Manage Business Document Design and Development 1 . Copy Right -You can not copy someone else’s document and use as your own, it can cause big fines and look bad for your company. Privacy Act – Confidentiality of the company Discrimination – if you put on a document asking if the person who is filling out the form is married, what there race and color is, may offend people. 2. The purpose of relating organizational policy and procedure into the design and use as each company has its own standards that are to be used in every document created, such as the type of font and color they use.

Can also be the format of the document and controlling the document making sure the version is up to date. 3. Printer Template – We use a printer company to design our Work Order books and to make 50 copies each time, they are given our first design with all the correct color and font and then they design the finally product and then print for us. Google – We can Google a particular template we are looking for and we can find other companies examples.

Websites – We can purchase templates of particular websites that develop templates and sell them to companies. 4. The copyright act affects the design of the document by not being able to directly copy another companies design and using it for your own. You are aloud to take on the ideas of the form but by law you have to change between 30-40% of the document to be considered not copy right. 5. 3 cost considerations that may affect document design and implementation can be the choice out of choosing black and white or color.

We have to consider is the document we are printing who we are aiming to give this to, for example a pamphlet to give to customers would be done in color to look presentable, or if its Just notes or fellow colleges we would do in black and white. We also have to look at the cost of the design, if we can design it our self or if we get another company to design it. Another consideration would be if we pay a printing company to print these documents or if I can Just print them out myself using my own printer. All ten 3 steward’s are great to use out IT you nave not Ana any training In any AT the below software’s then you can find it very difficult to use and my not be able to use the software to its full advantage. Each software has its own advantages and steadfastness as per below; Microsoft Publisher- the advantages of using Publisher is that it can lay out a template of a certain document you are wanting to create , letter, pamphlet, envelope etc. Disadvantage is that someone else could have used the same template.

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Microsoft Excel- Is great for using tables in your document, you can create original document designs the disadvantage is that there are no templates and can be very time consuming to get everything the way you want it. Microsoft Word – you can get templates online for Microsoft word, has great SE of fonts and word art, pictures but disadvantage is if you are wanting to create a pamphlet it can get a bit complicated and when you print a back ground it can only cover so much of the page when up print it. . I can research the organizational needs for document designs by going on the intranet page and looking under Corporate and then Corporate forms and finding the “Corporate Identity Manual”.. ( I have attached the Corporate identity manual ) In the manual it goes through how fonts, the use of color, the Logo, barracks, letterhead etc should look when designing a corporate document. This manual has everything you need to research on how to present the document. 8.

The methods that can be provided to make sure the document design will meet future requirements is to have dates on the document , you can update the current version to the newer version – for example we use a system Ontological that you can replace the current version with a newer version (which you can still access the old version but has the up to date version at the top so you don’t get mixed up. You can also send alerts to your self when the current version is up for review. 9.

Question and Answers – as per the NCO document the answer boxes expands which allows the person typing into the document to write as much as they want without making the document Jumble. A Key – A key is found on the document which helps the reader to under stand what symbols or colors represent – each color meaner something different IEEE Blue – meaner not as important – Table/Chart – lays out the information, instead of being written in paragraphs the information is right there and easy to read. 0. The purpose of testing the document prior to implementing it into the organization is to fix errors, spelling grammar or format errors, as the person who is designing the document may not pick up on these errors as they are looking at the document constantly. Having fresh eyes to look at the document can pick up errors easier. 1 nee use AT ten Key on ten document can represent Deterrent symbols or color use on the document such as long names can be shorten down to the initials such as Tutu Bryant Heavy Lift and Shift instead of continually typing the name every time you can use a key TPTB&S stands for Tutu Bryant. The color can be represented as blue- needs to be done 25/2 or pink – very important – to the reader this can help them identify very quickly if something they need to read most importantly.

Also a key can give you more data , for example when your filling in a accident report , you give them boxes to tick next to the appropriate injury ‘e fall, burnt or other. By having the box other, can give you more data. 12. How we can make sure people are going to fill out the documents the same way is by having training sessions on how to fill the document out, having somebody to intact, procedures to be available and examples of completed document being filled out correctly (what to do not what to do).


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