Hurricane Katrina was a natural catastrophe that caused major harm to New Orleans. The Hurricane destroyed the metropolis. “The storm besides exposed historic tensenesss of race and category. and it produced deep misgiving of public functionaries and institutions” ( Lukensmeyer. 2007 ) . The whole metropolis was flooded. The policy shapers already had their heads made up on how they were traveling to reconstruct Katrina. One of the first things was instruction. “New Orleans Mayor C.

Ray Nagin recognized that reconstructing the metropolis of New Orleans would be a intimidating undertaking ; one that he believed would necessitate committedness from every degree of authorities every bit good as parts from the private sector” ( Torregano and Shannon. 2009 ) . Mayor Nagin had to acquire political leaders to his metropolis to see the harm and to hear his vision for the metropolis. The city manager invited everyone he could to the metropolis following hurricane Katrina. He created Bring New Orleans Back ( BNOB ) and created the BNOB Commission ( Torregano and Shannon. 2009 ) .

He wanted people who were willing to assist reconstruct New Orleans. The end of BNOB was to make thoughts and programs to reconstruct New Orleans. “Nagin appointed an overall guidance commission and designated subcommittees for instruction. urban planning. land usage. civilization. economic development. authorities effectivity and wellness and societal services” ( Torregano and Shannon. 2009 ) . The governor of Louisiana. the city manager 0f New Orleans and. Louisiana legislative assembly had the power and the influence to alter New Orleans Education system.

New Orleans school system has been fighting for old ages. Harmonizing to Torregano and Shannon. “prior to Katrina. New Orleans Public Schools has been characterized as one of the most unintegrated and graded systems you can see in America” ( as cited in Tillotson. 2006. p. 71 ) . “In the hebdomads following Katrina. Governor Kathleen Blanco called a particular session of the Louisiana legislative assembly to see the harm to New Orleans. with instruction as a top priority” ( Torregano and Shannon. 2009 ) . The Governor proposed an immediate coup d’etat of New Orleans schools based on three Standards: 1 ) the schools were in academic crisis before Katrina ; 2 ) the bulk of schools were considered academically unacceptable ; and 3 ) the school disposal was ill-equipped to turn to the rebuilding task” ( Torregano and Shannon. 2009 ) . The governor used her power to alter New Orleans school system including integration ( Torregano and Shannon. 2009 ) . BNOB was besides over reconstructing the places in the metropolis. The group got together and made determinations about reconstructing the country.

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The group made determination without talking to the populace. “Early treatment of how and where to reconstruct. given the new worlds of high inundation hazard. low population. utmost substructure harm. and so on. created important struggle in the community” ( Lukensmeyer. 2007 ) . The citizens who were already upset with authorities thought their community was being left out. “Many citizens felt threatened by proposals to curtail where rebuilding could take topographic point and openly protested any suggestion that displaced occupants non be able to return to their homes” ( Lukensmeyer. 2007 ) .

The citizens of New Orleans were outraged. Policy shapers of New Orleans put a new squad together in 2006. The new squad works with the citizens. “Recognizing the demand to prosecute the full diverseness of the people sufficiently to guarantee credibleness of consequences. the foundation supervising the planning procedure invited a national non-profit-making organisation with considerable experience in this country to help the Unified Plan team” ( Lukensmeyer. 2007 ) .

The citizens of New Orleans showed they had the power. The citizens spoke out and allow the policy leaders know that their community will non be left out. New Orleans has been covering with race jobs for old ages and the citizens was seeking to guarantee they were non being treated different BASICs on their race. age. gender. or where their places were located. The citizens spoke up and guarantee their voices were heard.


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