Super commando Thru, Anagram and dog. Do these names bring back fond memories of your childhood? If some of you are still confused, these are the names of a child’s most prized passions, comics. A world of fantasy and mystery is what comics offer to a child. But, what happened to these treasures once we grow up. Did we become too old for them? Was it the outlook of people towards the ones reading comics in their teens and above?

Or maybe both. What if I told you that reading comics is cool and hip Just like a fashion statement and for all those “grown ups” it is a huge opportunity. If comics sounds childish then how about magna. Sounds classy with an ‘oomph’ effect, doesn’t it. 2. 0 Magna and its impact Magna, speaking in very general terms, are Japanese comics. It’s famous as Manama in South Korea and as Manama in China. With genres varying from sports to action to sic-if or historical, magna captures the interest of not only children but of even people above 40.

It also serves as a source of general knowledge and ignites interest n people regarding various topics. About 7-8 years ago I was ignorant about sports like basketball or even football. That was the case until I ventured into the world of magna. Series like Captain Tussah and Slam Dunk led me to a whole new world of sports. I came to know stuff about these sports which I would have never come to know, had I not encountered the Joys of magna reading. And let’s be a bit honest. There was no way I would have ever searched about the rules and the people associated with these games on my own.

The beauty of magna lies here. Interesting eke novels, entertaining like comics, and informative like Journals or articles. That’s what a magna is. Also, in other genres like martial arts, action, supernatural, fantasy, etc, names of series like Narrator, Bleach, One Piece, etc have become household names in Japan. These series challenge one’s imagination and keeps us in anticipation of the next chapter or episode. 2. 1 Business dimensions Even from a business perspective magna industry proves to be a leader. Its worth in 2007 was around $5. Billions and is expected to grow further to about $billion by 2013. Japan is even depending on the magna industry to give a boost to its economy. Magna is not Just limited to printed form. These series are converted into video mode and are broadcasted like any other serial. These types of serials are known as anima and they not only increase the channel viewers but also provide a great boost to their respective published works. Anima and magna are increasingly gaining acceptance and popularity in foreign markets like USA, France and I-J, among others. 3. Educational impact Magna, Just like other comics also has a huge impact on the educational aspects of a arson’s development. Have you ever thought why do we love certain characters? Or why certain scenes stand out and are etched into our minds forever? The answer is the same as the greatest weapon tot a hero. It is courage. Courage is what helps a hero to stand up and fight for what is right. These types of scenes are what make the readers emotional and motivate them to do better in life. These are the scenes that give courage to a person to take firm decisions. And these are the scenes that give courage to some to speak the truth.

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Magna is an excellent visual medium in imparting education as we all know that what we see is perceived by us in a better way than what we hear. A friend of mine tried to teach me some concepts of psychology for my course on organizational behavior. Well, the result was as I had expected and after two hours I was really feeling sorry for him. Having tried all methods and coming to the conclusion that only divine intervention could help me, he Jokingly asked me to search for a magna on psychology and read it. Just for the sake of it I goggled it and surprisingly found a really good one by the name of DRP.

Frost. Going through this magna not only helped me in understanding what my friend was trying to teach, but also somehow I developed an interest in the topic. The point I want to make here is that magna may not be a substitute for regular books, but, it sure can help you grasp the basic idea through illustrations and storytelling. 4. 0 Conclusion Comics in their new avatar, magna, have emerged as a great source of information, income and entertainment. These books are a really good medium of connecting us with different cultures. They have gained social acceptance from teens and the middle aged class also.

Gaining knowledge and entertainment at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to read it. After all this is the dream of every student. I would suggest everyone to choose a series from a genre of your liking and Just start reading it. It will really be a worthwhile endeavor.


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