Mama Day Essay, Research Paper

The full construction of Mama Day is suiting to the relation of multiple love narratives entertwined. Like the most dear episode of Seinfeld of all time Gloria Naylor doesn? T state a love narrative, but instead lays out in item the events of mundane life for all of the cardinal characters. In the procedure the love narratives of the characters are all told at one time. The most obvious illustration is the relationship between George and Cocoa ( arguably the chief love narrative ) . Through the book we see them run into, fall in love, and travel through exhilaration and adversity ; all that love is. There is besides the love narrative of Mama Day, Abigail, and Cocoa. Even though Abigail is Cocoa? s grandma and Mama Day is her grandaunt, they both take on the function of female parent through their common love for her. There is besides the love narrative between Bernice, Ambush and Little Caesar. Despite their bickers, they love each other. Love is one of the major subjects in this book.

Gloria Naylor stairss aside and lets the characters do her work for her. Love has the unfortunate nature of being nonsubjective and the best manner to state love narratives is from every point of position. How else can one understand from the exterior? On page one she starts with Cocoa stating her side of things and on 22 ; here comes George? s side. And it continues on like this, back and Forth, stating both sides of certain events through the fog that is each character? s ain perceptual experience of things. This is a superb use of point of positions and one of the salvaging characteristics of the book. The reader? s attending is caught when they have to re-associate themselves to a new point of position. In the ultimate representation of what love is this point of position switch is used to demo similitude of idea between Ophelia and George toward the terminal of the novel. The words “ OUR WORST FIGHT EVER ” look twice in the novel. Once at the beginning of Cocoa? s history of the event and once more at the beginning of George? s ( Naylor 230-232 ) . Even in their most disagreeable minute, when it all boils down they both see it the same, the runaway to stop all runawaies. Argue as they did, argue as they may, in the terminal they were one individual of one head, merely what a matrimony should be. A somewhat different signifier of this same technique is used to give illustration of the mother-daughter love relationship between Mama Day and Cocoa. First the runaway between the two of them is given in third-person point of position. In this mode we get an nonsubjective position of the event in which Mama Day disallows Cocoa to travel out with the remainder of the pack ( Naylor 156 ) . Something I believe she had no right to make. Then, after four old ages, the fume has cleared and Cocoa takes over. Through her eyes we get to see why she forgave Mama Day, and though she doesn? Ts say it in so many words, the ground is obvious: She loves her like a female parent, and for most nil short O

f attempted slaying can kill the love between female parent and kid ( Naylor 163-165 ) .

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The linguistic communication the people in the book usage towards each other is yet another indicant of the love felt between the cardinal characters. And when I say linguistic communication I don? t average Spanish versus English. I mean Mama Day speaks to the mean individual in a mode Cocoa would ne’er here. Though she uses a crisp lingua on Ruby, the 1 that she uses to slit deep into Cocoa has a touch of “ lookey here, kiddo ” merely a female parent can hit a kid with. And merely love will allow a adult female call a adult male nigga and unrecorded to see another dawn. “ Nigger? please, ” were the exact words ( Naylor 145 ) . So when Cocoa treads that thin line between life and decease, she makes herself populating cogent evidence of George? s love for her. A sort of utmost representation of linguistic communication, but effectual none the less.

Deep and rich is the word picture for everyone, doesn? t affair how undistinguished the character may look. Naylor gives you it all. And that? s because in a loving household like Willow Springs, no 1 character is undistinguished. They all matter whether they want to or non. And so Naylor gives you a clear image of Little Caesar in his short clip in the book. The word picture is perfect and I think we can all associate to the kid she shows us, alive with new life and devoid of the common sense and niceness of an grownup, evident in his rude “ Gim me some Juice ” ( Naylor 238 ) . Just what a kid should be. We besides get a great sense of Bernice? s character when we see what lengths she goes through to acquire small Caesar in the first topographic point. She knew the birthrate pills she took were harmful to her and this was indicated by the quotation mark, “ Dr. Smithfield ne’er gave her no birthrate pills? he told her long ago her system couldn? T grip? mutton quad, ” ( Naylor 72-88 ) . But her love of Ambush and the ideal of them being a household was that strong. And when Little Caesar dies you feel the hurting of the love lost at that place. This was shown by the quotation mark, “ The adult female had gone out of her head when that kid died ( Naylor 269 ) . ” This is when Gloria? s deep word picture pays off.

The construction, though uneven, succeeds in seting in everyone? s love life and trials. Never earlier, to my cognition, has an writer used a 3rd individual point of position and about every character? s foremost individual point of position in a instead chapterless, uninterrupted, and some would reason humdrum manner. This uneven construction allows love to go a cosmopolitan subject in this book. An easy one to understand because we have all experienced it to some extent, but a difficult one to expose. How does one explain to others what they feel indoors when the strength of the feeling chokes all common sense and logic? How do you even get down? Well I believe the novel began “ YOU WERE PICKING your dentitions with a fictile straw- ” ( Naylor 13 ) .


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