Malaysia WoodsJanuary 30, 2018Biography 5paragraphsTa-Nehisi Coates This is a biography on Ta-Nehisi Coates. In this paper I’m going to tell you a couple things about him. I’m going to tell you what type of person he is, as in where he was born and from. This paper going to tell you what he has accomplished as well. Also what school he went to and many more.Ta-Nehisi Coates is an comic book writer, American author, and a journalist that’s from Baltimore, Maryland. He also was born on September 30, 1975. He has only one child. He attended Howard University for his education. His father was a  Vietnam war veteran. His father also was a former Black Panther publisher and a librarian as well. Coates father had founded a black Classic press and also ran it. It specializing in African American titles. His mother was an teacher. Coates also was a national correspondent, and that was for The Atlantic. A nationals correspondent is basically a on the scene commentator for magazines, somebody that contribute reports to a newspaper and many more. The national correspondent in the Atlantic is where Coates writes about cultural social and political problems. This was regarding African Americans. Coates first journalism job was a reporter and that was at  The Washington City Paper Times. He had a editor that went by David Carr. Coates was constantly working as a journalist at many other publications such as , Philadelphia Weekly, The Village Voice And also Time. For the Atlantic his first article was, ” This Is How We Lost to the White Man”, and that was about Bill Cosby. Coates first book that he published in 2008 was The Beautiful Struggle. That’s dealing with memoir about coming of age in West Baltimore and its effects on him. His second book that he also published in 2015 was, “Between the World and Me”. The title is drawn from a poem that Richard Wright wrote. It was about a black man discovering the site of a lynching with fear between himself and the world. Coates always won a couple of awards from his hard work that he accomplished. The book “Between the World and Me” won the National Book Award In 2015. In this paper I gave you guys some information about Ta-Nehisi Coates on his personal life and what he has accomplish. Coates was a person that wanted to accomplish things in life which he has done and he also to this day still accomplishing things. Coates was a person that wrote about cultural and also the social and political problems that’s dealing with African Americans. Since 2016 Coates is still writing Marvel’s. Coates is enjoying his life with his wife and son in New York. 


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