Arab Open University

Coach Marked Assignment ( TMA ) –

PT3 Form for B301B

Academic Year 2014 – 2015

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Plan:Business Surveies

Course Title:Making Sense of Strategy II

Course Code:B301B

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Notes on plagiarism:

  1. Harmonizing to the Arab Open University By-laws, “the following Acts of the Apostless represent instances of cheating and


  • Verbatim copying of printed stuff and subjecting them as portion of TMAs without proper academic recognition and certification.
  • Verbatim copying of stuff from the Internet, including tabular arraies and artworks.
  • Copying other students’ notes or studies.
  • Using paid or unpaid stuff prepared for the pupil by persons or houses.
  1. Punishments for plagiarism ranges from failure in the TMA to ejection from the university.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the submitted TMA is my ain work and I have non copied any other person’s work or plagiarized in any other signifier as specified above.

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Faculty of Business Studies

Coach Marked Assignment

B301 B:Making Sense of Strategy II

Spring Semester 2014 – 2015

Cut Off date- 25ThursdayApri.2015 ( Ref.AOU 13ThursdayAcademic Calendar 2014-15 )

This coach marked-assignment is meant to measure the student’s ability in apprehension, and application of the class stuffs provided in the category room and thoughts from external beginnings, every bit good as to prove his/her contemplation and critical thought. Among other ILOs, it is besides intended to prove the student’s ability to reason relevantly andto warrant a point of positionbesides, building, supporting and measuring an statement, utilizing relevant grounds and giving grounds for decisions. It consists of three inquiries and histories for 20 % of the entire class assigned to the classInstruction manual

The TMA must be done with rigorous conformity to the guidelines and instructions stated, otherwise there will be punishments in signifier of Markss tax write-off as per the university’s policy.

You are encouraged to join forces with others in analyzing, but submitted work copied from or written jointly with others is non acceptable. Submiting work that has been done by person else and relentless adoption of other people’s work without commendation are obvious cases of plagiarism and are regarded as cheating.Paying for work from other beginnings and subjecting it as your ain is besides rip offing.It is intellectually dishonorable to rip off. If a instance of plagiarism is proven, this is a serious offense and the disciplinary processs will be followed, as described under the Examination Policy of the AOU. Cases of plagiarism will have a grade of “Nothing” on the assignment. Please refer to AOU plagiarism policy.

1. TMA must be written in ESSAY format, BULLETS and NUMBERING to be avoided. Avoid composing TMAin first individual tense. E.g. “I suggest that …” or “In this TMA I am traveling to discuss…”etc.

2. Word count should be exact with 10 % ( More/less ) tolerance.

3. You must admit all beginnings of information utilizing full Harvard Style Referencing ( In-text referencing plus list of mentions at the terminal ) Minimum of 5 mentions are required. MUST include E-library and class stuffs.

4. Wikipedia is non recommended as a mention.

5. Transcript and paste-plagiarized work will be detected by TURNITIN and to a great extent penalized.

6. TMAs to coachs through electronic mails and late entry non permitted.

7. Strictly use the PT3 signifier with green colour grade attach toing this TMA.

Any other non conformity to guidelines and demands will be penalized


Please Note that this peculiar TMA is meant to react to recommendations given by EEto promote and develop greater critical analytical accomplishments particularly at degree 6, by promoting the pupils to read more widely ; the greater usage of comparative instance surveies ; and promoting parttime pupils to reflect on the application of the theories discussed to their ain workplace


For the intents of this TMA you should conceive of that you are the manager for scheme and policy committee in your state ( Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Sudan )

Following a rapid growing of Multinational Corporations- MNCs in your state, it was noticed that amongst other things:

  • Many little concern endeavors were shuting down.
  • Figures of imports were lifting disproportionately to export figures.
  • Rate of unemployment among the locals was lifting
  • The term of office of MNCs in the state was diminishing bit by bit.

As a strategian you are required to discourse:

1. Measures you would set in topographic point to turn to each of the above four issues. ( 15×4= 60 Marks 2000 words )

2. Critically comparison and contrast any MNC organisation and corporate parent organisation in your state based on their construction and scheme adopted by each of them. ( 40 Markss 1000 words )

***************** Good Luck *********************

The universe is acquiring smaller due to the globalisation and the enormous promotions in communications.

Multinational companies took advantage of the globalisation and political relations to spread out its market by seeking new states with new experiences alternatively of selling their goods and services from/to their original state. Covering with their foreign clients with their different demands and demands harmonizing to the environment and the manner of life by besides being involved in the market straight and confronting the same conditions that their client is holding.

Due to the high competition in the market with the MNC ‘s many little endeavors are shuting down while their handiness is indispensable and an supports the stableness of the economic system and besides it improves the competition in the market where it will utilize the local internal resources and back uping services of the state that will assist in maintaining the money flow within the state and in return will profit the economic system, maintaining in head that most of the multination corporations started as local concern, therefore the authorities should back up the little concern proprietors by offering them capital supports to be paid in the long tally with low or no net incomes, heighten the substructure and the human needs to be available and accessible, safe working environment where they can cognize what are their duties and rights and non merely been as premises and vague, to be controlled by the authorities for any illegal act or cheating, to be supported by the large companies with their experiences and cognition, higher the quality of the work or service by educating them with experts from the authorities and by periodic visits to guarantee all the demands needed for the specific sphere are available, engage qualified and experienced employees non to be merely looking for the lower rate employee

The state became more as consumer than a manufacturer therefore the imports are lifting and the exports are being lower, which is a ruddy qui vive that the financess of the state will be transferred outside, so the demand to command what are the recognized imports and what can be produced internally has the precedence to be consumed, Trade protectionism is an purpose to protect the state ‘s economic system or a weak sector from low quality or/and better quality imports than the locally produced and besides when the authorities feels that the industries are being threatened by unjust competition from the foreign industries. Making this will be through adding duty barriers that will increase the monetary value for the imported goods compared to the local 1s, the authorities supports the locally produced goods to take down the monetary values, quality ordinances, unordinary and clip devouring reviews will besides assist in cut downing the imports, unfastened industries for assembly or production and pull the experts of the weak spheres to put in the state. these used as a defensive step and normally is motivated by political relations. It can be effectual in the short tally, but it ‘s non recommended for the long tally where it normally does a negative impact by making the opposite purposes by turning the state and the industries it is seeking to protect to be less globally competitory.

Therefore there must be a program to what and when to protect to make a competition that will increase the quality of the merchandises or services which will impact the quality of the life. All Exports and imports should ever follow with Muslim Shareea therefore curtailing importing or bring forthing what is against these functions is fatal and should be treated purely and command other states entree the engineering or resources and bringing specially states with political jobs

The unemployment of the locals is raising due to that the foreign companies bring their employees from the female parent state to guarantee the stableness of their company specially at the start up period. Normally large companies go to cheaper states to profit from the lower rates of the locals and the stuffs so that and as a measure to cut down the unemployment rate, these companies should engage, train and develop the accomplishments of the locals and to be agreed on a per centum of the locals hired maintaining in head that we need to maintain the stableness and public presentation of the organisation. Besides to ask for pupils from schools and universities to go to and acquire preparations that can be added to their experience before they start looking for occupations and it can be an chance to spread out their manner of thought and can assist in make up one’s minding in what major to go on. Additionally the authorities should pull the investors where the market is in demand for the weak sectors and put in holding mills to bring forth or as an assembly so it can assist in cut downing the cost of imports and make new vacancies and spheres for the locals. Besides try to pull visitants and tourers which will besides can make different chances for the locals

Foreign investors are a good chance for the states where they bring their capitals and experiences to put and increase the flow of money with making concern locally and globally through the state services and besides will make new vacancies that will hold an impact on the state where the concern is located. Therefore pulling those companies to put is a must to be able to vie internally and globally, maintaining in head that all investors should be making a concern complied with Shareaa where the Muslim civilization is the base of the state, so limitations should use to concerns which are against the Muslim civilization.

Supporting the investors through offering security and capital for low rates with legal support and benefits like citizenship which will assist in procuring that will maintain the concern for longer clip and put in the state in other spheres. Besides that the authorities should take attention of its currency which will assist these investors to maintain and salvage their wealth non to lose their money in such alterations which might be them a batch of losingss, set regulations between the rivals non to be allied against the market for their ain net incomes and to promote them to utilize the universities research centres or known topographic points to make their surveies and researches so they can profit from other experiences and non to blow excessively much clip and money in making the same researches, command the monopoly and large investors from commanding the monetary values in the market and to assist new investors specially in weak spheres to vie which will assist take down the monetary values and better the quality

The definition of MNC varies among different dimensions and each company been called a MNC is with a separate position, some are called because that the parent company or the headquarter is in another state, others been called as MNC because the higher directors are two or more different nationalities, etc.

FedEx is one of the transnational companies where the parent company is located in USA and has different subdivisions all around the universe.

FedEx construction is functional and is divided into 5 planetary parts and in each part consists of states and each state has its ain headquarter each state has its ain headquarter covering with the location individually and including each state there are several companies working under FedEx Integrated applications through companies viing jointly and managed collaboratively under FedEx brandname ;

FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Office, FedEx Freight, FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Trade Networks, FedEx Supply Chain. FedEx Services, Thinking of these companies as a portfolio of solutions thatCompete jointlyand face any challenge in the universe of planetary commercialism. Each web operates independently by concentrating on the independent webs to run into the client needs so it can

present the best service without via media. That means each single web can be all right tuned to present the best possible service depending on the state and the state of affairs whileManaged collaborativelyby working together to prolong the loyallity in the relationship with the investors, work force and clients

Second Question: Reading 14Students need to Contrast between Two Companies: One is A Corporate Parent and the other is a MNC, the comparing between these two companies would be in footings of their: Structure and Schemes

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