The shop was more male-dominant. though there was females present. Every employee was have oning a blue apple employee shirt. It seems as though that is the lone frock codification demand. Clear grounds of emotional work. the employees were all smiling. cheerful. and really welcoming. I observed an employee admiting concerns of his client. and seeking his best to alter their temper into a positive 1. Every employee looks different ; marks of individualism apparent.

The Work

It looks like the employees were holding merriment. Some were socialising in groups. some where assisting clients. and others were making their ain thing but it seemed really relax and merriment. I observed their check-in system for proficient assignments. Customers walk in and caput towards the employee with the green iPad. After look intoing in with that specific employee. they head back to the mastermind saloon and delay for their name to be called. I besides observed an employee selling a mac to a client. Another employee brought out the mac to the client during this interaction. I saw employee cleaning the merchandises on the tabular arraies with apparels and re-cable wires after client usage. The shop was really clean. well-kept. and bright.

There was no hiring marks

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The Shop Atmosphere

Music was playing. different from the music played in the promenade The feel of the shop is really communal and societal. It felt like a societal assemblage. The shop caters anyone desiring to play with engineering. derive proficient support for apple merchandises. or purchase apple merchandises and apple accoutrements The merchandises being sold: iMacs. macbooks. iPads. iPhones. apple accoutrements. talkers. earphones. earpieces. computing machine package. pressmans. etc. Customer’s demographics vary. all different ages. both male and female. and all different races. This topographic point of concern housed all races. ages. and both genders.

Customers behaved friendly.
Customers and workers interact really friendly and openly.
Shop: H & A ; M
Date of Observation: March 30th. 2015
Time of Observation: 1:45 Autopsy

The Workers

Observed about 10 people working. 3 tellers. and 6 employees walking around the shop helping clients. 4 male workers. 6 female workers. Young in age runing from 18-24. one old worker which I assumed to be the director. One white female ( older worker ) . and the remainder of the workers were of Afro-american background. There was no unvarying. merely a name ticket. All the workers were their ain vesture and had their ain manner. Most of them where non smiling. No marks of emotional work. Signs of individualism based on no unvarying demand

The Work

It did non look like the workers were holding merriment. no emotion on the face. When I went to pealing out a piece of vesture. all the worker asked for was my signifier of payment and said “have a nice day” . There was no eye-contact or communicating. I did non detect much pattern except employees walking around repairing messed up apparels and re-arranging articles of vesture on the wall Workers at the teller communicated amongst themselves. Workers walking about did inquire if anyone needed aid. Nature of work was dressing retail.

The shop was clean and kept up. bright and brightened.
There was no hiring marks
40 % off price reduction mark at entryway of shop
The Shop Atmosphere
H & A ; M Store

The shop is divided into two parts with two entrywaies. One entryway for the male subdivision with male vesture and accoutrements and one entryway for the female subdivision with male vesture. accoutrements. and jewellery. The shop feels really welcoming as it is really brightened.

Hip-hop music was playing in the background

Shop caters to clients looking to shop for vesture and custom jewellery Gym shoes. formal and informal frock garb. custom jewellery. chapeaus. and assorted articles of vesture are being sold Young ( adolescents ) clients come into the shop both male and female Races vary: Latino. Caucasic and African American

Customers minded their ain concern. did non interact with other clients. There was small to no interaction with clients and workers unless a client needed aid At the teller. workers did non pass on with clients except for inquiring for signifier of payment. ID. and wishing them to hold a nice twenty-four hours

Shop: Michael Kors
Date of Observation: March 30th. 2015
Time of Observation: 2:30 Autopsy

The Work

The adult females did look like they were holding merriment even though the shop was empty and they were merely standing about. They were express joying with each other while being attentive to clients Workers helped clients seek on tickers and sized purchase tickers by taking links. It seemed as if the coworkers cultivated friendly relationships by how sociable they were with each other Nature of work is client service and retail for dressing retail and all right jewellery and accessories The shop was really clean. good organized. elegant and vivacious There was no marks of any hiring marks.

The Shop Atmosphere
Michael Kors shop

The shop is really bright and vivacious. Lights radiance on the manikins in the window show. A batch of glass show of tickers. The feel of the shop is really sheik and classical. There is a feeling of wealth when walking into the shop. Everything looks really costly and sole The shop caters to anyone who is interested in tickers and female vesture. The shop predominately caters to adult females nevertheless there is a subdivision for work forces tickers that caters to purely work forces. A batch of immature clients came into the shop nevertheless. there were some old clients excessively. In respects to race. a batch of clients of Caucasic background came into the shop and a few of African American background. Most people who came into the shop were adult females. The merchandises being sold are frocks. boots. bags. carryalls. tickers. wrist jewellery. etc… Customers behaved really friendly. and clients and workers interacted good with each other.


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