Chapter One: Contextualization of the Study


The literature shows that the edifice of a new hotel in our yearss is really expensive and in the terminal the hotel could be more than its economic value. ( Rushmore, 2006: 1 ) . For this ground it is better to overhaul and renovate older hotels.

1.2. Background to the survey

A hotel, like any other concern, has a life span during which it meets the demand of its clients. As clients change, so the concern must alter and turn.

This is besides true of tourers and travellers. What is perceived as stylish during one decennary is non relevant in the following decennary. ( Rushmore, 2006: 8 )

Many hotels have past their sell-by day of the month, and it becomes necessary to re-evaluate the market and re-develop the merchandise to run into this market demands.

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1.3. Statement of the job

Every hotel opens with the idea of going a successful concern and at the get downing they may make this end. After one or two decennaries the tourers become less interested in these hotels and get down seeking for new 1s. This sort of hotels must non be abandoned, but made appealing once more.

1.4. Purpose of the survey

The intent of this survey is to happen solutions in which out-of-date hotels can go supported and appealing once more.

The aims of the survey

Primary aim:

The primary aim of the survey is to find how to do older hotels attractive to a new coevals.

Secondary aims:

From this survey, the followers is to be determined:

Find which are the out-of-date hotels in Brasov.

Find the people that used to see these hotels and their grounds to make it.

Further more determine whether their demands have changed, and what their demands are now.

Determine the new market demands.

Identify what older hotels can make to do themselves appealing once more to a new consumer.

1.6. Research Questions

What were the features and attractive forces of the out-of-date hotels?

Who were the people that used to come to these hotels and why they came?

What are their demands now?

Which are the features of the new market?

How can old hotels re-enter in the new market?

1.7. The Hypothesis

The survey presumes that alterations in the merchandise and services are necessary to pull a altering market section. Gallagher ( 2010 ) states that “ The environment for the hotel industry is altering at an everaˆ?increasing rate, doing longaˆ?term planning in peculiar, highly hard. As a consequence, hotels have to be flexible and adaptable when chances arise. Vision provides the terminal end for attempt. There are many ways of accomplishing that terminal end, and those methods will alter as fortunes unfold. ”

1.8. Boundary lines of the survey

This survey excludes the followers:

Hotels with less than three stars. The challenge of doing out-of-date hotels attractive once more characteristics merely for hotels of three, four or five stars as the other 1s are non likely to be able to be financed for a renovation.

A survey of Rumanian National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism ( INCDT 2005 ) shows an interesting state of affairs sing the tenancy rate for different types of lodging capacities: the highest value ( 42,7 % ) is for 5* lodging units, followed by 1* ( 37,79 % ) and 3* units ( 37,67 % ) .

Hotels that are younger than 30 old ages. These hotels are non considered outdated yet.

1.9. Premises

The undermentioned premises are made:

The out-of-date hotels were one time popular.

The old tourers will be found and they will finish questionnaires truthfully and openly.

Old hotels can be changed in order to go portion of the new market and they will be made appealing to a new market section.

1.10. Definitions and Footings

Market cleavage in Hospitality: is the act of spliting a market into distinguishable and meaningful groups of purchasers who might deserve separate merchandises and/or selling mixes. Once careful idea has gone into market cleavage, sellers can so place primary ( and secondary ) markets they wish to aim. ( Pizam, A. 2005: 413 )

Outdated hotel: hotels older than 30 old ages, which “ suffer from physical impairment, external obsolescence and functional obsolescence. ” ( Rushmore, 2006: 1 )

Troubled trade names: old hotel ironss that are already known by everyone, their operations no longer run into their clients ‘ outlooks and the other trade names are more advanced. “ Regardless of the ground, the “ troubled ” trade names have hapless customer-satisfaction evaluations and are losing the top-of-mind consciousness they one time commanded. ” ( Prasad and Chekitan, 2000: 22-31 )

Old market section: tourers that represented the mark market of the hotels 30 old ages ago.

New market section: a market which is now the mark of the upgraded hotels.

Significance of this survey

This survey does non mean to foreground that there are old hotels that represent no involvement to the tourers and that they will shortly go belly-up, as this is already known.

This survey is of import because it presents old hotel edifices that still exist and do non lend to the growing of the Hospitality universe. The intent can be achieved by overhauling the hotel, in order to appeal one time once more to a new market section that can back up it.

Knowing how to do these hotels appealing once more will profit the proprietors, the tourers and the State.

Chapter Two: Literature Reappraisal

At the beginning hotels were little, with one room and contributed to the development of trade, commercialism and touristry. In the thirteenth century, in Florence, Italy, the first hotel club appeared. Along with the Industrial Revolution ( 1760 ) , more lodging installations were needed.

Get downing with the 1800s the figure of hotels increased over the universe and after merely 15 old ages, due to competition, hotels felt under neglect and after 38 old ages they become office edifices. ( Rushmore and Baum, 2002: 1-2 )

Many research workers have investigated assorted neglected or abandoned hotels which after a few old ages succeeded to be renewed and reborn.

Evans, Campbell and Stonehouse adhere to the belief that the hotels have a life rhythm and there comes a point in which they will make the diminution phase and hence hotels have to be prepared to aim other market sections ( 2003: 140 ) or to merchandise up the hotel. Trading up agencies bettering the services of a hotel and selling the suites at a higher monetary value. ( Medlik, 2003: 169 )

Many alterations and tendencies appeared during the 1990s and some will go on to look. These tendencies affect the housing industry and in order for a hotel to last, it has to accommodate to the inevitable alterations ( Rushmore and Baum, 2002: 14 ; Rutherford and O`Fallon, 2006: 1 ) . Rushmore and Baum identified the most of import tendencies that will impact hotels in the hereafter: faster transit, better communicating, globalisation, increased pleasance travel.

Beside the other influencers of a hotel life, Rutherford and O`Fallon ( 2006: 1-2 ) identified demographics as holding a major importance in anticipating the hereafter. The “ babe roar coevals and its kids ” are turning and because of this, the population of the state is dominated by older and more educated people who represent a good market for the concern hotels.

The most of import alterations in travel and touristry were identified by Lawson ( 1995: seven ) and described in his book: Hotels and resorts: planning, design, and renovation.

With increased chances for leisure coupled with technological advantages in conveyance and communicating, the last 30 old ages has witnessed a huge growing in travel and touristry. At the same clip, there has been widening variegation in adjustment, from alien resorts and complex metropolis hotels to budget priced units, each planned to function specific markets.

The above alterations my produce a crisis in a hotel where direction is non various. Equally shortly as direction observes that the hotels` popularity is dropping, they should protect their organisation by following the “ Four Rs ” stairss. The “ Four Rs ” are decrease, preparedness, response and recovery ( Buhalis and Costa, 2006: 34 ) . When confronting a crisis, the direction should detect the first warning signals and cut down the costs, be ready to confront the crisis, respond by taking actions in the state of affairs and retrieve the hotel to the initial province.

The research besides sais that in a instance of an out-of-date hotel the undermentioned analysis demands to be performed: “ Physical belongings review to find the status of the hotel and the demand for redevelopment and upgrading ; rating of the direction companies and the competency of on-site direction ; reappraisal of the local hotel market including future demand tendencies and the competitory environment ; analysis of franchise association and belongings placement ; and reappraisal of historic fiscal budgeting statements. ” ( Rushmore, 1992: 62 )

After all the above information is determined the stairss for doing an out-of-date hotel appealing and supported once more, can get down. These stairss include an improved economic system, extinguishing the competition, increasing the grosss and offering a better direction. ( Rushmore, 1992: 71 )

On the other manus, a hotel can pull clients by offering the type of touristry that is on demand. Weiermair and Mathies explain that recently traditional recreational activities merge with new niche markets like ecotourism, cycling touristry, rural touristry and wine touristry. ( 2004: 271 )

Because the out-of-date hotels need to re-evaluate the market and re-develop the merchandise to run into these market demands, there are ways in which they can make this end.

In the modernizing undertaking of the hotel “ You need to get down with what is already at that place. The of import thing is non to belie the nature of the edifice. ” It is more realistic to alter the smaller inside informations in a renovation and obtain a nice result than prosecuting in complicated actions ( Riewoldt, 2006: 108 ) . However, the location of the hotel must be convenient as being close to eating houses, expresswaies, merriment attractive forces, and concerns. ( Barsky and Nash, 2003: 176 )

In a universe in which concern touristry is often encountered, run intoing infinites in hotels are really of import. These meeting infinites include dance halls, executive council chambers, jailbreak suites, and concern centres.

Recreational installations besides represent appealing characteristics in a hotel. They may include an indoor/outdoor pool with vortex and a fittingness centre, watering place, athleticss, cyberspace corners, souvenir stores. ( Roos and Rushmore, 2003: 3 )

When seeking to do a hotel more appealing to guest, every alteration must be done believing at them ; therefore it is extremely of import to cognize what are their demands.

Barsky and Nash ( 2003: 175 ) explain that invitees are willing to pay well more per dark if the hotel promises certain emotions during their stay. Emotions are non he same in every hotel-industry section. In luxury section, invitees want to experience pampered, relaxed and sophisticated and in the economic section they want to experience comfy and welcome.

Related to the room, the invitees comment upon the room ‘s design, the comfort of the bed and room, about the cleanliness, and comfortss. The good nutrient, an engaging atmosphere, noise control, and safety, are besides on the top of their demands. Guests want to be surrounded by friendly and helpful staff whit attentive and enthusiastic attitude.

Other ways for pulling invitees include supplying invitees with complimentary gifts, nutrient, and drinks can supply them with feelings of comfort. Bing portion of a trueness plan and having an ascent, particular trade, or price reduction made invitees feel comfy with their determination to remain at a hotel. ( 2003: 176 )


The literature shows that the edifice of a new hotel in our yearss is really expensive and in the terminal the hotel could be more than its economic value. ( Rushmore, 2006: 1 ) . For this ground it is better to overhaul and renovate older hotels so they can fulfill the hereafter invitees. Satisfied invitees are loyal invitees and loyal clients are “ the chief driver of net incomes ” . ( 2003: 183 )

Chapter three: Research methodological analysis

3.1. Research design

The quantitative research attack is used to analyze whether there are ways in which an old hotel can be made appealing once more.

Records of the hotel will be used for easiness of roll uping informations. All the out-of-date hotels from Brasov will be listed and five of them will be contacted during five yearss. A figure of 60 tourers are traveling to be reached via telephone, during 12 yearss, and asked if they are willing to reply a questionnaire.

Telephonic interviews are used for statistical reading and analysing merely. Kahn and Cannell ( 1957 ) describe interviews as purposeful treatments between two or more people to enable one to garner valid and dependable informations and to assist explicate research aims. The information are likely to be used to assist understand the ‘what ‘ and the ‘how ‘ but besides to put of import accent on the ‘why ‘ ( Saunders, et Al. 2009: 321 ) . Assorted tourers of the contacted hotels will reply inquiries and these will be used to find what were the features of the hotels 10/20 old ages ago.

The research undertaking consists of a literature hunt that is traveling to last four hebdomads.

Three hebdomads will be needed for analysing and typing the information gathered from the questionnaires and from reading.

Finalizing the authorship of the research will take two hebdomads.

A figure of resources are required for the research, including: a auto, a transcript machine, a telephone, a computing machine, cyberspace, pressman.

Research Methods

Descriptive study method

All the hotels older than twenty old ages from Brasov are traveling to be searched, their names will be written on small documents, they will be folded and utilizing the random sample technique, five hotels are traveling to be extracted. These five hotels represent the sample from which 60 tourers are chosen and interviewed.

Data Collection Methods

Primary Data Beginnings

The primary beginning of informations will be gathered from the answered inquiries from the interview by tourers. Interviews are being used because they are easy to analyse, familiar to most people and its consequences are valid and dependable.

“ The increasing popularity of the telephone interview as a research method may be a contemplation of broader societal alteration and technological progresss, with increased usage and acceptableness of telecommunications to back up service industries. Despite its widespread usage there are few definitions of the term. Surveies which straight compare telephone and face-to-face questioning tend to reason that telephone questioning green goodss informations which are at least comparable in quality to those attained by the face-to-face method. ” ( Carr, E.C.J. , Worth A, 2001: 511-524 )

The nature of telephonic interviews can take to concerns about dependability and interviewer prejudice ( Easterbyaˆ?Smith et al. 2008 ) .

Secondary Data Beginnings

Secondary beginnings include: Published books, articles, text editions and the cyberspace.

Limit of the survey and units of analysis

The survey will be limited to the Brasov country for grounds of handiness. Five hotels will be chosen out of the entire figure of out-of-date hotels from Brasov. Telephonic interviews will be conducted among 60 tourers from five hotels.

Validity and Reliability

Joppe ( 2003: 599 ) provides the undermentioned account of what cogency is in quantitative research:

“ Validity determines whether the research truly measures that which it was intended to mensurate or how true the research consequences are. In other words, does the research instrument allow you to hit “ the bull ‘s oculus ” of your research object? Researchers by and large determine cogency by inquiring a series of inquiries, and will frequently look for the replies in the research of others. ”

Validity is determined by the choice of the representative hotels, and the choice of invitees ‘ lists. Tourists, that were invitees at these hotels ten or twenty old ages ago, will supply now the primary informations beginning.

Joppe ( 2003: 598 ) defines dependability as:

“ The extent to which consequences are consistent over clip and an accurate representation of the entire population under survey is referred to as dependability and if the consequences of a survey can be reproduced under a similar methodological analysis, so the research instrument is considered to be dependable. ”

The survey offers dependability due to the fact that the five hotels were chosen indiscriminately, all the out-of-date hotels from Brasov holding a opportunity besides.

Method of Data Analysis

Comparative survey between the services offered to invitees 20 old ages ago, and the demands of a altering client base. This will be applied to the service and offerings of the older hotels, who may non be maintaining up to day of the month with the demands of a altering tourer.


Cover Letter

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Alexandra Benczik, I`m a pupil at ( name of school ) and I am carry oning a research on how to do out-of-date hotels appealing once more.

The intent of this research is to happen solutions in which older hotels can be supported once more, and for this I would necessitate some extra information sing your stay at the ( name of the hotel ) in ( period of their stay ) .

The interview consists of a few inquiries that will take about 15 proceedingss to reply.

Please be assured that all information you provide will be kept purely confidential. Your name or other placing information will non look on any survey study.

Your engagement represents a valuable part to this research, and I thank you for your clip and attempt to reply this study.

Interview inquiries

Gender: Female a-? Male a-?

Age: _____

Were you a invitee of the ( name ) Hotel in the ( day of the month ) period?

Can you state me the intent and the length of your stay?

What attracted you to do a engagement at that specific hotel?

Can you state me what were your outlooks back so and whether they were met or non?

Were the services satisfactory?

Make you still choose hotels as adjustment?

Make you take older hotels or modern 1s?

Do you experience that your demands are met now? How are the services today?

Make you thing that outdated hotels can appeal once more?

What are your outlooks from these hotels?

Would you travel back to the ( name ) Hotel if it will be modernized?


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