Managing Individuals

Diversity Climate in Relation to Organizational Members Attitudes and Behaviors

                The pursuit for a productive and respectful organization mainly depends on the ability to implement diversity awareness application within the workplace. In the current working environment, the many different culture groups are profoundly proportion amongst different departments. Therefore, the interaction between these diversified individuals creates situations for an effective approach to handling conflict or clarity. The challenges that employees and senior level management make are the inability to identify and apply sufficient models to address the diversity climate that assist in bridging the differences to a positive resolution (Best, 2006).

            The designed model with methods and procedures are critical to the growth of the organization that enables higher productive and low employee turnover rates. In doing so, the organizational behavior is enforced by a standard model that highlights and supports the needs of the diversified climate. Therefore, a concise cultural diversity training program will provide the platform to facilitate and monitor progress in implementing the designed model. The primary objective in the design model is presenting an area of awareness to specific cultural needs. The diversity aspects can outline problematic areas that without the right personnel to relay problem leads to a negative turnout. In order to streamline the process in a successful cultural diversity training program, the trainers will need to represent each diversified group to assure a sincere attempt bridging the gap of cultural understanding.

Design Model for Cultural Diversity Training Program

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            The role of organizational behavior in the design model for cultural empowers the participants and trainers to effectively diagnose situations related to diversity issues (George and Jones, 2005). The design model is start with identification of diversity groups that ranges from African-American to Latino that provides the assessment to total makeup of the organization. The identification of diversity groups allows for senior management and trainers to organize the cultural differences and similarities. The functional organizational matrix supports a more proactive approach to gathering data necessary to facilitate the cultural diversity training program.

            The trainer’s perspective presents an in-depth conceptual, technical, decision making, and interpersonal skills that are required to successfully manage the complex identification process. The often of times stereotypes comes into play, therefore, the initial stages to select the right trainers are critical to assessing the identification of cultural groups. The review of the identification outlined the project scope for the overall training agenda. Therefore, the method and procedure is a formation process that is detrimental to moving through phrases of forming, storming, performing, and adjourning in order to reaching the completion of the approach.

            The role in understanding the functional project organization assists in identifying the identification of diversity groups that directly associates to organizational behavior within the context of team building (Mantel, Meredith, Shafer, and Sutton, 2008). The identified culture traits, trends, and preferences utilized organizational behavior concepts of the team within the functional organization. The identification of diversified cultural groups assists in knowing how to apply social facilitation. The art and science of social facilitation provides the needed aspects to counteract differences that limits successful team building plays a pivotal role to establishing appropriate human interpersonal skills for applied motivation, knowledge, decision making, change management, code of ethics, and style of communication.

            The needed methods and procedures for applying the data from the identification assessment to use towards the interaction between the employees and senior management team through social facilitation. Therefore, the communication matrix provides the required method and procedure process of a synergy of culture identification and social facilitation. The effective communication matrix monitored by the trainers will relay any observation to senior management. The communication method determines the success of the social facilitation and defines the organizational behavior concept within the organization.

Social Facilitation

The presence of other group members enhances the performances of well-learned behaviors that have been performed repeatedly in the past.

The presence of other group members impairs the performance of difficult, complex, or novel behaviors that involve diversity awareness.

            The trainers must work with senior management through effective communication measures that reinforced the indentified diversified cultural attributes to relay to employees for the desired organizational behavior concept (Hunger, 2007). In doing so, the expectations of the training program objectives are met as well as in the right formation for a productive team. The skill of effective communication is the key to transferring the criteria of identified cultural aspects in an organizational behavior by demonstrating positive approach to differences. The training program will provide the organized efforts to staying on key points outlined in the identification phases to assist in the communication matrix. The human interpersonal skill approach is imperative for the training curriculum to be successful.

            The training curriculum is to outline an interaction platform to social facilitation that provides different groups of individuals together for a discussion. The communication matrix is the core objective of the social facilitation that opens up an opportunity to share ideas and concerns. The communication between the diversified groups and senior management the organizational behavior plays a direct linage to removing stereotypes and misunderstandings.

Therefore, the training curriculum offers the specific scope to lead a sufficient concept of the organizational behavior. The identified organizational culture within the training program empowers the organizational environment in a motivating effort.

            The training program fundamental approach is the communication and culture definition towards the organizational behavior for effectively and efficiently manages the special needs of diversity groups. The transfer of information and delivering a clear understanding of the diversity group’s needs essentially benefits all associated individuals to the progress of the team within the organizational culture framework. In regard to the framework of organizational behavior, the attributes of effective communication and understanding the culture outlines the theory of motivation for the project manager to utilize in solidifying the team. The theory of motivation offers the organizations to implement to practices of acceptance, listening to different point of view, acknowledging diversified holidays, and follow-up team building activities. The redefining of diversity groups through the training program assist in the reaching a successful outcome in desired organizational behavior.


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