“Management Systems”

Answer 1:

Asking about the demographics of the recipients when buying the gifts through Amazon.com is more of an invasion to privacy than asking questions through questionnaires. It is so because Amazon.com would then know which individual does what type of shopping, the age, the location, the address and the likes and dislikes through regular shopping. This way through their data mining software they can know how to attract that specific customers as they would have almost all or most of the information in their data warehouse,  to mine the data and come up with a package or offer or a gift for they customers to make them frequently visit. It is most effective than other forms of inference because of the above reason and because they do not have to go to customers to fill up questionnaires, which might not have relevant questionnaire for them to come to conclusion, and questionnaires are not always filled and returned. Through the data mining software having the demographic of the customer and the items purchased, a lot of unasked questions would be answered for them to make a decision.

Answer 2:

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DXplain, a Clinical Decision Support System, is in the Massachusetts General Hospital, it provides prescriptions in case of diseases about which the system has rich data. It asks for the patient’s ID so that it can refer to their history in finding the diseases and recording the new development, it also asks for the symptoms, which I provided as mild flu, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, yellow skin and abdominal pain. It prescribes some medicine for short term relief and suggests blood test. It gives information about the possible diseases based on the symptoms along with satisfying reasons for suggesting that the patients is suffering from that disease and the tests results conform the disease judged through the symptom. The system being very helpful and accurate, suggest necessary medicines and other care for the cure of the disease. (Coiera, n.d)

Work Cited:

1)      Coiera. “Clinical Decision Support System” [Internet], Available at <http://www.coiera.com/aimd.htm>, Accessed on June 25, 2008



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