Capability Maturity Model,(CMM) is a means of improvement that gives organizations  necessary elements of effective processes. It assists in the definition and comprehension of an organization processes. The CMM  has a direct application in other areas of Internet networking. Although it was a specification for software development, it can be  utilized as a generally applicable model to aid in conceptualization  process of  capability maturity of organizations in different sections. It was initially a target tool for impartially assessing the ability of government contractors’  processes to perform a contracted software project. Using capability maturity methods changes the corporate culture and it  emphasizes more on quality processes to produce quality products(Hurst .

The CMM model assess  the evolution of the software in the organization and the processes it undergoes to achieve these quality improvement stage. The five level model emphasizes the fact that the model is for improving the capability of software organization. So, a project should rate its problems according to the naming given by the CMM. The CMM model sees into the evolution of software to the maturity of organization and enables the organization keep records of projects which is a difficult task for the programmers. Other models like the PMM (People Maturity Model) enables the organization to assess the development of the company`s work force. Though the mode (CMM)  is applied to other areas of Internet networking like peoples capability maturity model in project assessment, it was solely meant for  software application.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) involves the transmission of processes with the related activities and responsibilities to another person with equal service level and the customer has advantage over the   vendor for agreed future prospects. The BPO is more inclined to finding out more ways for effective and efficient organizational designs, therefore, it is good for strategic planning. The possibility of offshore insourcing to beef up on outsourcing has to be put in mind. in that the offshore insourcing will aid the firm to set up  their own service centers to permit independence, while providing their own data security. There is need to use a combination of delivery models.

But in evaluating the insourcing and outsourcing,there is need to consider the reasons behind outsourcing fast and see into the main objective to improve on our service levels. to benefit from the firm’s good work and reduce transaction costs, costs is the key component in offshore BPO, this, can be achieved through these service centers  in case there is a large quantity of transactions for the case of a government assignment.  There is need to consider the specified processes to be outsourced. It is good for outsourcing purposes to repeat transaction intensive processes. due to strategic and security concern(Olavsrud, is also imperative to consider how the outsourcing job is performed at the moment. If the enterprise or the government for this case  has good industry benchmarks, then offshore insourcing  is better. But if its less than average process performance, then outsourcing is the option.(Olavsrud,

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