In July 1992. Magnolia corporation publically challenged xemexco selling corporation markers of zest –o trade name juice drinks to fit the existent fruit content of magnolia fruit drinks and to turn out that the zest – O does non utilize chemical ingredients to continue their merchandises. Magnolia claim that there is a large difference between existent fruit drinks that contains at least 10 % existent juice and unreal fruit drinks which contain less than 10 % and depend more on unreal flavorer and chemical preservatives such as Na benzoate to maintain some merchandises from easy botching. You are a selling director of zest – o. what would you make to the public challenge of magnolia assuming: a. You don’t have at least 10 % juice content

B. You have at least 10 % juice content

A. Accepting the challenge of magnolia cognizing that your merchandise doesn’t have at least 10 % juice content would be a great factor of slouching your merchandise gross revenues. as a selling director of Zest –O I wouldn’t accept the challenge of magnolia because it would take to downfall of my merchandise Bing the selling director of Zest-O altering the merchandises name packaging and adding more nutritionary content is the best option so that the consumers will non concentrate on the merchandise nutritionary content but on the new expression of merchandise.

B. Accepting the challenge of magnolia would be a great chance by increasing the gross revenues of our merchandise in the market by returning the favour in them that what if we prove that our merchandise do hold 10 % juice content. Ingredient list is really helpful in finding nutritionary content. A drawn-out list of ingredients is another hint for the people that our merchandise is non 100 per centum fruit juice. but instead a fruit flavored drink or fruit juice blend so that the consumers are cognizant that our merchandise have at least 10 % per centum existent fruit drink. so they won’t have to worry about our merchandise safety.

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