Guided I Performance I Australia is a very different and diverse country (Australia Government, 2013), compared to other countries in the world; Australia is the second largest multicultural country, Multicultural merman multiple or different cultures. It can sometimes specify various races or ethnic groups (Dictionary. Com, 2013). Australia is a democratic society, were all cultures are fee and have a right to a vote an opinion and a voice.

Australia shows that it is a Multicultural country by welcoming different ultras to the land , Australia has a variety of different cultures for instance, the Vietnamese, Africans, Europeans, Philippines, India, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolia’s, Afghans and many more cultures that have arrived in Australia over the years. When Australia was viewed as singled culture country in sass’s where laws such as the White Australian Policy was introduced and forced out different cultures, the law was then removed in 1973 by the Labor government, letting refugees and different cultures, welcome to Australia.

In today’s society, all these different cultures have undistributed to the Australian community by introducing new foods, exotic animals, languages, tourism, technology and different religions. (Parliament of Australia , 2013) Why and when did they Vietnamese move to Australia? The Vietnamese moved to Australia according to the History Learning, in 1975 and over 348,81 5 Vietnamese people arrived by boat over between the years of 1975 and 2001 (Australia Government, 2013).

The reason the Vietnamese migrated to Australia was because of the Vietnam War. After the war people who worked for the South Vietnam government were in Jail, life became miserable and they had no religion or redeem, South Vietnam feared the rule of other communist masters from the North of Vietnam, many of the south who fought against Vietnam were executed, or put into prison or re-education camps. From 1975 to 2001 many people fled Vietnam, as air flight out of Vietnam was not an option many took to flee by boat to start a new life.

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The first boat arrived in Darwin in April 1976 carrying 25 Vietnamese people; over the next five years there were 2059 Vietnamese boat arrivals with the last arriving in How were the Vietnamese treated? The Vietnamese were treated badly and unfairly due the the unpopular nature of the ar, the reason they were treated poorly was because the Australians and American families held the Vietnamese people responsible for the war, although many of Vietnamese did not approve of the war either.

The reason the Vietnamese were so baldly hated, was because the Australian people thought that they were fighting against Vietnam but some didn’t know that the South of Vietnam were fighting with Australia and American troops. The Vietnamese were discriminated against because of their race and the Australians didn’t understand their culture and traditions. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2013) What did the Vietnamese contribute to Australian Culture?


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