In the yesteryear. engineerings of package technology were non sophisticated. The consequences were challenges and jobs initialized as the talk and text discussed. Because of non sophisticated. the overall construction and construct in this phase of package technology was simple and easy to pull off. Today. the following 20 old ages or farther. it can be guarantee that the engineerings and techniques are much more progress and complex. As a consequence. there are two major challenges decidedly should be see in the following 20 old ages.

Security and Privacy
Internet and mobility are two of import use today and go more of import in the coming 20 old ages. Cloud Computing. Mobile Banking. Location Tracking are most common use which benefit us by new package technology engineerings. We put a batch personal information to the Internet and portion it with the whole universe. As a consequence. personal information privateness is really of import and disputing which package applied scientist have to be consider in design. execution. and care phrases. ( Siani. 2009 ) Furthermore. as Bruce Willis film indicated the scenario which webs of electronic information flow are now embedded in about every facet of modern life by Internet. ( Anon. n. d. ) It possibly excessively dramatically but who can vouch it will non go on?

Diagnostic of job
Software can non run entirely without the hardware support. In the yesteryear. electronic device with simple electronic circuit and plan to run. Nowadays. our nomadic phone or game console are much progress and composite in both hardware and package point of positions. For illustration. our nomadic phone allows us to take exposure. picture. browse. location tracking. and even programming. Some new game console contains gesture gaining control device which allows progress interaction between the machine and homo. These complex functionalities introduce another challenge of job designation and diagnostic. Besides. different devices contain at that place ain protocol for job diagnostic and monitoring. Modularization is one of the common methodological analysiss to implement big system or device. It introduce a job when different parts contain its’ ain set of protocol for diagnostic. For illustration. the Ford vehicles found assortment of diagnostic protocols which increase the complexness of doing a centralize diagnostic package. ( William. 2003 )

Anon. ( n. d. ) . Secure internet. Available: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. engineeringchallenges. org/cms/8996/9042. aspx. Last accessed 5th Nov 2011

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