Managing Your Own car

            Life is like a car – it will not go if it will not be driven. From all the stories, poems, and conversations that we read about cars, it shows that cars are part of human life and attitude. Like clothes, we want the best thing whenever we drive our car. It is a combination of necessity and luxury depending on our treatment. According to Jams Dickey’s “Cherrylog Road,” “Not cut by the jagged windshields; through the acres of wrecks she came; with a wrench in her hand; through dust where the blacksnake dies; of boredom, and the beetle knows; the compost has no more life (1964).” This part of the rhyme showed that every car has a windshield or armor against rain but the rain will stick from it even there is wiper; there are still prints of rain unless we clean it. Like a car, we also need to clean ourselves to be able to eliminate the rain and ready for the world ahead.

The strains and chords of the rhyme justified the fact that cars are made for humans and must be used by humans. Cars are also like women they were treated and appreciated very well for they are both precious into the eyes of the owner. A car is magnificent, unique, and ideal into the eyes of the possessor. Cherrylog Road is a place were amazing cars run as what the author wanted to convey. The way he used the rhymes and words showed the drama and passion of the narrator towards his car and its connection to his girl – passionate, realistic, and ideal.

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