Managing resources for corporate entrepreneurship: the case of Naturist Introduction: In a world of ever increasing global economy, the idea of corporate entrepreneurship has become a topic that leaders and managers must not only be aware of conceptually but also understand in order to be able to strategies and position for organizational viability. As a growing competitive advantage for organizations, succeeding in corporate entrepreneurship is a necessity in today’s market place.

In order to succeed, the organization must set a vision that encourages growth, rewards sis taking and leverage innovation by adapting to the very changing global economy. Background The company stared in 1988, when Naturist was founded as a Joint venture between Peculiar, a small producer of dehydrated vegetables, and F Iris Gallo, the Italian market leader in the production of rice. After the 27 years developing, today the company aims at identifying new uses for its product. Corporate Entrepreneurship In this case, Naturist was conceived as being a research oriented company. Organized in a flexible and organic way in order to be ready to spot innovation opportunities. The company acted exploring the potential opportunities related to the dehydration process, thus identifying new uses for precooked dehydrated rice. The contribution of Naturist to Iris Gallon’s entrepreneurship is evident. In the first 7 year the activity of Naturist was characterized by the study and production of dehydrated rice, sold to those companies using rice as an ingredient for their dry- food products.

After this Naturist’ research efforts led the company to identify efferent opportunities, subsequently exploited by Iris Gallo. Conclusion In conclusion, this case study may allow us to further reline the proposed relationship, while survey studies may develop and test hypotheses from our suggestion. Once more empirical evidence has been gained, this line of research may have practical contributions, suggesting how managers can better use the proper organizational levers to develop CE in the firms they run. Managing resources for corporate entrepreneurship: the case of Naturist By Men-Jigging

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