Management accountant should learn how to interact with the artificial intelligence. This technology is able to replace people to perform those database task such as transaction coding, bookkeeping and other routine task. The management accountant is important to supervise accounting professional,negotiate to acquire financial support for large project,estimate budget and control expenditure of the company. Even though artificial intelligence is able to assess data related task but it unable to replace management accountant in performing these duty. Besides, artificial intelligence is unable to function without management accountant to operate and manage them in an effective ways. There are rumour claiming that artificial intelligence is going to replace management accountant soon. But the fact is , there is increasing amount of private and public sector company employing  management accountant to assist in internal control. Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four accounting firm is hiring management accountant for management consultancy at the same time they are investing heavily on artificial intelligence. This indicate that both human capital(management accountant) and artificial intelligence are important asset to company and they need to rely on each other to act in company best interest.
For instance, management accountant prepare financial report based on the data manipulated by artificial intelligence.
There is one quality that current accountants have that will never be replaceable: humanity(Lee Reams,2016 ). Artificial intelligence is able to detect the “smart” way but fails to decide the “right” way for the right client in the right situation and the “best” way for the company to operate. Better technology creates better accountants, which enables better business owners to make better decisions (Lee Reams,2016 ). Based on the evidence above, it is predictable that the emergence of artificial intelligence will not threaten the employment of management accountant in the future.  


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