change-despite falling asleep during their talk. Next, Pretty Ricky gets his membership denied when Fonzworth doesn’t approve of the white blazer that Ricky chose to wear over the navy club blazer. It’s down to only E6 and The Truth, and with only one spot left, Fonzworth wants to hear about the tension between the two from the group. Shotta speaks for the G’s when he tells Fonzworth that The Truth is just “poppin’ off at the mouth acting like he’s bad when he’s really not”.

Fonzworth makes the final decision and sends The Truth home because a real gentleman does not lack respect amongst his peers. The chapter meeting comes to an end and the 12 remaining G’s go back to their well earned beds.


Finally to finish off the evening this week’s episode of the apprentice came on. They show you the recap of last weeks show and unusually two people got fired.


This week the challenge was to hold two stalls at a wedding fair.

However, before the teams could sell anything they each had to go and find the suppliers for their stalls.

Helene, the team manager for renaissance and Lucinda was the team manager of alpha. The teams were racing to get the best suppliers and both liked the underwear, flip flops, etc for the accessories.

But obviously only one of them could have them.

The supplier chose alpha since they had the expensive dresses and she wanted her accessories worth �15 to be associated with top designer dresses instead of the ordinary ones.

Personally I would agree with Michael’s comment, “They were ghastly”. They looked like they came from a medieval museum.

By the end of the day Lee was an expert in selling thongs.

This left renaissance with short, colourful and unusual wedding dresses which you would wear to a fancy dress and a bunch of cakes worth �500.

Everyone jumped in for the tasters but who would pay so much for a cake?

Sara thought it was enough and it was time to force the customers into buying the cakes. Sir Allen says if he was one of her customers he would’ve got hold of her head and pushed it into the cake. Michael telling people their weddings are going to look dull or calling them dumb dumb’s didn’t help either.

Take Helene. For instance her unsociable manner seemed tempered this week, but her reason for becoming project manager for renaissance, if we heard right, was that she used to model wedding dresses in the past. Knowledge of the product is always good, particularly as selling wedding dresses was the key objective, but isn’t that like offering to run a window selling company because you happen to clean them?

Michael, too. All but reduced to crawling on his hands and knees at the end to try and stay in the show and have a chance to get the job that he’s not going to get anyway.

However selling cakes at a wedding fair didn’t leave Sara with anything to celebrate, as she was fired at the end of the day. She seemed a little too pushy towards the customers, when no one brought the cakes.

Join me next week same page, same day and we’ll share views again.


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