Teresopolis is named after Dona Teresa, Dom Pedro IIA?s married woman as a testimonial to the popular empress. Its name means “ metropolis of Teresa ” , a testimonial to who was an supporter of the regionA?s natural beauty and the fantastic clime that cragged parts offer. Teresopolis is now celebrated as the chief preparation Centre for the Brazilian football squad, the Granja Comari. It is besides the place of two association football squads, Teresopolis Futebol Clube and Teresopolis Esporte Clube, and a futsal nine, Esporte Clube Teresopolis.

Teresopolis is known for its nature particularly the gorgeous mountains which surround the metropolis. It is the highest town in the State of Rio de Janeiro, nestled in the Serra Department of State Orgaos at an height of 910 metres or 3,000 pess. This mountain town is home to about 150,000 dwellers who are friendly and helpful. Furthermore, the metropolis is a popular tourer finish.


The natural landscape of Teresopolis kept out adventurers for a long clip. The heavy flora and the surging mountains proved to be a natural barrier to would be adventurers. The Dedo de Deus ( Finger of God ) was reached by adventurers for the first clip merely in 1912.

The Teresopolis began as a quilombo founded by Maroons ( runaway slaves who formed independent colonies ) and autochthonal peoples. In 1818, George Marchn an Englishmen established a farm which became one of the first colonies. In 1855, the colony became an integrated small town, and was officially renamed “ Freguesia de Santo Antonio de Paquequer ” nevertheless, the local dwellers had already become accustomed to naming their place “ Therezopolis ” .

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Count D’Eu and Princess Isabel visited Teresopolis in 1868 while Emperor Dom Pedro II visited in 1870, and praised the small town ‘s beauty. On July 6, 1891, Brazilian functionaries upgraded the small town ‘s position to municipality.

Tourism in Teresopolis received a major encouragement in 1908 with the constitution of the railroad and the first hotels, hostel, and eating houses. In 1959, a major roadway from Rio made Teresopolis a favourite mountain finish, pulling a figure of visitants from other parts of Brazil and around the universe.


Traveling to Teresopolis is rather easy as the roads and transit systems are first-class. As it is a popular holiday topographic point, there are legion marks which will do your travel easier. Teresopolis is about 90 kilometers from Rio.

Taking a coach or a auto is the most popular and easiest signifier of conveyance to Teresopolis. If you drive down from Rio from the south zone, follow the Red Line, Washington Luiz Highway, BR-116. For those who come from the Rio capital by coach, goings are from the Novo Rio Bus Station and the Menezes Cortes Terminal ( merely on work yearss ) .The company is besides called Teresopolis and the travel takes about 1 hr and 30 proceedingss.


Serra dos Orgaos National Park – The National Park of the Mountain scope of the Agencies

The national park is the most celebrated attractive forces of Teresopolis. It houses bulk of the vegetations and zoologies of this country. The National Park of the Mountain scope of the Agencies is located 6 kilometers downtown and is packed with 11,000 hectares of native Atlantic Forest, which extends to Petropolis, Mage and Guapimirim. The park offers a battalion of sights that are a delectation for any visitant. The assorted stone formations are perfect for the practicians of montanhismo, grading, and trekking. A full graduated table out-of-door escapade awaits those who are willing to seek. There are trails for novices and trails for truly advanced tramps, which can sometimes take yearss to finish. You can besides engage a usher to take you on horseback siting trails. The circuit takes about 2 hours. You wo n’t desire to lose the positions from the tops of the mountains which are genuinely astonishing.

For those who want a more relaxed outing the park is home to many waterfalls and sites for field daies and bivouacing. The park decidedly attracts a host of visitants due to its huge beauty and assorted attractive forces. The park country has 11,000 hectares of native Atlantic Forest!

The National Park offers glorious crystal H2O at its waterfalls and Cascadess along the paths. However, visitants must be weary of the sudden storms. They are of reasonably high denseness and occur all of a sudden making unsafe state of affairss. The H2O fluxing from higher countries get more power doing the current Swift, therefore ensuing in several calamities.

The Passage Of Teresopolis

Petropolis is an utmost escapade for bolder and experient travellers. 42 kilometres of rugged terrain assorted with bush parts and the mountains make this a tough but inspiring trek. Be certain to engage a usher, as incidents of people acquiring lost are high. Despite that, this is a popular attractive force for people with the thirst for the ultimate out-of-door escapade.

Dedo de Deus ( Finger of God )

This is the most celebrated extremum of the metropolis which literally points to the sky with an height of 1.692 m. The following popular extremum is the Wart of the Frade, with an height of 1980 m followed by the Rock of the Bell with 2.263 m. The Needle of the Devil, at an height of 2.050 m is another interesting extremum. Finally, the extremum of the Finger of Our Lady at 1,320 m rounds up the list. Due to legion cragged scopes, this country is a hot spot for mountain climbers and trekkers, and is full of schools and teachers that help visitants with assorted accomplishment degrees from novices to professionals.

Green Well and the Well of Laziness

A amble to the Green Well and the Well of Laziness is perfect for the rock-ribbed romantic. The country is popular with immature twosomes. You can take in the beauty of the part which includes the crystal clear waterfalls that cascade down the hills. It is a dainty for swimmers as the pure Waterss is a definite draw. Visitors are requested to stay cautious as the country is subjected to whirlwinds or d’agua which can do calamities. Traveling to this country after dark is non advisable as the stones and H2O borders may turn out unsafe.

Hill of the Mirantes

A amble to the Hill of the Mirantes which is located at the Centre of the metropolis is another great manner to pass some leisure hours. The hill overlooks the metropolis which was one time the summer abode of the Empress Teresa Cristina. It is a great vantage point to soak in the sights of the metropolis and its encompassing country. The clearly defined concatenation of mountain scopes is genuinely a singular sight.

Mineral Springs

There are assorted mineral H2O beginnings in the part, which include Judith, a radioactive spring onAv. Oliveira Botelho, and Sebastiao which is located in the Pimenteiras one-fourth.


Teresopolis has a humid clime with an mean one-year temperature of around 21° C. Temperatures autumn to every bit low as 15° C. A comfy 27° C is about the highest temperature recorded in the part, doing it an ideal tourer finish.


aˆ? As the metropolis offers plentifulness of out-of-door attractive forces, it is best to be good equipped. Wearing practical vesture and sturdy places is advisable. You ought to forbear from have oning flimsy sandals or expensive places when trekking.

aˆ? Carry swimsuit as the clear Waterss will decidedly entice you for a swim.

aˆ? Never explore the park on your ain, as there have been many incidents of people acquiring lost.

aˆ? Hotel reserves can be made on-line and there are assorted hotels to accommodate every budget.


aˆ? In add-on to its natural beauty, Teresopolis has plentifulness to offer by manner of local handcrafts in wood, wicker, and leather. The town is besides popular for woollen vesture and plentifulness of delightful homemade Sweets.

aˆ? Teresopolis is one of the most sought after tourer finishs in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The metropolis is packed with assorted hotels and is ever well-prepared to have visitants from every corner of the state and around the universe. Hotels range from the epicurean to little budget hostel known as pousadas that cater to all sorts of travellers. It has an first-class housing construction, and is an internationally celebrated gastronomic finish.

aˆ? Unlike most metropoliss in Brazil, there is neither beach nor ocean here but the scenery makes up for it. Hiking and mountaineering are the fortes of Teresopolis due to its natural home ground.

Teresepolis is a natural Eden. It is no surprise that the Emperor Dom Pedro II and his married woman Dona Teresa fell in love with its exuberant natural beauty. The part offers attractive forces for every type of visitant from trekking for the adventuresome psyche to romantic field daies and ambles for twosomes who want to loosen up. The copiousness of hotels makes it easy for travellers to happen adjustment non count what their budget. Visitors are guaranteed to bask a memorable and adventuresome holiday. The mountain ranges particularly the Finger of God is particularly breathtaking. The natural park with the copiousness of vegetations and zoology is genuinely astonishing. Traveling to Teresopolis is besides easy as the transit installations are top notch and so are the roads. If you are looking for a small piece of Eden to rejuvenate your psyche, Teresopolis is a must see finish.


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