Answer: 1

Clancey (2008) mentions information systems provide an excellent framework to picture the organizational processes and manage the entire operations of the organization. The three specific ways in which information systems are transforming organizations are as follows:

a.       Information systems effectively manage the supply chain of the business processes, thereby managing the effort and time required to communicate among various business units for optimum utilization of resources.

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b.      Information systems takes great care of the business rules and protocols and makes sure that all the objectives are attained.

c.       Welford (2001) Information systems make sure that an issue in business is handled well and is posted to the department concerned for handling it accordingly.

Answer: 2

Information systems literacy is the know-how of the seamless integration of information and communication technologies to effectively manage organizations resource requirements.  However, computer literacy would denote the computer parts that are the hardware and software for successful operations of the computers.

Answer: 3

The organizational, management and technology dimensions of information systems are as follows:

1.      Business operations: The business operations can be digitally performed by the information system which maintains a record for every kind of transaction.

2.      Resource management: The resources of an organization and management of various departments would make sure that all the business complexities are handled well.

3.      Cost: The cost of the information system is a dimension for fetching the right amount of investment to scale up of the operations.

4.      Decision making: The ability of the information system to make decisions for the various solutions makes sure that all the management decisions are appropriately taken.

Assignment 5:

An enterprise system is a holistic integration of all business units facilitating communication among business internal and external processes to fulfill the ultimate business objective and in turn optimize the management of resources.

It works in a fashion to integrate all the business units and facilitates all the communication among the units for fetching the right objective.

The three methods for fetching the right value for an organization are as follows:

1.      Optimizes the use of resources: The enterprise system integrates all the departments and reduces the effort and time of communication.

2.      Reduces business cycle time: The enterprise system enables the digital communication of various units and reduces the business system complexity.

3.      Reduces complexity of operations and increases accountability: The enterprise system would reduce complexity of communication among the business units.


Clancey, Covington (2008). MGT571 Contemporary Management Practice, FACULTY OF BUSINESS.

Welford, R., Prescott, K., & Mercado, S. (2001). European business: An issue based approach (4th ed.). Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall.



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