Management And The Body Shop Essay, Research Paper

Management and The Body Shop

In this paper I will be taking a expression at basic direction maps. The

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attacks, and the synthesis of two positions of direction. I will try to

take an overview of civilization and its consequence on a company.

In today & # 8217 ; s altering planetary environments many companies have joined the unfastened

trade policies, and bing foreign chances available to turning

companies with positive positions and socially responsible attitudes.

It all sounds like a batch to cover in a short essay so I will present a company

that has in its short, yet really successful being transformed through all the

degrees and patterns mentioned above. The company is called & # 8220 ; The Body Shop & # 8221 ; , I

hope you have heard of it for that would do our journey through it & # 8217 ; s

development even more gratifying.

Management is described as the procedure of acquiring activities with and through

other people. This doctrine has been so widely examined that there are

literally 1000000s of sentiments and differing positions on the topic. We will merely

be analyzing the maps of direction where the rudimentss of planning,

forming, taking, and commanding apply to The Body Shop. In 1976 an

inexperienced Anita Roddick got tired of uncorroborated Management and The Body


claims of the cosmetics industry that their merchandises couldn & # 8217 ; t present. She

decided to do a determination that would alter her life forever. Anita became a

director of her ain little concern in Brighton England. Selling the natural

secrets found throughout the universe ; learned from extended travel while employed

as a instructor with the U.N. , she created a bungalow industry of alien personal

organic structure attention merchandises.

Planing proved to be the first large obstruction to larn in the route to efficient

direction. Taking attention of purchasing from around the universe for her particular merchandises

had plunged Anita into a terrorization and hard function that she needed aid

with. Anita organized her fiscal loads by taking on an investor Ian McGlinn,

in bend giving him a 50 per centum interest in the concern.

Furthermore she sold the name The Body Shop to personal recruits, carefully take

and controlled by her ain doctrines and ideals. Anita had become an ideal

illustration of the authoritative top degree director taking on the duty of

determination, communicating, and information needed to project her company as a

serious rival, ready for today & # 8217 ; s planetary market. Management and The Body


The Body Shop follows the original general administrative theory of Henry Fayol.

That is a kind of Utopian environment that everyone involved in the company

portions the same sentiments as Anita Roddick, and tried to accomplish harmoniousness, one

might state, within their ain franchise of The Body Shop. Achieving this was done

by personal interviews of possible franchise proprietors and continual monitoring of

the application bureaucratism & # 8217 ; s intended to happen merely the right people for the occupation.

Establishing these bureaucratic processs meant inquiring inquiries such as: & # 8220 ; what

sort of auto do you drive? & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; what sort do you desire? & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; how would you like to

dice? & # 8221 ; , and & # 8220 ; who are your favourite literary heroines? & # 8221 ; . Based on the reply to

inquiries like these she would either non give them franchise rights or travel

them along the manner towards a concern of their ain with The Body Shop. The

appliers are backed up due to the bureaucratisms in topographic point, as frequently is the instance

in any bureaucratic environment.

The Body Shop has successfully combined the two traditional direction positions one

of which is the almighty position. That is the position that direction must take

charge as in the executive regulation of answerability and direct duty. She

as coordinative director of Management and The Body Shop

The Body Shop has entire control over the propaganda and ware to be

displayed and sold within all the stores that carry the name, The Body Shop.

Equally good as keeping the almighty function she has synthesized with the symbolic

positions that her direction is has merely a limited affect on the single gross revenues

of each separate shop. Anita has faith in her franchise proprietors that they will

keep the unity of the name and behavior concern harmonizing to the

doctrine determined at the beginning of development and traditions of the

original shop. In maintaining with the symbolic positions of direction proprietors are

encouraged to make systems that make the employees feel more of import and

effectual. Such systems include twenty-four hours attentions for employees with kids and even

paid hours of work for loca

cubic decimeter charities and community undertakings.

Anita does maintain abreast of the altering attitudes and societal conditions of each

civilization that effects single shop around the universe. Through turn toing

globally sensitive environmental concerns in each shop and by direction

developing plans Anita entirely has kept the public image of The Body Shop one of

a socially antiphonal and socially responsible Management and The Body Shop

company. This has proven to be a really successful manner of managerial moralss

within her employees rank and besides with her clients needed and wants. The Save

The Whales run and her addressing AIDS has been merely a couple illustrations of

the company doctrine and ethical place. These are countries wherein all major

multinational and transnational companies could do notes on the plans of

The Body Shop.

The Body Shop operates in my sentiment, as a transnational company merely because

the major alterations are dictated from England and Anita Roddick has control of

each publicity and merchandise that each shop carries. All the bureaucratic systems

are formed to direct information and information esteeming new proprietor applications and

informational stuff straight to Anita Roddick herself and she operates in

England and makes determinations from that one state.

This signifier of company relies to a great extent on accurate transportation of communicating which

has so far in this instance proven effectual. Who knows were the hereafter will take

this organisation but it seems to be ever one measure in front of alteration. Management

and The Body Shop

Through Anita & # 8217 ; s passion and her belief that concern can be fun, it can be

conducted with love and can be a powerful force for good, she had already had

the basic basicss of today & # 8217 ; s concern moralss. Working within today & # 8217 ; s

quickly altering concern environments, it takes passion and inventiveness to remain


When covering with other states in trade, The Body Shop has broken new land

above and beyond the trade understandings established by authoritiess such as:

N.A.F.T.A. , U.S. & # 8211 ; Canada free trade, and the maquiladoras of Mexico. Anita used

her belief that trade non assistance is the positive solution to economic adversities in

the underdeveloped universe. For case, she pays above norm rewards to orphaned

male childs and misss to do usage footrollers in India. This is merely one illustration of

1000s that she has specially designed trade understandings with improved


The Body Shop is besides on the Internet now. In today & # 8217 ; s shriveling planetary community,

is it indispensable to be available to whoever inevitably your services. By holding The

Body Shop on the Internet, it gives entree to anyone on Earth to portion their

merchandises, services and thoughts. I have looked through Management and The Body Shop

the Body Shop web site and have printed out a few illustrations of what they have

at that place. The first page is the Body Shop Home Page. You can travel to their & # 8220 ; Ban

against carnal proving & # 8221 ; , merchandises, Skin Care, and News subdivisions merely by snaping

on the appropriate image. The 2nd page is when I clicked on the NEWS button

on the Home Page. They issue articles suck as this one whenever they need to

maintain the public aware of what they are making, which is a great thought. The concluding

two pages I have included are really interesting and ready to hand. They have a physique in

Shop Locator. You foremost select which state you want to travel to, and so in

applicable, your state or province. I have printed the locations for Canada & # 8211 ; BC.

If interested, the Body Shop Web Site can be located at:

hypertext transfer protocol: //

In decision, The Body Shop has a really effectual manner of direction with Anita

Roddick still in control of the planning, taking, forming, and doing

determinations for all the franchise shops. The general direction positions and civilization

are antiphonal to the demands of their employees and their clients. The Body

Shop is a transnational company that is a innovator in the foreign trade



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