The essays Learning to See by Samuel Scudder and Learning to Read by Malcolm X, both described transformational experiences. There are several similarities and differences between Malcolm X and Scudders transformational experiences.

Both transformation essays involved changes in the characters attitudes. In Learning to See, Scudder hated the odor from his specimen (a haemulon in a yellow alcohol-filled jar). But toward the end of his research on the specimen, what was once an odor had become a pleasant perfume. And in Learning to see, Malcolm X first viewed reading to be something impossible, as if he were reading words in Chinese. But as soon as he learned more words, he found reading to be the joy of his life, spending countless hours on reading and fully understanding the material.

The use of tools was a major aid in helping Malcolm X and Scudder through the problems they encounter in their transformation process. To further improve Scudders observation of the haemulon, he used a pencil to draw out the details of the fish. Malcolm X also used a pencil to copy the vocabulary from the dictionary to improve his handwriting, which also improved his vocabulary.

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While acquiring new skills, both Scudder and Malcolm X were laying a foundation for their future studies. As stated by Scudder, what I had gained by this outside experience has been of greater value than years of later investigation. With Malcolm X it is obvious that his future was built on the vocabulary he learned; otherwise it would have been difficult for him to read and gain knowledge for his later speeches.

Malcolm Xs transformational experience occurred without the help of other people, while Scudder received aid. Malcolm X went through his transformation all by himself with no outside influences. He was alone all the time reading by himself, like a hermit. Although Scudder did his observation alone, Professor Agassiz, who gave him advice and comment, often visited him.

How Malcolm X and Scudder started their transformation is very different. Malcolm X started reading and copying of his own free will; he desired to gain more knowledge and improve his handwriting. Scudder was directed into studying the haemulon instead of his original field (his intended study was entomology, which is about insects).

There was a difference in motivation between Malcolm X and Scudder. What made Malcolm want to learn more was his envy of Bimbis knowledge. Malcolm X wanted to be a great speaker like Bimbi. Malcolm X would have given up on reading if it werent for his admiration of Bimbis knowledge. Scudder, on the other hand, continued his observation because of Professor Agassizs encouragement. Scudder would have stopped his observation if the professor hadnt encouraged him to look at the fish more.

No transformation is exactly alike despite the similarities that they often have. Learning to See and Learning to Read showed some of the similarities and differences in transformational experiences.

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