For conclusion, I have learned many things during the practical training, especially regarding the working environment. I find that the practical training is not as easy as I thought. This is because I was given the responsibility to solve many tasks and have to face many challenges while working. In my opinion, my objectives and expectations that I want to achieve have been achieved. All I want is the experience and facing the challenges for me. During the internship with Alia, what I had learned during my study is parallel to what this company gives me to train as a student of Diploma in Tourism Management.

I only learned about the theory at UiTM, but during the internship, I was able to apply the theories that I have learned in the workplace. A new knowledge in the internship that I did not have is the experience of working in tourism industry. I also know how this industry can do for me in the future. . All that I have learned during the internship and at the UiTM is to make me a successful hospitality manager. To become a successful hospitality manager is we need good management skills. Firstly, we must know what scope of work for each employee in the company.

Second, a manager should have professional manner. Besides that, a manager needs to be smart to separate personal life with business matters. A manager also needs to respect his workers. If a manager is respecting his workers, then the workers will also respect their manager. In my opinion, cooperation between all workers is the most important learning experience during my internship. This is because through cooperation, it can produce the better work. The relationship with colleagues and managers should be good, so that the work will be done easily.

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From my experience and observation of the hospitality industry, the change that we can make is by adding a grooming class. Grooming is very important because the hospitality industry have to deal with many people. This is will increase confidence level to meet a lot of people. Therefore, the internship program is a very good program for student and I suggest to faculty to continue this program in the future. The internship provides many opportunities to me to learn new things and it also reveals me to a real working environment.


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