“Too much and too little of anything is bad. The why are students being given too much of homework these days? The trend shows that the amount of homework being given to the children has been continuously and significantly enhancing over the time since last few years. Yes, making the students learn well is important but that shouldn’t be combined with the pressure and burden on them. But also, it is something you cannot avoid and hence you need to learn how to manage the same.

You need to develop capabilities and abilities so that you can manage your homework well and so that you can do your homework without complaining and that too in an efficient manner. One thing that you need to manage with the quantum of homework is the homework frequency. Homework frequency is the time at which the teachers assign you homework. Some teachers tend to assign homework extremely frequently and at extremely small gaps of time.

This also becomes problematic because a reduction in the frequency leads to too much homework and ultimately you get frustrated and tired of doing it all the time. Thus, you need to make sure that you are getting homework at the right intervals so that you can also utilize the time and do all your assignments properly instead of rushing through them. Managing the homework frequency will save you a lot of time and you will be able to do even the smallest of things in a more appropriate way.

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If the teacher keeps bombarding you with lot of homework on a daily basis, you will not be able to complete the same on time and in a rush, you might not even do half the things properly and no help on homework will also prove beneficial at that time. So, the first thing you need to do for managing homework frequency is to talk to your teachers. If you feel that the frequency is becoming too much and it is causing tension and pressure, then you can easily discuss the same with your teachers and tell them about your problems.

I am sure they will understand your point and reduce the burden. Also, you can take help on homework from your parents and even professionals so that you can face the pressure and finish all your work on time and in an efficient manner. It is not an easy task but you need more of organization and planning because once you allot time to different activities and tasks, you can spend time in finishing all the activities. This will obviously lead to better results and outcomes and will help you in enhancing your learning and development. “


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