Malevich believes that the art of his time has been more triumphant over art of the past in it that it has moved and overcome from being just a planar surface. The only thing perceived when this is achieved is feeling. Malevich believes that “feeling” is subjective in nature and because it has not been achieved well in art, artists have created art that is merely objective in the way they represent it even if there was a feeling behind it, people that saw the art, would carelessly overlook that feeling since it’s “hidden” from all the objective forms in the painting.

He also believes that feeling is “always the and everywhere the one and only source of every creation”. Malevich then explains that Suprematism, calls for this non-objectivity in art and architecture and when it is reached, it finds ” a ‘desert’ in which nothing can be perceived but feeling”. Maybe what he calls a desert is the inability of people to perceive that feeling in a work of art and just like a desert, seems baron of anything or in this case, “feeling”, but for the trained eye, it is full of it.

Comparing to Kandinsky’s view of the word “feeling” one can see that it differs in that people will perceive feeling in two different ways; in a “purely physical effect” or in a “psychological effect”. He believes that color is responsible for the feeling one perceives. Malevich believes that form is what awakens the feeling. Kandinksy believes that through the sense of sight, color will affect all the other senses. Malevich on the other hand believes that feeling will transcend to form if it is done non-objectively. That is how Malevich came upon the black square on top of the white field.

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What he intended was to, in a non-objective way, capture a feeling that will transcend the plane or the canvas. What Malevich criticized was that artists before, tried to imitate real life and what that does is it hides the “feeling” that people will perceive when looking at the painting. For example, he explains that the Suprematists would stay away from rendering faces in art since by nature, a face will give feelings by the way it is painted (objectively) and will not give a chance for the viewer to have it’s own feelings or perceptions about it.

So Suprematists have dealt with another way of conveying feeling by the use of other forms. In this case, Malevich uses a black square to convey different feelings, depending on the viewer. It is an example of non-objectivity since a square by itself is not defined in society to represent anything. Its representation lies in the viewer and what he or she thinks it represents, thus a “feeling” arises within them.


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