This is a portion of portfolio appraisal. The intent of this study is an result by analytical observation in the industrial arrangement which carried out all the undertakings and map whilst on arrangement. It besides demonstrates analyses and evaluates their importance to the organisation. This study besides refers to the literature on direction in the Tourism and Hospitality industry and the assorted direction construct and the theories which applies and addresses the aims which was set before the Industrial Placement.


This study will concentrate with the arrangement aim which was set before the arrangement and its fortunes after the completion of arrangement as a Bar Assistant in MacDonald ‘s Compleat Angler. Identifying the four different arrangement aim:

Communication with the invitee

Knowledge about vino, spiritss and cocktails

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Keeping up all the nucleus criterions

Working as a squad


In order to transport out the nature of occupations, its function, working process and its importance in the organisation my personal work public presentation and assessment will be reviewed by the Bar Manager and the contemplation on my work will be judged.


The MacDonald Compleat Angler Hotel is a celebrated and historic locale in the bank of the River Thames in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. Dating from 1640, the Compleat Angler is situated at the south terminal of the fine-looking Marlow Bridge ; at the other terminal of which lies the beautiful Georgian market town of Marlow itself. The hotel offers arresting positions of Marlow Weir and along the River Thames.

Internationally renowned for its beautiful location and high criterions The Compleat Angler remains a hotel frequented by royalty, famous persons and movie star- which included the late Princess Diana, Clint Eastwood and Omar Sharif etc. the hotel was late wholly refurbished and has been the subsequent receiver of a touristry excellence award.

There are 64 attractively refurbished suites and suites at the Compleat Angler Hotel Marlow, each one stylish and elegantly furnished, and named for angling flies. Many suites feature brilliant positions of the river. The hotel has two Restaurants, Cocktail Bar and Seven Conference and Breakout Rooms.

Beginning: The Compleat Angler Hotel, Marlow

Organization Structure

Mullins ( 1998 ) states that Organization Structure is the form of the relationship among places in the constitutions and among the staff members which creates a model of order and bid through which the work activities are planned, organized, directed and controlled. A formal Organization Structure is really of import factor for any company to transport out its mission and ends and the best manner to stand for that construction is the Organization Chart which most of the little and big hotel follows. An organisation chart should be flexible. It should be reviewed and revised annually or more frequently if concern status significantly alterations. ( Kasavana & A ; Brools, 2001 )

For the Organisation chart refer Appendixs

5.1 Cocktail Bar and Lounge

The cocktail saloon at The Compleat Angler Hotel in Marlow offers a superb scope of authoritative drinks in an reliable period puting. The Compleat Angler cocktail saloon is combination of history, faultless service and river side positions. The cocktail is 400 old ages old and saloon is merely the topographic point which remained as it is since the hotel has been built rest all the edifice has been refurbished. Guest can take from authoritative choice of cocktails and drinks in the intimate milieus of Marlow ‘s finest original public house. Unwind after a twenty-four hours sightseeing or researching the country and soak up the ambiance of a traditional English hotel.

The Lounge is besides a portion of the cocktail saloon where there are comfy couchs and bow Windowss to parasol shaded tabular arraies on lawn, the Lounge and Terrace ooze relaxation and comfort. The Sofa at The Compleat Angler offers a Eden for relaxation and good nutrient, and was one time favorite of T.S Elliot and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fire in the Lounge makes is major attractive force for invitees.

5.2 Contemplation:

Writer has worked in the Compleat Angler as a saloon helper. Working as a saloon helper writer ‘s responsibilities at work were to supply quality service and merchandise to the clients and run intoing their outlook at all times so as to heighten and keep the repute of the company. The name of saloon was Cocktail Bar and the writer was involve to supply the tabular array service in the saloon like a eating house. The saloon has been named as a Cocktail Bar because largely guest semen to the saloon for holding the cocktails. Largely employees at writer ‘s degree were non allowed to function the drinks to the invitees from the saloon. As a procedure of get downing functioning to the invitee 1 has to recognize the guest first, and so offer him/her the place, supply the bill of fare and than one has to take the orders. This was the common pattern of that saloon which shows it ‘s standard and known as 7 Star Bar.

When writer joined The Compleat Angler writer was given more importance by the saloon director because writer had really good basic cognition of saloon accomplishments. On first twenty-four hours at work writer was told by the director that if writer want to be a good saloon stamp you need to mug up cocktails, those were- Brandy Alexander, Gibson and Mai Tai which are the universe celebrated cocktails. Further Bar Manager added that, ” one should non bury these and if you forget these cocktails in your life, on the same point of clip you need to believe that you are non a good saloon stamp ”

5.3 Duties and duties assigned to the writer:

5.3.1 Job duties

Assign my presence by making the swipe in while get downing the displacement

Roll up the saloon keys from the response and open the saloon

Fix the saloon country for clients prior to opening and clear off after shuting

Supply a warm, welcoming atmosphere to all invitees

Supply an efficient, friendly and table service

To guarantee all clients are served quickly and all tabular arraies are cleared expeditiously when the invitee leaves

Perform hard currency handling by seting all points requested in to till system, present right charge and take payment right

To function nutrient and drink harmonizing to the right process

To guarantee knowledge about all the merchandises on sale and demo assurance in doing requested drinks.

Prompt response to be given to the service demands of clients

Maximizing the gross revenues through up selling the drinks

Opportunities to be taken to advance merchandises to our client at every chance

Customer satisfaction to be checked during client ‘s visit to the section

To be to the full cognizant of the content, readying and presentation of all wine list and saloon bill of fare points

Take the gross study before altering the displacement and give the handover to the another employee before completing the displacement

To guarantee entire consciousness and apprehension of Health and Safety and Food Hygiene procedures associating to the saloon and cellar countries.

Ensure a thorough apprehension in legalities of selling intoxicant and licensing regulations

To be trained nutrient animal trainer

For the shutting and opening process refer Appendixs

5.3.2 Cardinal MEASURES:

Consistent bringing of nucleus criterions

Contributes to successful HMS and AA Rosette study

Mystery guest study

7 Star Bar

For the 7 Star Bar, Mystery Guest Report and Core Standards refer Appendixs

5.3.3 Duties

A safe, secure and hygienic environment for clients, staff and visitants to be maintained.

To do a oculus contact with invitee, smiling at people, recognize them and inquire them if they need any aid

To do certain that before work writer got full briefing about what is go oning in the hotel

To near work with positive attitude all the clip

Need to be speedy to offer support and aid others

Listen to the invitee carefully and react them in a professional manner

Pay attending towards the invitee and actively expression for the ways to give personal service to accommodate each person

Have to supply the reasonably part to my departmental work load

All equipment to be operated in line with trained instructions.

Equipment and premises to be maintained in a clean, working status

Opportunities to be taken to advance merchandises to our client at every chance

Prompt response to be given to the service demands of clients.

Customer satisfaction to be checked during client ‘s visit to the section

Accurate payments to be dealt with in conformity with the Hotel ‘s criterion and the company hard currency handling process

All visitants to be heartily received and their demands anticipated in an appropriate mode.

To take part to the full in reappraisals and meetings

Positive working relationship to be established and maintained with co-workers throughout the hotel

Company Handbook to be abided by, and employees to be cognizant of any alterations made

Committedness to be displayed to developing through engagement, and mark of preparation records, and application of the acquisition in workplace

Full conformities and committedness to Core Standards to be demonstrated

To follow with any other sensible petition made by a director of the company

Training and Development

Training and development is one of the of import factors which every hotel needs to supply in order to run into the set nucleus criterion. The Compleat Angler Hotel has assorted developing and development programmes to actuate and better their quality service and better their employee ‘s work public presentation. In that term writer besides received some preparation such as “ Foundation Health and safety ” , “ Food safety and Hygiene ” , “ Disability Discrimination Awareness ( DDA ) , “ Table Service in Cocktail Bar ” , “ MacDonald ‘s Hotels Core Standards ” , “ 7 Star Bar Standards ” , “ Mystery Guest Standard ” , “ Room Service Standard ” . Author was shown how to do cocktail and non alcoholic cocktails, wine savoring category was given in order to acquire better cognition and to cognize the exact gustatory sensation of vino which helps a batch in order to sell the vino confidently and professionally. Therefore above preparation has been really helpful to accomplish my arrangement aim.

For all the certifications refer appendices


Armstrong ( 2006 ) stresses that even with the high schemes and policies are being on pattern, an administration is effectual merely when their employees are motivated to execute their undertakings. All administrations in this competitory age are concerned with the high degree of public presentation they achieve through their employees. In order to keep high staff effectiveness the Compleat angler implements many motive techniques such as they recognise and wagess success by honoring Front and Back of House for the Quarter, Service Award- one twelvemonth, 5 twelvemonth, 10, 15, 20, 25 old ages service with a weekend off in Macdonald Hotel, Promotions, Gross saless Champion of the Month etc.


Marketing construct involves the designation of present and possible client ‘s demands, wants and desire and fulfilling their demands with the right merchandise at right monetary value. The British Institute of Marketing provinces that: “ Selling is the direction procedure responsible for placing, expecting and fulfilling client ‘s demands productively ” . As stated above Macdonald Compleat Angler besides chiefly focuses on new selling constructs and tendencies like: In summer for pulling more client and giving them the pleasance to bask the Sun sitting really near to river Thames hotel unfastened Lawn Bar and Grill and the Terrace which is a really effectual manner of pulling client and doing them satisfied with good sum of net income. The direction besides form marrying carnival in order to derive more concern to the hotel. The advertisement methods are like Hoading Boards, Leaflets, Brochures, local Magazine called Marlow and local News Agents, Wine dinners, Champagne dinner, Father ‘s twenty-four hours, Mother ‘s twenty-four hours, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, free drink Vouchers and Coupons.

Placement Objective

Communication accomplishments, Knowledge about vino, spiritss and cocktails, maintaining up all the nucleus criterions, working as a squad were the “ four aims ” of the arrangement. It has about been more than four months author have started arrangement and working as a Bar Assistant at the The Macdonald Compleat Angler, Marlow. The first twenty-four hours writer battle to understand colleagues and the invitees, after few hebdomads author started to acquire them and understand the working process which aid to develop self assurance and can execute work more swimmingly. Writer was given day-to-day footing developing how to cover with client, taking orders as per the nucleus criterion set by the Organization like: giving them the picks of Gin, Vodka, vino, bubbly, whiskey, Cognac etc, table service, how to function bubbly, vino at the tabular array and how to do alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails, how to run boulder clay and have a payment etc as a consequence writer could pull off to make thing on his ain and was able to open and shut the Bar on his ain because of less work force in the saloon. On the other manus, during my arrangement I got a good experience as a coiencierge in Reception and sometimes assisting eating house, room service etc. My impressive work public presentation and difficult work made the director to come in me in assorted units to transport out different occupation and preparations. I was besides nominated as a “ forepart of house employee of the one-fourth ” in the month July.

( Nomination sheet as a skill grounds sheet in appendices )


Author would wish to reason this study by stating that the hotel industry is one of the glamourous industry, nevertheless it is disputing at different facet. Writer in his short span of experience has faced tonss of challenges at different facet. Writer ‘s dedication towards work and accomplishments helped him like anything to present good service to the invitee. There were limited exposure at “ The Compleat Angler ” about nutrient and drinks and service but it was nice and different working experience for the writer learned a batch. This experience has widened the positions of writer towards the unfastened bearer in the hotel industry. Author has developed tonss of accomplishment during his preparation period that would decidedly assist in the future growing. During placement period writer faced tonss of positive and negative effects but it was the power and dedication of writer to accomplish his end, every bit far as writers own accomplishment and characteristic is concerned writer is really much flexible, he is really good squad participant and can work under force per unit area every bit good.

The Compleat Angler hotel is one of the ideal hotel for everyone who is on arrangement because of the really friendly working environment and the hotels besides provide maximal preparation and development chances within the organisation. The employees are praised and motivated for their attempt and work ; I would urge all my friends to fall in this hotel for the arrangement.


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