Depa Ltd. specializes in the full-scope prison guard fit-out and trappings of five-star luxury hotels, yachts, flats, and other all right private and public installations in Dubai and around the universe. Depa ‘s superior portfolio of undertakings illustrates our accomplishments in uniting aesthetic and operational demands to make the harmonious and complete consequences our clients expect. We proudly set the criterions of excellence in interior execution.

Depa Ltd. has steadily grown and expanded throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Over the old ages, our company has managed to construct up an association with international providers and makers, in add-on to using our ain in-house Depa fabrication installations.

Headquartered in Dubai, our expansive web allows Depa Ltd. to leverage the cognition, organisational ability, buying power, installations, and economic systems of graduated table we provide in order to run into the single demands and alone demands of our clients worldwide.

Tight attachment to our clients ‘ demands is indispensable to our concern. Our long-run relationships with our providers allow us to guarantee punctual bringing within budget. We provide our clients with originative and accomplishable design solutions of the highest criterion, which can stand entirely or be integrated.

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Our doctrine – to present excellence to our clients in a cost-efficient and timely mode – has made us the largest and most profitable interior contractor and specialist fit-out company in the Middle East and North Africa part, and in the top five in the world. “ ( )

Undertaking 1

Investigate and sum up the organisational construction, merchandise and market features, and the operating scheme ( past and current ) of your chosen organisation foremost. Explore and discourse the background to alter, both internally and externally, including organisational development within the economic alteration outside.

What is Change? Change is an change of an organisation ‘s environment, construction, engineering, or people. ( Robbins,2001 ) Harmonizing to Robbins, the external forces that creates a demand for alteration are Changing Structure ( authority relationships, organizing mechanisms, occupation redesign, spans of control, Technology ( work procedures, work methods, equipment ) and People ( attitudes, outlooks, perceptual experiences, behavior ) In add-on, there are besides internal forces which can excite the demand for alteration ; arising chiefly from the internal operations of from the impact of alteration, for illustration, direction of an steadfast redefines its scheme to vie with in the market.

The followers is an rating of a company, Depa Ltd. its organisation and the alteration that it is confronting.


Depa Ltd. with central offices in Dubai, U. A. E. is a undertaking company covering with building undertakings in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. It specializes in interior catching and interior fabrication services. Its range of interior specialisation includes commercial, substructure, residential and specializer or themed structures.A It integrates all its services into one individual bundle doing it comprehensive and customized to present high terminal specializer demands of its clients in the industry.


Burj Dubai-Dubai

Terminal 3 Airport-Dubai

Museum of Islamic Arts-Doha

Four Seasons Hotel-Mumbai

Mazagan Resort-Morocco

Mission & A ; Valuess

It has a clear mission of being a planetary high terminal interior undertaking specializer trade name by presenting quality merchandises and services through its group web and systems while caring for the environment and authorising its people to present excellence in its public presentation.

It values long, enduring relationships with its clients every bit good as its providers and the employees in the organisation. It values client feedback and fulfilling its demands. It values healthy and just working environment for its squad and supplying for growing and development.

The Organization

To present their merchandise, Depa has over 9,000 employees in its web. It works through subordinates, affiliates and representative offices specialising in two different group structures ; the lead interior contractors and the back uping divisions. A cardinal figure in its direction is CEO, Mohannad Sweid, who with other important caputs in 1996 established the company and because of major enlargements in its operations, in 1998 the group lead it to the acquisition of the Italian based Depa. It subsequently moved its base to Dubai, acquired undertaking subordinates, joint ventures and more acquisitions all over the universe. Since so Depa became one of the most influential organisation in the industry. In 2008, it was incorporated as a company limited by portions.

Operating scheme

The company presently focuses its scheme on diversifying grosss through spread outing geographically and perforating to more market sections for the renovation and substructure undertakings. Because of the impact of old old ages ‘ economic downswing which severely hit its major contracts in Dubai, its operations will travel frontward to a more active geographic variegation scheme to decrease the hazard of dependance on any one market.

Recently, it acquired Depa Design Studio which is one of the fastest turning concern in its strategic strategy location in Southeast Asia with a astonishing rise in its gross from 9 Million in 2008 to 266 Million in 2009.

Depa will work merely with reputable international companies and selective undertakings which will to a great extent cut down its undertaking hazard particularly while it is still get the better ofing the effects of the economic downswing.

Changes brought approximately by the Recession

The group construction of Depa was so much affected by the cancellation of undertakings and early expiration of undertakings from recession in 2008 and 2009. Some of the sections of the company had to downsize and subordinates had to unify. Peoples will hold to be moved from one topographic point to another, execute new functions, will be introduced to new salary construction and will hold to see a new working environment. Major cuts were done across the board. It was to a great extent dependent on its undertakings in the United Arab Emirates. With these, the Board of Directors had to make up one’s mind to be more cautious and pay peculiar attending to put on the line direction and the allotment of eventuality budget for the bing undertakings that they have and the procedure of payments by these clients. Yet more joint ventures and acquisitions will still be present as this company will surely take advantage of any growing prospect in any new market if it means consorting with another company or investor.

Top direction was faced with the challenge of the planetary economic clime. It was one external factor that triggered alteration in the organisation, its schemes and its concern unit construction and its operations. Although their nucleus scheme remains the same, their focal point is now refined and concentrate on accommodations to of import alterations and uncertainness it faces. The alteration in the scheme aims to leverage countries of market growing yet minimising the exposure to countries which may still be impacted by the recession over the coming old ages.

The organisation is besides affected by the technological factor in the industry and therefore to be able to vie in the recession, it must concentrate on internal issues such as the demand for employee preparation and systems development. Its concern rely on its people to present quality merchandises and services and any alteration in Depa ‘s multi-cultural organisation will hold a large impact on their public presentation. They have introduced Depa University which offers classs to develop its employess, farther develop them to be more productive and competitory.

To sum up, the following are strategic enterprises that Depa as a concern will hold to concentrate on because of the alteration.

Diversify its operations in cardinal geographical countries and non merely in interior catching and fabrication but besides procurance of stuffs for the interior catching and fabrication, optimising the resources that they have.

More conservative attack before subscribing undertaking contracts with clients, concentrating on hazard direction

Engage in joint ventures which could assist them perforate new markets or unify subordinates to keep concern units

Retain cardinal work force and endowment but cut down size of employees as needed, cut down overtime hours and reexamine hiring of workers from abroad

Undertaking 2

Analyze the alteration procedure in the chosen organisation, including utilizing relevant alteration theoretical accounts that you learned in the category for understanding and affecting others in the alteration procedure.

“ An organisation will ever travel through assorted alterations in its life-time. After all, version is one of the cardinal factors in an organisation ‘s endurance. There are several good recognized alteration theoretical accounts of

direction. All of them have been scientifically proven to be effectual in the direction of alteration. Kotter ‘s Eight Step Change Model of Management explains that there are eight indispensable stairss in an organisation ‘s alteration direction. ” ( Blokdijk,2008 )

Inaugural Urgency – Depa as an organisation with is set uping speedy solutions to implement alterations. News on alterations are explained through meetings with subordinates and employees and through other communicating channels such as electronic mails and negotiations. Awareness should be increased across the organisation. This will do them to get down traveling. The negotiations need to be inspirational and converting adequate to widen the intelligence on the alterations go oning in the company. This could be done by keeping honest and unfastened treatments, developing scenarios to demo what will go on in the hereafter and discoursing chances that could be grabbed from the state of affairs. Issues on expiration of employees and shutting of undertakings are really sensitive and handling of these issues should be discussed decently and on clip.

Change Team – The Senior Management and General Managers heading the different concern units are responsible for implementing policies for the alteration and supervising that everyone in the squad including subordinates and joint ventures are influenced. The directors should maneuver the company through a recession in such a manner that it will fix them besides for the recoil. These leaders would non merely be at that place to order layoffs, keep hard currency, hold development of their merchandise and delay for tough times to stop. They are at that place to be pro-active and to turn to the tough status the alterations bring. Converting the people in the organisation needs leaders and support from cardinal people. Depa will place the leaders and inquire for their committedness. They will work on squad edifice and assist the people get ready for the procedure.

Vision – The organisation ‘s mentality should now be established to see where the participants in the company will travel. A clear vision will assist them accomplish the ends and direct them to where they are traveling. This vision will give them the intent and sense for making the directives given to them. Valuess that are of import to alter should be determined. A scheme to put to death this vision should be created.

Communicate Vision – Although, their nucleus scheme remains unchanged, the new focal point should be communicated decently and direct the message that would convey forth the deductions of alteration. This vision needed to be communicated often and be kept in everyone ‘s head in the organisation. Another of import key is for the alteration squad to take by illustration and openly turn toing the people ‘s anxiousnesss towards alteration. This vision should besides be applied to all countries of operations.

Empower Others – When the employees feel that they are portion of the organisation, they will be empowered to accomplish the vision and will be more motivated, would less likely to defy and be uncooperative. The passage will be accelerated and even dramatically contribute to accomplishment of ends. To make this, the construction for alteration should be put in topographic point. This should be invariably checked and if obstructions get in the manner, these should be removed right off. From here, the people should get down experiencing the benefits of what the alteration squad has been advancing.

Easy Goals – Depa will make short-run ends and a wages system for employees who will lend much to assisting the whole organisation accomplish its ends. Making short-run marks will let the people to rapidly see the consequences and accomplishments and replying uncertainties and negativeness in the success of the alteration procedure.

More Goals – Despite the recession, Depa believes that they can take advantage of the state of affairs and travel frontward with their variegation scheme. When they are get downing to see that they are successful with the current scheme, they should non halt here but continue to look for more betterments.

Embrace Culture – This is the concluding measure in the organisation ‘s alteration theoretical account of direction. This measure will for good set frontward the new attacks brought about by alteration, conveying a new organisational civilization. To do it stick, uninterrupted activities and attempts from the leaders to back up the alteration should be encouraged. Advancement of the alteration should be communicated and new thoughts should be retained non merely by present employees but new employees every bit good.

Undertaking 3

Assess the procedure and theoretical accounts of alteration execution, including the alteration plans carried out and issues encountered such as resources restraints and clip agendas every bit good as get the better ofing opposition to alter.

Stairss that Depa must do to implement alteration

Phase 1 – Prepare for Change

This phase prepares for the alteration in the organisation ‘s profile, its construction, its direction scheme and the alteration direction construction.

Measure 2 – Manage Change

This stage is about crating the programs to integrate it to their concern operations. Change direction programs should be created including how communicating is channelled, preparation, and direction for opposition to alter.

Phase 3 – Reinforce Change

This measure is what the company needs to explicate programs to guarantee the alteration is maintained throughout. Measures and tools to reexamine, rectify, acknowledge and to admit program consequences will hold to be taken. This will see if the people in Depa are put to deathing their new functions and accomplishing scheme.

The scope of concern activities performed by Depa comprises the interior catching, which focuses on fit-outs, fabrication, which focuses on customized furnitures and equipments, and procurance, which involves procurance of stuffs to back up the interior catching and fabrication operations. The concern operation is to put to death project direction and fabrication expertness to unite all attempts in conveying about their merchandise to their mark market. Undertaking ends are ever to manus over on clip and on budget. The whole undertaking could be really complex utilizing systems, engineering, accomplishments, resources and of class, direction and coaction of multi-party activities. Because of the alteration in the organisation ‘s construction and scheme, put to deathing the undertaking while implementing the alterations would add force per unit area to the employees. They may either be so immune or excessively enthusiastic to encompass the alteration. Proper airing of information sing alteration is of import to accomplish the new ends set by direction.

Depa has been fighting in a manner as undertakings in the building industry tendency slowed down. Its direction was on the spell to happen solutions to their jobs. Most of these solutions even end up as factors to excite farther alteration in one signifier or another. To cite some notes from a concern magazine, “ Take advantage of the scarce resources that are available in the hard period to force your enterprises frontward. Those resources wo n’t be available everlastingly. Slim down your undertaking portfolios. Focus on the truly of import alterations and acquire them completed good and rapidly. Finally, imperativeness on with those hard alterations that, in the good times, are merely excessively painful a challenge to set about. No 1 likes it when their company struggles, but in the longer run the most successful organisations are those that find chances in any state of affairs. ” ( Newton,2010 ) Depa has so grabbed whatever chance they can to keep their competitory border in the industry. Difficult times have impacted the alteration initiatives through countries in pick of schemes, resources and attitudes.

Choice –

For Depa, the alteration enterprises were for the organisation ‘s endurance and at the same clip edifice for the unsure hereafter in the building and undertaking country. Expanding to other countries at a clip when recession is still present has been a really bold and hazardous determination for the company. No 1 is certain for certain that even in states non so severely hit by the crisis would sooner or subsequently be affected. An illustration is its venture in Singapore where it proved to be really successful.

Resources –

Money and skilled people are needed to prosecute the alteration. Investing and financess were smaller and the determination devising on utilizing these resources become more drawn-out than usual. There would be limited pick on the usage and more opportunities of acquiring at the incorrect determination. Probably one may state that puting off 1,000 employees in a span of less than a twelvemonth was cutting costs and assisting the company to last. But the timely determination besides helped the company cut costs. Making people redundant that fast will impact the resources who will travel the scheme But a large portion of cutting people down its size is a comparative portion of the scheme. For Depa, antecedently, they have worked on taking excessively many undertakings at a clip, using excessively many staff but did non concentrate on doing its people efficient. Possibly, the hard times made them realized a alteration is needed when it comes to this issue. Therefore, portion of the scheme was to develop its employees to go more productive and pro-active. The chance that arose when the company was hit by the economic alteration made them see that they need to concentrate on a few things which they as a concern can make good with their resources instead than spread outing excessively fast and neglecting when the following hard clip comes in.

Attitude –

All the participants involved in the alteration direction understands that the impact of the attitudes of employees to accomplishing the new scheme and tactics for alteration. Depa believed that to be successful in implementing alteration, it is non all about alteration in organisation ‘s design, processes, systems and tools. Although, they have placed in consequence as portion of the program to educate and develop their people to utilize a new and more efficient information direction tool to go competitory during the tough times, this entirely will non accomplish anything if their people wo n’t utilize it. Construction directors, applied scientists and field supervisors who are on site but need to utilize the system are the really first people who opposed to the preparation because they are on site. Change can be excessively complex but the kernel of it is the people and their attitudes toward modifying what they can make and how they want it done. In Depa, for people who were non made redundant, they were made to maximise their clip and production capablenesss, it affected how fast and willing they would collaborate to the fortunes they are at. They became more tense with the occupation losingss. Change direction squad may sometimes demand an unrealistic solution. This are really dejecting to the people and either go an obstruction or as a motive to maintain working better to maintain their occupations.

When Depa was fighting to maintain more undertakings coming, puting off people, and altering salary construction, this created a tense atmosphere around the people. The chance here was that its people was made to hold on alteration enterprises which would hold been harder to hold them agreed on if it was on a calmer clip. Everyone has to accept that fact and that alterations had to be made and hard determinations have to be made. To sum up, Depa saw concealed chances in the alteration impacting them and managed to come up with a scheme that was fair for all its stakeholders.


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