The observance of legal matter and ethical issues is at the forefront of Microsoft’s involvement in governance and management. It is the overall foundation of the company’s practices and operations. The management team of Microsoft works hand in hand with the leaders of the company in order to put together organizational goals and objectives that are strategically accommodating to legal and ethical affairs, as well as the need for the company to stay progressive and receptive for quality performance and superior fiscal standing. (Gates, 2008)

Within this corporate milieu, the planning function of Microsoft’s management team lies in goal setting, extensive research, product novelty and innovation, and company supervision. As aforementioned, company leaders and the management team of Microsoft, are mutually concerned with the framing and implementation phases of objectives that serve as the groundwork for company observances and undertakings. Moreover, management planning involves the strategic implementation of administration and supervision practices to ensure that the goals and objectives of Microsoft are observed. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008a). Research and product novelty and innovation, as part of management planning, are geared to fulfill specific functions and responsibilities for clients, server and tools, online services, information worker, business solutions, unified communications, home and entertainment, and mobile and embedded devices. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008c)

Extensive research is another task executed by Microsoft’s management team. Planning for Microsoft product development and innovation is highly dependent on research carried out by managers in charge of the technology transfer program and product research teams. This particular planning function of Microsoft management is to determine trends and global changes and through research, engender technological solutions to growing concerns and possibilities. Along these circumstances, management planning also includes product novelty and innovation. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008b)

Microsoft values laws and ethics, and is aware of its social responsibilities. These concerns bears weight on management planning as business undertakings are highly sensitive to legal and ethical issues and awareness of its responsibilities to society. Microsoft observes social responsibility with its implementation of an industry system that addresses the changes in the environment concerning humankind and the globe. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008d) The operating system of Windows Vista was designed to feature Energy Conservation services, such as energy-saving elements to lessen power consumption and expenses, and the latent effect of PC use to the rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008e) Aside from features provided by Windows Vista as part of Microsoft’s responsible leadership through social responsibility, the company also practices safety measures in order to ensure that their products are harmless for their calculated purpose. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008f)

Building a desirable image and exhibiting veracity in its operations and business dealings is valued by Microsoft. The company strives to accomplish this objective by surpassing legal and ethical standards for corporate action. The management planning team in Microsoft is highly engaged in putting together a business environment that implements rules and regulations that are compliant with legal and ethical issues. The programs that are employed for the observance of the company is planned and designed to meet the benchmark of business accountability and integrity. Moreover, the planning phase in hiring and recruiting is deemed to be crucial in contributing to the responsible image of Microsoft. This is because hiring, recruiting, and promoting employees is based on acceptable and truthful working behavior within the company. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008g)

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The overall business practices carried out by Microsoft is always in line with the legal and ethical standards appropriated for business institutions. Furthermore, management planning is carried accomplished by integrating and synthesizing legal and ethical issues within each idea or design. Workplace practices and business operations are constitutional. Microsoft also implements fair employment conditions with the company giving importance to human rights. Fair employment means providing apposite wages, and employment decisions are not biased or inequitable. For Microsoft’s partners, investors, and clients, the company values security and reliability acting as a steadfast port of private and secure computing situation. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008f)

The strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning for Microsoft is highly influenced by three notable factors. These factors are mainly deduced from the patterns of corporate decisions and operations executed by Microsoft, as they are reflected in the company’s online reports. Corporate citizenship is one deciding factor in Microsoft’s planning management. Exhibiting enviable attributes that is acceptable to society is of great importance to Microsoft. Corporate citizenship means that business plans, decisions, and operations are compliant to national and international regulations and directives. This context fosters the company’s management planning strategies to stay in line with legal and ethical issues that concerns investors, business partners, clients, employees, the public, and society as a whole. Corporate citizenship also means that Microsoft is one with the world in protecting the environment and the people that inhabits it in terms of respecting human rights. Therefore, one ruling guideline for management planning in Microsoft is to strategize plans and proposals, rules and regulations, programs, technologies, etc. that are purposeful for society, while at the same time dispensing their overall responsibilities to their partners, employees, clients, and stakeholders. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008h)

Microsoft is a global leader in setting technological trends and innovations. Staying as a leader in worldwide technological development by promoting the significance of innovation is one factor that influences the planning phase of the company. Overall business plans are geared towards realizing their duties and responsibilities to society as a leader in technological innovations. Planning for Microsoft in order to accomplish this vision is through partnering with several institutions that are capable of adding value and interest to the company. Microsoft works hand in hand with government institutions all over the world, as well as communities and private corporate institutions in order to determine emerging needs and concerns that are likely to be solved by technologies that are yet to be developed by Microsoft. This process involves extensive research and management planning. Moreover, Microsoft’s desire to stay as an icon in technological innovation is fueled by their desire to come up with advancements and developments in technology that improves the social and economic situation of communities around the globe. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008i)

Another factor that influences the process of overall planning in Microsoft is the company’s desire for unlimited possibilities instigated by them. Microsoft’s vision is for the company to yield unlimited potential and possibilities to society. This vision allows planning to incorporate global revolution and transformation. This aim is realized by providing access to technological services to 5 billion individuals. Moreover, Microsoft wishes to use technology in order to deliver enviable changes to the educational system, the industry of technology, improving the quality of the work environment and the quantity of job opportunities. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008j) Overall, Microsoft’s aspiration to be highly regarded as a corporate citizen and the ambition to stay as a leader of technological innovation and provide unlimited potential and possibilities to society are three factors that influence planning in the company.


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