After making some research on the faiths Islam and Judaism. I’ve found many links between the two every bit good as many differences and similarities.

Some major similarities are: Both faiths are monotheistic. intending belief in one merely true God. Both faiths believe in a distinguishable hereafter being either good or bad depending on how a individual has led their life harmonizing to their faith. Hebraism and Islam both have Hagiographas with describings of how one should populate as a portion of either faith ( Qur’an and the Torah ) . There are regulations sing eating limitations such as merely being able to devour Halal ( in the name of Allah ) produced goods in Islam and eating Kosher meat in Judaism. Both faiths have particular vacations to observe assorted historical and religious events of their beliefs. Both faiths have particular headwear – a Judaic yarmulka worn by work forces during supplication and a hijab worn by Islamic adult females conforming to a criterion of modestness.

Some major differences are: Hebraism is over one millenium older than Islam. Islam is a far more rigorous belief with many more demands and regulations compared to Judaism. Judaism has a sabbath – twenty-four hours of remainder while Islam believes that Allah – God does non necessitate remainder.

Similarities include belief in one God. continuing the religion through Prophetss. Bibles and observation of spiritual Torahs through look of religion or entry. The major difference is that while Islam acknowledges that the Old Testament one time was Allah’s true disclosure. they believe it was altered by the Jews to reflect Judaic positions and sentiments. The Jews are seen by Muslims as one time holding true disclosure and subjecting to Allah. but now being misled. atheistic and no longer in entry.

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Both Judaism and Islam have changed over clip. Judaism began with Abraham basically assuring to merely idolize the one true God in which God pledged to continue a particular relationship with Abraham’s posterities. Over clip. God introduced the jurisprudence to the people of Israel of which to detect their religion in him as the one and merely God. but by the clip of Jesus. the jurisprudence had simply become a rock cold tradition and religion of something of the yesteryear.

Islam. excessively. has changed over clip though there are some uncertainnesss of the inside informations. Islam began with Allah’s first disclosure to Muhammad. It was chiefly a warning to the Arabs who were practising polygamy and idolizing false Gods to turn to the 1 and merely true Allah.

Yet. there is a strong chance that Muhammad was merely influenced by Christian and Judaic bargainers coming through his metropolis. The thought is that he wasn’t exhaustively impressed by their behaviour. so he sought his ain version of a monotheistic faith by adding bids from Allah sing issues in life. Subsequently on. people realized that the Qur’an didn’t to the full cover how to be a Muslim in mundane life. The Hadith was created. The Hadith is a stating or a kind of counsel sought to associate to how Muhammad or his close friends would hold decided on a peculiar issue. These have some authorization within Islam today.

Believers of Judaism more or less see Islam as an attempted transcript and deformation of Judaic monotheism because Islam dismisses the Judaic disclosure in Bible and hence seeks a way other than the one described in Judaic Bible. Besides. Islam rejects Jews as God’s chosen people. which goes against the basic Judaic belief.

The topic at manus could be. and has been. argued for an infinity. It is clear there are huge similarities. likewise differences between Judaism and Islam. Personally. I do non believe in any faith. though they are rather interesting to analyze.


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