Management form First of all, the Coca-Cola Company has its own and unique management form. Led by Chairman Muhtar Kent and, President and CEO James Quincey, this company is divided in four main different structures. The first one is called Operations Leadership and help dividing the map with the four main parts of the world distributed by The Coca-Cola Company. The president of the Asia Pacific Group John Murphy manage this whole part of the globe composed by ASEAN, Greater China and Korea, India and South West Asia, Japan and South Pacific. Indeed, each of these regions have their own Operation Manager.The Europe, Middle East and Africa Group is leaded by President Brian J.Smith and represents the Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, South and East Africa, Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia, West Africa and Western Europe. (Each of these regions have their own Operation Manager.) The Latin America Group is represented by President Alfredo Rivera and concerns Brazil, Latin Center, Mexico and South Latin. (Each of these regions have their own Operation Manager.)To finish, North America Group is principally managed by President James L.Dinkins and represents USA and Canada. The second part of the Management form concerns the Senior Leadership. The Coca-Cola Company is composed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the President and Chief Executive Officer, the Senior Vice President and Chief Growth Officer, the Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Legal Counsel.Moreover, other divisions have their own Senior Manager. Indeed, the Innovation department, the People department, the Public Affairs department, the Communications and Sustainability department, the Information department, the Financial department and the McDonald’s division have also all their own Senior Leadership Management. After discussing the Senior Leadership of the Coca-Cola Company, it is now the moment to talk about the departments associated to Vice Presidents (Executive Directors) in this structure. The Coca-Cola Company is such a big firm that each department need to be controlled and monitored by a determined hierarchy. Indeed, each of the following department has his own Vice President to take decision for its part of the company. These following departments have all their own Vice presidents: The Global Initiatives, the Internal Audit, the Latin Affairs, the Customer and Commercial department, the Financial and Supply Chain, the Technical department, the Strategic Security, the General Tax Counsel, the Investor Relations, the Controllers, the Flavour Supply department, the Integrated Services, the Commercial Products Supply, the Corporate Treasurer, the Global Community Affairs and Coca-Cola Foundation, R, the Flavour Ingredient Supply department, The M department, the Accounting department, the Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, the Quality, Safety and Sustainable Operations department. The Fourth point that we have to develop is the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is a recognized group of individuals that are elected to represent the shareholders. Indeed, every Public Listed Company need a Board of Directors who has an overview on the activities of the firm. The board of directors is composed by different chairmen and presidents for each branch of the company.The following list is representing the different positions of the Board of Directors within The Coca-Cola Company. The president, CEO and Director of Allen & Company Incorporated (Investment Bank), the Former Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Aaron’s Inc (lease-to-own retailer) and Delta Air Lines Inc (Airline Company).  The head of European Portfolio Operations of the Blackstone Group L.P (Private Equity), the Executive Chairman of Banco Santander (Commercial bank), the Executive Chairman of Tur Partners LLC; Of Counsel, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP (Law firm), the Chairman of the Board and Senior Executive of IAC (Media Company) and Expedia (Travel Website). The CEO of the Chicago Community Trust, the CEO of New Ventures LLC (Venture Capital firm), the Chairman of the Board, The Coca-Cola Company, the CEO and Director of Activision Blizzard, Inc (Video Game Company), the CEO and Managing Partner of WE Family Offices (Investment Company), the Co-Chairman and Former CEO of Nuclear Threat Initiative (non-profit organization), the President and CEO of the Coca-Cola Company and the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Judd Enterprises, Inc. Board Composition According to the four points discussed above we can give some more explanations of the board composition. The Coca-Cola Company is an American Company based in the USA. Indeed, according to the US laws, the members of the boards are generally elected for a one-year term but some State laws also provide the possibility to serve a term of three years and so did the Coca-Cola Company.   Concerning the Operations department, we can observe that it is composed by 30 men and 4 women. On the other hand, the Vice president corpus is reuniting 14 men and 7 women. Concerning the board of directors, we can observe 11 men and 3 women. We can clearly conclude that there is an unequal repartition between men and women in the Coca-Cola Company’s highest positions. Board functioning As we said, when we introduced the Management form, the Coca-Cola Company is principally composed by an Operations Leadership, Senior Leaderships, Vice Presidents and a Board of Directors. The Operation Leadership consists in operating the different activities of the company thanks to the Operation Presidents of the four different zones mentioned above (Asia Pacific Group, Europe, Middle East and Africa Group, Latin America Group, North America Group.) These four presidents are supported by operation managers in each different countries or zones in the four main areas.The aim of the Operation Leadership is to administrate the business practices in order to implement the highest level of efficiency possible according to the Company’s competencies. The Senior Leadership consists in participating in the daily planning, administrative processes and the supervision of the company’s objectives, each of the Senior Leaders have a huge impact over its principle activity. The Vice Presidents (Executive Directors) have for role to develop the daily activities of the different branches of the Coca-Cola Company, their strategic role of managing director has a direct impact over their related activities. The Coca-Cola Company’s Board of Directors has for role to hire and fire executives, discuss dividends, executives’ compensations, options policies and make decisions as fiduciary by representing the shareholders’ thoughts.


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