The library is a depositary of cognition and centre of educational system. books. diaries. microfilms. sound and ocular stuffs. computing machines. are unbroken and organized to back up the cultural. informational. recreational and educational demands of the general populace or specific groups of users. Recent progresss in computing machines and communicating engineerings have transformed the modern-day library. With the outgrowth of high engineering. the library is non merely considered a depository but besides an active member in a huge web of libraries and informations Bankss through which users have entree to a universe broad shop of recorded cognition.

A library is more than a topographic point of books. movies and records. Basically. it is a topographic point conducive to assemblage of thoughts and information put in order and shared by different groups of people like instructors. and pupils. childs and the aged. the professional. politician. man of affairs. police officers. life scientist and more. Each group. each individual has different library demands. No one-library can manage all demands. there are different sorts of libraries that can portion stuffs with each other. No two libraries are precisely likewise but some have in common than others.

The bosom of any library is it’s aggregation of books and edge magazines. but a library is more than a inactive aggregation of volumes. Learning to utilize the library intelligently will take to a more exciting. less humdrum and most significantly for a richer life.

Libraries in establishments of higher acquisition – academic libraries – are as varied and typical as the establishments which they serve. There are the libraries in community colleges and in four-year colleges. and there are the cardinal libraries in the universities and the more specialised libraries in the colleges within the universities like the Pangasinan State University-Binmaley Campus.

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Academic libraries like PSU-BC library differ from each other in many respects but they all have the same basic map. which is to help the parent establishment Pangasinan State University in transporting out its aims such as: 1. ) To bring forth globally competitory and morally unsloped professionals in Pangasinan. 2. ) To supply quality and relevant academic plans in the humanistic disciplines. scientific disciplines and pursues scientific and technological enterprises for the proficient and holistic development of professionals to run into local and planetary demands. The Pangasinan State University Binmaley Campus mission such as: 1. ) to supply scientific and professional leading and preparation taking to the grade of undergraduate and alumnus plans in Fisheries and allied scientific disciplines. 2. ) to carry on basic and applied research and engineering transportation through extension in piscaries. 3. ) to chiefly function the best involvement of the community.

Statement of the Problem
This survey aimed to find the operation and direction of PSU-Binmaley Campus library toward a more effectual library service.

Specifically. it answered the undermentioned inquiries:
1. What is the operation and direction system implemented by the PSU-BC Library? 2. What is the direction system in implementing the library policies. installations and regulations and ordinance of the PSU-BC Library? 3. What is the ratio of pupil library users from the entire registration? 4. What are the jobs encountered in PSU-BC Library?

5. What probationary steps possibly adopted to better library services?

Significance of the Study
The library is a centre of information supportive of the questions of an person to a given subject. In this paper the research worker wished to convey the present direction toward a better library service.

Therefore. the survey provides information about the operation and the direction of the PSU-BC Library. library service to pupils. module and staff. and other research workers in the university.

Scope and Limitation of the Study
This survey focused on the direction and operation of the PSU-Binmaley Campus library service in transporting out the mission and aims of the female parent establishment the Pangasinan State University. This includes the operation of the unfastened shelf system. the floor program of the different library subdivisions. entire library aggregations and library services. the strengths and failings of PSU-BC library operation system as per recommendation by the AACCUP.

The survey was conducted from February to May 2012 at the Pangasinan State University. Binmaley Campus. Binmaley. Pangasinan.

Definition of Footings
This is to specify the footings used in this survey:
E-library refers to all the library resources that are available online through computing machines and database Facilities are services or equipment that makes it easy to make something. Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) refers to engineering that uses computing machines in communicating and circulating information. Internet is a world-wide aggregation of computing machine webs. collaborating with each other to interchange informations utilizing a common package criterion. Librarian is a individual in authorization to pull off and oversee the library operation. control and supervising of written paperss and non-book stuffs. Library is a depositary of hoarded wealth of the written word and the recording of idea in books. transcripts. images. records. and tapes movies. etc.

Management refers to how things get done for the proper process or methods of effectual usage.
Management Information System is a system attack to the survey of information needed by direction. made possible by the usage of computing machines. using the creative activity of theoretical accounts affecting the full environment every bit good as internal information.

Multi-media Library when there is a presence and used of varied equipments aside from books. diaries. magazines. newspapers. booklets. cuttings. maps. postings. directories. gazetteers. machine setup are available for usage like computing machines with internet connexions. audio-visual equipments such as wireless. telecastings. power point equipments. intercom. Xerox duplicator and others to supplement printed stuffs. Open-shelf system a library system adopted by most libraries to give the research worker all the freedom to entree all mentions without clip bound. free to shop from shelves to shelves. Operating System is the instructions and processs for runing a devise. Is the action in a sequence indicated by a individual direction.

Operation is the action indicated by a individual direction or one of the specific procedures or action in a sequence. Policies are selected planned line of behavior in the visible radiation of which single determinations are made and coordination achieved. PSU –BC refers to the Pangasinan State University. Binmaley Campus which is an establishment of higher acquisition offering degree classs in piscaries. teacher instruction. direction and criminology and is the locale of the survey. Service is the labour. aid. attending. benefit. public-service corporation or map rendered to function clients. System is the method. order. or program adopted for execution Strength is the curricular offering holding more mentions and more library users. Weaknesses class offering with limited mentions and with limited pupil research workers


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